[APPROVED] Tiago Rosário - Work Report as Community Manager

Here I report my work done for the month of September, for now I fixed an hourly rate of 20$ for the tasks, since the approved 5000$ for the Bounties for the tasks of everything done in Lisbon City Node, isn’t properly setup yet, but it will created and used for the Month of October.

Here it follows:

Type Hours Total
Lisbon City Google Drive Creation and Sharing 0,5 $10,00
Social Media and Community Chats Creation 4 $80,00
Social Media Managment (In development Stage) 4 $80,00
Weekly City Node Meeting (Community open meeting and catch up with Shreyas, Chloe, Norah, Grace and Rebecca) 4 $80,00
Weekly Council Meeting (Fred and Tabea) 3 $60,00
Weekly Arroz Sync (Arroz Criativo, Rebecca and Chloe) 4 $80,00
Lisbon City Node x NEAR/CON Meeting (Lisbon City Node participation ideation with Tabea) 1 $20,00
Onboarding OWS Meeting (Collaboration possibilites meeting with Open Web Sandbox Project) 0,5 $10,00
Structure, Guidelines, Bounties, Objectives and Roadmap Ideation 3 $60,00
Meeting with Collectives introduced in the Hackathon. 5 $100,00
Helping Collectives Integration with NEAR Ecosystem, Wallets and Forum (Integrations 1# and 2#) 5 $100,00
Guide Creation - [Introduction] 3 $60,00
Project Writing - CAN, DINNEAR and Hidden Sleeve Cards (To be posted) 2 $40,00
Gov Forum (Ideation, Report, Strategy) 3 $60,00
Lisbon City Store in Mintbase (Meeting, Proposal and planning) 3 $60,00
Hourly Rate ($) $20,00
Total September Monthly Payment $900,00

NEAR Conversion: 900$ = 113.92 N (Coingecko, 7,90$ @ 02/10/2021 21:30h)


@tabear @frnvpr @Grace @norah.near

If you can review the Report for my Payout Proposal for the tasks done in September. Even if It has been a bit of a rocky start, I quite enjoyed working this first month for the Lisbon City Node and its community. Thanks for the opportunity.

Any doubts please do ask. :grinning:


Thank you @TRosario
Please submit your proposal to the CommunitySquadDAO. Going forward, @norah.near will be reviewing/approving these proposals>
Next Steps:

  • Support NEARCon October
  • Review and implement initiatives for November

Looking forward to meeting you in person at NEARCon.

Thanks for your contribution!! :raised_hands: