[Approved] Marketing Initiatives for Marma J Foundation - April 2022

[PROPOSAL] Marketing Initiatives for Marma J Foundation - April 2022

Month: April 2022

Guild Name: Marma J Foundation

Council Members: @chloe @bianca

Advisors: @mecsbecs @tabear @Chluff @Eli22 @sour_icky @AshleyC @ocaso

Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiatives Summary

The Marma J Foundation is deeply ingrained within the NEAR community and ecosystem. Our mission is to leverage Web3 for social good, namely the Dapps and resources that exist within the NEAR ecosystem.

To support our mission, marketing existing resources as well as creating resources to highlight use cases of various Dapps- the Marma J Foundation has created a marketing strategy that we would like to implement on a monthly basis. The marketing initiatives for our strategy include:

  • Creating blogs and guides that showcase NEAR Dapps and community initiatives
  • Facilitating projects that utilize platforms built on NEAR
    • Example: 3XR Gallery Collection. This is an open call to our community members to create an NFT gallery using Mintbase’s 3XR virtual gallery tool. This gallery can be minted on the Marma J Foundation’s store, Letsbbcre8iv. Once minted, we ask that the gallery is submitted to the marmaj DAO for purchasing.
    • 2021 Example: MarmaJchan NFT competition where we created a character for the Marma J Foundation and asked the community to draw it in their own style and mint it on Mintbase or Paras. Submitted NFTs were reviewed and collected by the marmaj DAO.
  • Showcasing the resources that we create on a variety of platforms. Platforms include:
    • Website: Our website is our central hub where we showcase all of our initiatives, resources, events, and more.
    • Twitter: Our primary social media platform, where we post regular updates about what we are doing, as well as showcase what various communities are doing within the NEAR ecosystem.
    • Facebook: Social media platform where we share updates about projects and initiatives.
    • LinkedIn: Social media platform where we share updates about projects and initiatives.
    • Instagram: Social media platform where we share updates about projects and initiatives.
    • YouTube: Where we create and share videos highlighting NEAR Dapps. We typically discuss new NEAR ecosystem Dapps, platforms, and features. For example, the Coffee With Chloe in the Morning stream is an almost daily stream where Chloe (Founder, Marma J Foundation) discusses and tests out new features, news, and Dapps within the NEAR ecosystem. Links to the Dapps and platforms discussed are included in each video description. Click here for a video example.
    • Telegram: We now have 3 Telegram chats to manage the Marma J Foundation; Marma J Foundation (external, community chat), Marma J Contributors (external, where we have our active contributors), and Marma J Council (internal, for council member discussions).
    • Discord: We have a Marma J Foundation Discord server where we discuss and organize everything related to the Marma J Foundation raid parties on Crypto Heroes.
  • Engaging the Marma J Community
    • Example: The Marma J Foundation hosts monthly Community Calls (on the last Sunday of every month) where we review community proposals, answer questions, provide updates about our monthly initiatives, and more. Check out the Events page on our website where our Community Calls are listed.
  • Incentivizing community engagement
    • Example: Asking our community to help the Marma J Foundation showcase NEAR ecosystem Dapps and incentivizing them for their work. Check out this guide detailing this initiative.

We would like to propose that the Marketing DAO provide support to help cover the Marma J Foundation’s marketing-related expenses.

Metrics For Measuring Success

Metrics for measuring success include the successful development and implementation of:

  • A minimum of 4 unique blog posts per month
  • A minimum of 12 YouTube videos per month
  • Updating the Marma J Foundation website with new content and/or new page(s) each month
  • Creating and scheduling at least 10 social media posts per month
  • Growing following on Twitter (main social media platform)
  • Delivery of Marma J Foundation Community Call on April 24, 2022

Estimated Timeline And Achievement Milestones

The timeline to complete our metrics is on a monthly basis. For this month, our metrics are measured from April 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022.

