[Approved] City Node Council Rewards September - October

Hello all (and @Grace and @norah.near),

:point_right:This topic serves to request an additional 1000$ to the Lisbon City Node.
The reasons are as follows:

  • The Council rewards were not approved for the month of September;
  • They were not added to the October funding request because that specific value was not discussed at the time, i.e. the 5000 value was a generic set up;
  • Me and @tabear and @TRosario feel, taking into account the amount of work that lays ahead of the Lisbon City Node, that is sensible to leave as much N$ in the DAOs account as possible.

The 1000$ are split as follows:

The work done by @TRosario for the month of September was already requested elsewhere, so it’s not a part of this request.

Thank you, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.



Thank you for the hard work! Please go ahead and submit.


Thank you! I will request 139N (coingecko, 7,22$, 22.13 Lisbon time)