[Approved] The Road To NEARCON: marmaj Hacker House

[PROPOSAL] The Road To NEARCON: marmaj Hacker House

Guild Name: Marma J Foundation

Funding scheme: June to September 2022

Council: @chloe @bianca

Advisors: @mecsbecs @tabear @ocaso @Chluff @sour_icky @AshleyC @Monish016

Initiatives Summary:

The Marma J Foundation’s mission is to leverage Web3 tech for social good. Deeply rooted within the NEAR ecosystem, we carry out our mission by providing tools, resources, and education to community members about Web3, specifically NEAR.

As we prepare for NEARCON 2022, our goal is to lead the marmaj Hacker House. The marmaj Hacker House will be an important opportunity for:

  1. The Marma J Community to define what “social good” means
  2. The Marma J & NEAR Communities to work on practical solutions for social good challenges using NEAR technology
  3. The marmaj DAO to create sustainable solutions and projects within the NEAR ecosystem
  4. The Marma J Foundation to connect locals to Web3/NEAR

We would like to propose that the Marketing DAO provides support to cover the Marma J Foundation’s marketing-related expenses for the marmaj Hacker House.

Metrics For Measuring Success

Our metrics for measuring the success of the marmaj Hacker House include the following:

  • 20+ applicants to marmaj Hacker House
  • 3 ecosystem sponsors: sponsorship NFTs to be minted on Mintbase and auctioned on The Auction
  • 100+ marmaj Research DAO interactions
  • 25+ on-chain members added to the marmaj Research DAO
  • Minimum of unique 2 posts per week via Marma J Foundation’s social channels (primarily Twitter) leading up to NEARCON (Present - September 11)
  • 1+ daily wrap-up post on social channels during NEARCON week that covers the conference, events, and Hacker House initiatives.
  • 2+ educational blogs per week leading up to NEARCON with the goal of efficiently educating marmaj Community members about interacting with various NEAR Dapps, participating in Stake Wars, hacking on NEAR through the marmaj Research DAO, and more.
  • 1+ video per week discussing the marmaj Hacker House and NEARCON on the Marma J Foundation’s YouTube channel, as well as educational Web3 content such as interacting with the various NEAR Dapps
  • 1+ Community Calls per week via the marmaj Discord server.

Estimated Timeline And Achievement Milestones

  • Present - September 11, 2022:
    • Minimum of unique 2 posts per week via Marma J Foundation’s social channels leading up to NEARCON
    • Minimum of 1 YouTube video/ week
    • 1+ Community Calls per week via Discord
  • August 6, 2022: Have 20+ applicants
  • August 31, 2022: Have 3 ecosystem sponsor
  • September 11-14, 2022:
    • 2+ Blogs per week
    • 100+ marmaj Research DAO interactions
    • 25+ on-chain members added to the marmaj Research DAO
    • 1+ daily wrap-up post on social channels during NEARCON week that covers the conference, events, and Hacker House initiatives.

Funding Details

NEAR Wallet ID/ DAO: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near
Total Requested Amount (in USD) $8192.00

Funding Breakdown

Thank you!


Happy to support! Have a great day!


Thanks so much for the support! Many of our community members have received their hacker application acceptance e-mails today and are looking forward to getting started on the marketing materials for the upcoming hacker house!


:heart::heart::heart: Thank You and have a great day!


happy to support @marmajfoundation and @chloe
Amazing job !!


Unfortunately, it’s a no from me. There are too many generalizations and the tools listed below don’t indicate individual deliverables for the projects you’ve highlighted.

Social Media Manager:
What activities, projects, and deliverables are included?

YouTube content creation: $500/month x 4 months

  • How many videos?
  • What is the format of the videos? (Keynotes, AMAs, Training, Review, Promotion, etc)

Adobe Illustrator: $25/month x 4 months

  • What types of media are you producing?
  • How many?

Discord: $400/year
Please elaborate on what activites are included for $300?

Please elaborate on the blog content creation (How many posts, subject matter, etc)

Miscellaneous Tools for Creating Educational Content

  • Starlink Satellite: $200/month x 4 months
    How you would use Starlink for creating educational content?

  • Google Virtual Machine: $300/month x 4 months
    How this is relevant for creating educational blogs and content?

All the best,


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Just to clarify- it seems that you’re seeking funding on Aurora for similar content

Can you please explain the difference between this proposal and the video content you’re seeking to produce under Aurora?


Hey guys – thanks for the proposal. I recommend applying first through the Ecosystem Fund specifically set up to allocate funding for events and requests related to NEARCON here:


If you check the links above you will see that the video format is stream + highlight reel and there are an average of 30 videos/month

All media for marmaj.org and all related socials (linked in the proposal)

This allows us to have locked channels, multiple threads, and allows us to make use of near token gating bots in the process. This does not cover any additional activities and only covers operation costs.

The starlink is connected to a validator that participates in Stake Wars – NEAR Protocol

The Google VM is used for stakewars + running a near RPC node, both of which are educational processes that near participants should know how to do. That said, a VM can be run for cheaper ($100/mo), and we would be willing to lower this request.

The difference here is that these videos will highlight aurora.dev specifically. Generally the Coffee with Chloe streams are not topical and highlight general interactions with the Near ecosystem. The Aurora streams will be specific to highlighting interacting with the Aurora EVM and it’s Dapps.


While I do appreciate this link, this proposal is not for nearcon, but for the “road to nearcon”. The purpose is to highlight Hacker House | Marma J Foundation and the work that the marmaj Hackers will be doing in Lisbon.

For events at nearcon specifically, we will definitely look to this link, but for the proposal above, we are requesting to the @marketingdao-council. If there are edits needed, then please feel free to share them.

@Klint above stated that the proposal was “too general” yet there were dozens of links included outlining each point. More detail can always be added of course, I understand that you all are buys and don’t have time to click every lick (which is clear because the forum shows you how many times each link was clicked…) so we can provide whatever info is needed and help make the process less time consuming for your DAO/team. <3


@marmajfoundation Thanks for clarifying – when I posted that, I was mistaken in thinking that was an additional avenue for funding related to NEARCON events from NF, but it’s been clarified for me in the last couple days – that is a funding avenue for Community Events taking place during NEARCON.

Anyway, thanks for answering all the questions and adding extra detail. I think this is a worthy project – quick clarifying question – you have 4 months in the proposal. Are you planning to continue the activities into Oct/Nov? Or is it retroactive? Thanks!


Thank you for posting it as well to be honest, we would like to make sure that we are able to support nearcon as best we can.

The plan is to continue the activities into Oct/Nov, but we are planning to host a marmaj Hackathon in Antigua in January and would like to wait to assess the needs of our community’s marketing efforts before adding them into a proposal.

We are also planning on requesting one larger grant instead of multiple smaller grants in the future. In the coming weeks, we will be taking lead of the PixelDapps Games and will be directing much of our marketing (and community/creative/dev) efforts there as well.

When we have a better understanding of the needs of our community (and we have had the time to act on the actions in this proposal and have results to show for it) we will come back with a retrospective and potentially request again if we have not yet gnee through the pathway of a larger community grant from NF. (afaik larger grants are on pause at the moment).


Okay thanks – you have my support for the proposal. I look forward to seeing how it goes!


Thanks @Dacha @so608 appriciate your work :slight_smile:
Where is other councils ? @satojandro @cryptocredit
Show some replies here please if every where only 3 give replies how this proposals aprove?


Having reviewed this proposal and replies to questions by fellow council i am happy to support.

Moving to Approved.


Thank you for your precious time @cryptocredit sir :slight_smile:
@Klint sir is on holiday?

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