[APPROVED] Social Media & Content Creation for MARMA J CON

To the attention of @marketingdao-council

Application form was submitted December 10 and here is the required Forum post:

Marma J Events DAO

Funding Scheme: December 2022 - January 2023

Project: Social Media & Content Creation for MARMA J CON




Previous Marketing DAO proposals:

[from our parent DAO, Marma J DAO] https://gov.near.org/tags/c/marketing/marketingdao/91/marmaj-dao


Since the beginning of NEAR, the Marma J DAO has been active not only in the digital but also in the physical space, helping to onboard new web3 users, working with numerous NEAR platforms, and integrating the aspect of social good into web3.

From Jan. 7-12, 2023, the Marma J Events DAO will lead the organization of MARMA J CON, an in-person conference and hackathon held in Antigua with virtual programming in the Metaverse (NEAR Hub & Myriad.Town). The event aims to connect hackers, web3 newcomers, and NEAR native personalities to hack for the social good and to promote NEAR and its platforms.

The event will consist of talks, workshops, and hacking hours, and tickets are already out on Mintbase. We are also working with sponsors as well as having submitted a NEAR Foundation Community Event Grant to support the project.

Current partners are NEAR Hub, Myriad.Town & Myriad Social, Allie Knox, Mintbase, NEAR Multicall, and the other Sub-DAOs: Marma J Gaming DAO, Marma J Research DAO, MarmaJchan DAO, muti DAO, Social Good DAO, and Kalakendra DAO.

As social media is crucial for this event, we have already prepared a strategy and plan for the next 4 weeks to get the word out and are looking for support from the Marketing DAO.

Our social media strategy includes the following tasks:


Newsletter: USD $600

Objective: Create and distribute 4-6 e-newsletters to promote MARMA J CON, NFT tickets, programming, partners, sponsors, and relevant information surrounding the event.


  • Grow newsletter subscriber list by double (34) by December 31, 2022. Our subscriber list is currently at 17 people. This KPI is important because we hope to convert all of our email subscribers to MARMA J CON attendees. Newsletter messages are effective as those who have registered for email alerts have intentionally signed up to receive these specific updates and are likely looking forward to the updates.

Metrics To Date:

  • 1st Newsletter: 13 recipients, 61.54% open rate, 15.38% click through rate
  • 2nd Newsletter: 17 recipients, 47.06% open rate, 11.76% click through rate

Newsletter Budget Breakdown:

  • USD $100 per newsletter for copy & design

Blog: USD $1,200

Objective: Create 4 blog posts (1 overview + guide to getting NFT tickets, 1 about the Hackathon bounties, 1 general event post, and 1 retrospective about the Hackathon and outcomes) with the goals of raising awareness of MARMA J CON, providing information about the event and hackathon, as well as education on how to use Web3 (acquire NFT ticketing). The blogs will also serve as a promotional tool to also direct traffic to MARMA J CON resources such as the landing page, activity information page, and Mintbase store to purchase NFT tickets.


  • To have a minimum of 20% of visitors to click on a MARMA J CON resource from the blog.
  • Keep MARMA J CON blogs bounce rate below 10%. This metric is important as it will help us determine the quality of the posts (low bounce rate = we are providing the user with the information that they need).
  • To have all MARMA J CON blogs rank in top 10 most visited pages on marmaj.org.

Metrics To Date:

  • To date, 23.1% of MARMA J CON blog traffic has continued to interact with at least 1 MARMA J CON resource following landing on the blog post.
  • Bounce rate to date is 0% for the 1st blog post.
  • The first MARMA J CON blog ranks #5 of most top visited pages for the month of December.

Blog Budget Breakdown:

  • 4 blogs (2 x 500 words) + (2 x 1,500 words)
  • At a rate of USD $150 per 500 words
  • $150 + 150 + 450 + 450 = USD $1,200 total

Social Media: revised: USD $4,000

Social Media Budget Breakdown:

  • Visual designs to be done by in-house design USD $100 per) x 30 posts = USD $3,000
  • Visual designs and post creation to mutiDAO for content creation and sharing (min. 10 posts and story shares) on their Instagram account that the Marma J account will reshare or be tagged in = USD $1,000


Objective: To raise awareness of MARMA J CON to local Antiguan audience, as well as Web3 internmediates and Web2 professionals. Each post will have a CTA that encourages the user to take action (get tickets, register for email updates, share the post, etc.).


  • Increase impressions, reach, and engagement (likes, reshares, comments, saves) with social content about MARMA J CON through paid campaign by a minimum of 50% compared to organic efforts.

