[Approved] VAD Workshop: Experience creating NFT through making scented candles

Update: to accommodate the activities of VAD at the end of May and prepare time for reports, the tentative time of this event is adjusted to 21 May (1 week earlier). Thank you every one for reading this plan proposal!

This is part of VN Artists DAO’s May - 2022 Funding Request

In May, VAD kicks off its first workshop along with events on online space. This will be the first activity that enables VAD to bring its image into real life as a hub for creative enthusiasts.

Purpose: Through this craft-making workshop, we can help artists to have a closer look at the process of making a product and minting an NFTs directly. The aim is to onboard new targeted artists other than just designers & create a better conversion from online followers to active members.

Method to implement & timespan:

Expected number of participants: 20

Duration: 3-hour workshop

  • Publication of the event & register: 10-20 May 2022
  • Event day: Tentative 21 May 2022
  • Venue: TBD – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
  • We’ll be collaborating with the instructor from Thơm Heaven to organize this workshop. After products are made, participants will be instructed to mint their works directly on VAD’s Mintbase store.

Total request: $500

  • Publication, flyers & posters, postcards for participants: $100
  • Whole package for material expenses & instructors: $300
  • Venue rental: $100

Link to the whole (Overview Proposals): [APPROVED] VN Artists Dao – May - 2022 Funding Request (Overview)


I’m so so excited! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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