Achievement milestones include:

  • Successful publication of 8 blog posts/guides highlighting Dapps, events, and news within the NEAR ecosystem
  • Successful creation and publishing of 12 YouTube videos
  • Successful creation and publishing of over 15 social media posts
  • Increased social media following on Twitter by 91 followers for the month of April (currently 1,261 followers).
  • Successful delivery of Marma J Foundation Community Call (April 24, 2022, via Telegram)

Funding Details

Total requested amount in USD: $2,080.19

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

Wallet owner’s name: Marma J DAO

Funding Breakdown:

Marketing Materials: Total of $2,035.00

Marketing Tools: Total of $45.19/month

  • Website Hosting: $4.79/month
  • Canva: $9.74/month
  • Adobe Illustrator $21.84/month
  • Zoho Social: $8.82/month

Upcoming (May 2022) Blog Posts to Look Out For Include:

  • How To Interact With Paras From Dao
  • Interact With Metapool From Dao

Good morning, happy to approve. Thanks for great work.

I’m personally big fun of your project. Perfect example of transparency and Community involvement. Coffee with Chloe is my favorite YouTube channel :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much @Dacha, hoping to get better with the series as well so that it can be appreciated by more members of the community (and therefore hopefully support more members of the community)

We now have a highlight playlist: Earnest's Highlight Reel - YouTube

Also, I am generally trying to keep to a schedule where I stream Monday → Friday from 7:30 to 7:55am EST. We have had some community members request that the times be more stable :P.

Thanks again to the Marketing DAO for their support! We have been partnering with OWS to add more contributors to the community.
Public Contributors Channel: Telegram: Contact @marmaJcontribute


Hi @chloe thanks for submitting a well presented proposal.

I too am happy to support

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Hi @chloe thanks for the proposal. Happy to support the great work you’re doing in the ecosystem.

A few thoughts to help growth/reach in the future, FWIW : )

  • Have you considered using search-friendly/keyword-rich YouTube video titles for your videos? I was looking through them, and it’s not clear from the thumbnail what the key theme(s) will be. As a viewer, it would help me consume more content if the titles were more specific and not just the date of streaming. I think you could reach a wider audience through organic that way as well.
  • You have good ideas for future content that are in the proposal. Looking at your videos and social media, it’s clear you are doing many things within the Marma J Foundation that would be interesting educational content for those of us in the ecosystem and beyond. I would encourage you to continue creating content that educates while also letting people into Marma J’s world. You are already doing this, but that behind the scenes kind of content seems like a great fit here.

Also, not sure what the rest of the Marketing council thinks, but we typically fund requests for future work. This is for past work. Happy to support it, just want you to be aware you can submit for future/proposed funds in the future.


Thank you so much for the comments and support. To be honest, most of the organization around the streams so far have been purposeful to only be showcasing most content to the marmaj Community. As we have more support on the video editing and YouTube channel management side of things, we are now planning on having more unique cover images added to the stream, have highlights added, and I will definitely try and be more descriptive with some of the titles.

The general theme of the streams is that the same flow happens every day though :rofl::see_no_evil:, so most days it really just is the date that is relevant.

As for when we request funding, I appreciate the clarification. We were a bit late for April’s proposal, but we will hopefully get May’s proposal out closer to the beginning of the month.

Our marketing plan is largely the same. We will be adding more content creators from the community with the help of OWS, so our plan is definitely to expand. Also, we have our workshop coming up and are partnering with NEAR Publish (cc @Samtoshi_F_Baby and crew) to help is with onboarding (MarmaJchan physical cards with QR codes to provide wallets), physical marketing materials (table skirts, pop ups, and banners), as well as physical marmaj branded goods (“one size fits all” bucket hats with marmaj badges)

Once we get more info from the NEAR Publish team, we will be able to submit the proposal for May.

The venue for the May event is ~400$ and with food, drinks, and staff, it should be ~1000 USD to host in entirety. (~350 for food/drink and 250 for event staff)

Total projected budget for May so far: 5k USD


Good morning! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

Thank You :blush:


Thank you so much for the support: