[Proposal] Workshop: Minting your first NFT through Acrylic painting

This is part of VN Artists Dao July Funding Request (Overview)

Purpose: Through this painting workshop, we can help artists to have a closer look at the process of making a product and minting an NFTs directly. The aim is to onboard new targeted artists other than just designers & create a better conversion from online followers to active members.

Method to implement & timespan:

Expected number of participants: 20

Duration: 3-hour workshop

  • Publication of the event & register: 10-22 July 2022

  • Event day: Tentative Saturday 23rd (or Sunday 24th) July 2022

  • Venue: TBD – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

  • After painting workshop, participants will be instructed to mint their works directly on VAD’s Mintbase store.

Metrics to measure success:

  • Expected 20 participants, with conversion of at least 10 new members

  • 20 artworks to be minted on VAD store

  • All participant get onboarded

  • At least 10 new member to Telegram

  • Social media impact for VAD


No. Task Cost
1 Venue renting for 3 hours 150
2 Posters & publication 100
3 Material: painters, colors, drawing rack rental, instructors ($25/pax x 20 people) 500
4 Physical onboarding cards with link drop QR & VAD information ($5 *20) 100
5 Standee designing, printing & rack rental 100
6 Swag for attendants: Cups with logo of VAD, Creatives & NEAR ($10 * 20) 200
Total 1150

Link to the main proposal: [Proposal] VN Artists Dao – JULY 2022 Funding Request (Overview)


Hey @williamx , how do you intend to choose/invite the artists intended for this workshop?

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This will be a registered based event, with information & register form being shared on local artists groups. So far we’re targeting Vietnam Local Artist Group & VẼ MINH HỌA - Illustration (those are existing local artists community on Facebook). We also have relationship with https://ybox.vn/ (this page dedicated to post opportunities for youth in Vietnam) to post those information (with out charge).

FYI: Some of calls for previous workshops for reference:

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And a further discussion on that is out of many people on the groups there is just a small number of people who have read about NFT & want to know more. So letting them register for that we’ll have a group of interested one (choosing & inviting is kind of hard).