Metrics To Date:

  • Our Instagram efforts have been organic, averaging (all organic posts) the following metrics since November 14, 2022, per post:
    • Impressions: 53.5
    • Reach: 49
    • Engagement (likes, comments, shares, saves): 10.5
  • Stories:
    • Reach: 30
  • Account overview for Nov 11-Dec 10 (metrics compared to October 12-November 10):
    • Reach is 507% higher
    • Reached 833% more accounts that were not following account
    • Impressions up by 1798%
    • Profile visits up 1022%
    • 11 website taps from profile bio


Objective: Create and share a minimum of 1 MARMA J CON related post on Twitter daily. CTA will direct users to take specific actions, including purchasing NFT tickets to MARMA J CON, visiting event landing pages, registering for email newsletter, etc.


  • Maintain MARMA J CON related posts as top and top media posts until the end of MARMA J CON.
  • Increase average post engagement (likes, retweets, and shares).

Metrics to Date:

  • Had 1 MARMA J CON Twitter Space with all 8 Sub-DAOs present, hosted by Allie Knox (56k followers). Attendance for this space maintained an average of 30+ listeners for the entire 1 hour duration and also featured local politician from Antigua. Link to recording: https://twitter.com/itsmarmaj/status/1597652933038178304
  • Attended NEAR FOR SOCIAL GOOD Twitter Space hosted by Harmonic Guild as a featured speaker. Chloe (founder, Marma J Foundation) spoke on behalf of the Marma J Foundation to share what we are working on as a foundation, as well as promoted MARMA J CON.

The following metrics provide an overview of the past 28 days:

  • Tweets: 31
  • Tweet impressions: 28.3 K (up 217.8% compared to previous period)
  • Profile visits: 3,633 (up 57.3%)
  • Mentions: 170
  • Followers: 1532 (up 12)
  • Top tweet: MARMA J CON 1st blog promo post earned 695 impressions, 14 likes, 7 retweets, 1 share.
  • Top media tweet: MARMA J CON Twitter Space promo tweet, 493 impressions, 8 likes, 3 retweets, 1 share.


Objective: Build MARMA J CON resources online on marmaj.org to provide information about the event (schedule, participating, ticketing, hackathon, etc) to attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders. Resources include MARMA J CON landing page, Hackathon page (in progress), blogs and guides, and event calendar.


  • Maintain MARMA J CON landing page as the most visited page on marmaj.org in the days leading up to the event, and the week of the event.
  • Increase page views by at least 3x (metrics show first 11 days of the month) from now until the end of MARMA J CON.

Metrics to Date:

December 2022 by page (this list includes pages that contain MARMA J CON content):

  • MARMA J CON: 269 page views, 0% bounce rate, 1:02 average time on page
  • Home: 258 page views, 4.17% bounce rate, 0:38 average time on page
  • MARMA J CON Actvities Schedule: 72 page views, 0% bounce rate, 0:38 average time on page
  • Events: 32 page views, 0% bounce rate, 0:27 average time on page

Analytics Tracking & Reporting: USD $250

Objective: Google Analytics tracking across the Blog posts (4 plus press release), Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters (2 sent already with min. 3 more to go) to be compiled in a report following the event & to be shared publicly on the Forum and specifically with event partners and sponsors.

TOTAL IN USD: $6,050

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: marma-j-events-dao.sputnik-dao.near
KYC through @mecsbecs

Thank you for your attention!


Hi Rebecca, thanks for your proposal,

In general I think that the Marketing component should be included in the Events grant from NF.

In case that is not possible and you do want to proceed through Marketing DAO, please note that following the recent review process with NF we now have a narrower scope for funding(see latest funding guidelines) which means we are not able to cover:

  • Press Release
  • Paid Ads

Let us know if you want to proceed through M DAO and revise proposal accordingly. Happy to jump on a call to discuss.

Hey @satojandro and co!

We were advised to apply to you actually and so we have.
Ah, missed the press release item not being included because it is a piece of content for us. Fair on the paid ads, and will modify the proposal accordingly.

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@marketingdao-council edits made as requested and are ready for review.

Hi @mecsbecs could you let us know who gave you this advice please?

Have you applied for funding from the Events team?

Hi @cryptocredit - we have submitted an event grant:

And since initially posting this application, we have heard back favourably about it. Just getting into signing paperwork etc now. We do not have any marketing line items on there except for print media (on-site banners, way-finding signs, and potential posters) which does not seem like it would have qualified for the Marketing DAO.

We crafted these two applications intentionally so there would be no overlap and the content would be in-line with what each body funds. I had discussed a prospective proposal to the NF for this event with a number of members of the NF Marketing and Community teams starting over a couple of months ago. I get that the Marketing DAO can’t fund events (at present) but it’s less clear whether or not the NF Community Event Grant can fully cover marketing, and we didn’t want to jeopardize what funding we could receive by requesting too much when another body exists with a specific focus on marketing. I hope that sounds reasonable to the council members as they continue to consider our application.

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Hey @mecsbecs thanks for the responses and detail. Those of us on the council are trying to get clarity ASAP on our ability to fund projects that are receiving grant funding. In my view, we have not gotten clear guidance on this. DM me if you want more info on that front.

While we’re getting that clarity, I am mostly in support of this, but I have two concerns/questions:

  • Given the timing of this alongside NF’s holiday closure, will you be able to execute on this in time for the event should funding not arrive until after the holidays? I know that’s a potentially frustrating question, but it would be good for us to understand feasibility given the reality of the timing.
  • The content you’re aiming to produce for the blog posts, is there a way to make them “evergreen” or update them post event so that the information and resources continue to be living assets for the ecosystem vs. ones that really have most of their value locked into the run up to the event and the event itself? It sounds like the content for those could be shaped to make them more universal, which makes them more valuable in my view because they can continue to benefit the ecosystem long after the event.

Thanks for your continued patience on the funding question…


Hey @so608 - apologies for my delay, I don’t seem to be get all my usual email notifications for activity on the Forum!

To address and answer your questions and concerns:

  • We are still executing on this event no matter what - we are very committed to making this happen and have enough funds in place to work on the bare minimum or to work in a retroactive funding scenario with regards to funding incoming from NF and NF via the Marketing DAO. This waiting does hurt but understood that timing is just not on our side no matter what.

  • Yes, this is our hope as well! A fair amount of the blog content will be another way to reference education guides we have created on our website as well to help keep them relevant, and because MARMA J CON will be an annual event moving forward we will definitely find ways to build this content into other pieces over time.

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Hi @mecsbecs

Can the council get access to the approved Near Grant to understand the elements of funding?

Given the location of the event, the timeline, and the fact that you’ve requested the same amount on Aurora, I’m struggling to see the value of this event.

Just curious, how many people are able to attend given the remote location? Are those attendees expected to pay for themselves?

The price points of the cost per article, cost per post on (social media), etc- they’re all extremely high compared to what we normally approve.

We’re trying to fund projects that directly result in new projects / builders on Near, creation of new wallets, and greater ecosystem engagement overall. This proposal is very troubling given those circumstances.

Good morning. Unfortunately, events are out of Marketing DAO’s scope. NF excluded the category.

The @marketingdao-council and others interested can of course see the toolkit we prepared for NF here: MARMA J CON - NF Event Toolkit Grant Application - Nov2022 - Google Slides

Considering that one of our hackathon challenges focuses on Aurora we did want to secure their sponsorship for a bounty. Involving NEAR projects in this event through sponsorship is one of the many ways we’re looking to include the wider NEAR ecosystem in this conference + hackathon.

While we continue to hope folks from the international Marma J and NEAR community can come join us in-person in Antigua we do recognize that this presents challenges - especially in a bear market. This is why we’ve pivoted our focus more to engaging with the local audience and onboarding them onto NEAR.

If our costs are inflated versus other applicants in the Council’s view then could we receive more direct feedback about how we should modify our costs? Would an even USD $5K ask in equivalent $NEAR be more appropriate, for instance?

As mentioned in our application form as well, this is an opportunity for NEAR to gain a foothold in the Caribbean steadily yet surely. This is a region that only knows about Bitcoin and the recent scandals, so we are working to combat these negative impressions while encouraging interest in Web3 and NEAR. This will directly result in new wallets being created with the hope of lasting engagement beyond this as we continue to build relationships on the island through further Marma J work. By hosting a hackathon as well we hope to help incubate new projects on NEAR, while activating new and current builders.

Hearing our proposal is troubling is very surprising considering we’re working to present a dynamic community-building activation in a locale that is new-to-NEAR - and is key to our parent org’s mandate - with onboarding and building at its core.
We still feel very strongly about this event, and gauging the tone on recent comments I’m disappointed we won’t be receiving Marketing DAO support for it, but hope anyone reading this proposal will consider participating virtually Jan. 8-11 (MARMA J CON | Marma J Foundation).


Hi Rebecca, thanks for your patience!

I am willing to support this proposal. However, I do want to be very open about:

  • The price points for things such as design for social media posts are very high. I’ve had a browse through Twitter - I commend the team for being so active and continuing to work even without funding. However, $100 per post is excessive.
  • We continue to refine the new parameters for M DAO, including carving out what falls within NF Events Team and what falls under Marketing DAO. The reason why I am against split funding is because once NF has made a decision, our hands are tied - if we don’t approve then NF funds go to waste, yet we have no visibility into the funding NF provided nor are they monitoring how much we approve. While I have no reason for doubting this team, this does create many scenarios ripe for abuse.
  • We considered things such as the location of the event. Reasoning here is that it is somewhat remote. People who are going to attend were likely going to attend regardless of social media.
  • What shifted the balance for me was the focus on local students as I read recently on one of the official comms. I really value all the work MarmaJ does and focusing on local communities, is something that is often absent in Web3 - even as we roam the world.

You still need support from two more Council members. Best of luck!

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Hi @mecsbecs – I want to agai thank you for your patience with this proposal. With the holiday break and some flux on a few fronts in terms of what we can and cannot fund, it has taken longer than anticipated to get you a solid answer here.

I agree with much of what @satojandro has said on the concerns, but I want to note that you reduced the ask significantly, your team has progressed with the event enthusiastically without funding and you are valuable contributors to the ecosystem.

We have also received clarity that we can fund this outside of your grant and separately from the events team.

I can support the revised amount for this event.

You still need one more council member in support for approval.


Thanks for the clarification @mecsbecs

While I’m normally supportive of events that engage a local audience, I’m not aware of a thriving community of builders or projects in the Near ecosystem in Antigua.

There are so many other cities that have significantly larger talent pools to source participants for a hackathon. If the nature of the hackathon was purely online, that might make for a different conversation.

Given the location, the amount being requested, and price points of the marketing, I cannot support this proposal.

Hi @mecsbecs have fully reviewed your proposal and the comments from fellow council.

I am also a big supporter of IRL events, especially ones that reach out to a local audience, but share the doubts expressed by @Klint as regards the long term benefits to the Near ecosystem of an event in the island of Antigua.

However, i have also noted that the organisation of this event has been funded by a grant from the Near Foundation and have therefore decided to give my support to your proposal. It is important to have an effective marketing campaign to ensure the success of the event.

Now moving to Approved

Good luck… and please remember to post a Report after the event is completed.

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Hello @marketingdao-council, thank you the council members in support of this proposal and for granting it approval.

As we are three days in already, we will need to make some adjustments to the content themes and topics proposed here as we did proceed with the understanding that we would not be receiving this grant and so did not put out as many in-advance blog posts as listed here, for example. The same number of blogs will be posted and our posting minimums for social media as well will still be met, but we will be mindfully crafting content that matches our needs to continue to engage with and build the audience we’re developing with these keen, new-to-blockchain students we’ve been meeting over the past couple of days, i.e. now also sending all of our presentations in PDFs attached to the recap newsletter to come at the conclusion of the event; the 3rd blog post recapping the event and announcing the hackathon winners, and the 4th to recap virtual programming with links to the talks we’ve assembled in case folks missed them.

Slowly yet surely, and with attention to good, consistent quality, we’ll be delighted to show you why investing in areas where blockchain hasn’t hit big yet - but where legislation is favourable - is the best bet for NEAR to gain first-mover advantage, resulting in a more loyal and dedicated community of developers, founders, and creators. Happy to share resources on the advancements re: digital asset legislation in Antigua & Barbuda via DM if folks are interested, and when our recording of Sen. Aziza Lake from today is uploaded, I will share here for reference.

Per the DAO process, I have posted the poll to the DAO here: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-602

Hello @marketingdao-council following up on our approved poll from 7 business days ago today - just a note and gentle nudge, since I do not know who is currently responsible for overseeing funds distribution on the NF side, that I have not received an email about KYC (although I think I’ve been KYC’d by this point, but just in case) nor am I aware of anything I may need to do. If there are any roadblocks I can assist with, please let me know.

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Good day! Sorry about it; I’ve reached out to responsible NF people. Have a great day!

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Hello, @mecsbecs . Answer: we never received their request via the Ironclad form. The last one we received from MARMA J DAO was on the 4th of August 2022. Could you please fill out the form? Thanks, Ironclad

Ha okay, knew there was something I was still responsible for! Didn’t realize it wasn’t an email to me so will fill out now.
Thanks for facilitating!

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