[Approved] The Phoenix EP - February 2022


I am David Itopa Emmanuel aka John Wike from Nigeria. I am a singer songwriter & producer presently based in Akure, Nigeria.

In 2008, I and a couple of friends went into the studio for the fist time and instantly I fell in love with making music. Since then I have made 3 EPs and over 20songs under different projects names namely, Emayell ( hulkshare.com/Emayell ) , IgarraBoy ( Stream IgarraBoy music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud ) & Lightbulb ( audiomack.com/igarraboy )

In 2020, amidst the depressing covid-19 and after 12years of navigating the music industry independently without any financial or moral support from anybody, I decided to quit music once and for all.

But since joining NEAR I have been inspired by the support and push for creatives to restart my lifelong dream. Who am I kidding? Music will always be a part of me no matter how hard I try to stop.

The EP is aptly titled, The Pheonix and the songs in it are inspired by how Near has galvanised my creativity. As a seasoned songwriter, I will metaphorically use the lyrics of the songs in the four track project not to give up on their dreams.

The EP will be minted as an NFT on mintbase.

I plan that the project will be ready by ending of March.


Studio Session : $150
Studio Engineer: $200
Mixing & Mastering: $130
Cover art : $20

Wallet ID: Johnwike.near


Hey @JohnWike, welcom on NxM!
Happy that you had taken part in NEARNaut Anthem Hunt as Lightbulb with Hephzibah.

We would love to have your EP on NxM Mintbase store.

May I ask, why you want to pay $200 to studio engineer while you have included studio session and mixing services ? :slight_smile:

Cheers :beers:

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Thanks alot @Paul for the welcome. Shout-out to Hephzibah for working with me on the anthem. We didn’t win but we tried and it was fun.

Concerning the seperate payment for the studio session & studio Engineer.

Here in Nigeria, you normally pay for studio session which is the number of hours you want to record but it doesn’t include the service of the studio Engineer.

So, I have to pay the studio Engineer separately to work with me during the session.

Hope the explanation helped?


Hey @JohnWike

Please be informed that your proposals has been approved!
Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

We are implementing a new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets will have privilege to request funding from NxM.
In order to join, please do the following steps:

  • Open NEAR Guilds App :arrow_right: https://app.nearguilds.com :arrow_left:
  • Find NxM Guild​:eyes:
  • Log to the app using your NEAR wallet​:exclamation:
  • Join to the community using your NEAR wallet! :raised_hands:

Also, feel free to leave your feedback here, when you will be doing the report, after delivered show.


Thanks @Paul & thanks to the NXM team.

I really appreciate.

Can’t wait to start making the project.

I will proceed to make request for 50% of the funds so I can book my recording session.

Thanks again.



Hey @JohnWike, Pls Update the Status of the Project :slight_smile: CC. @Paul @bonepolice @williamx @rhymetaylor


@Monish016 @Paul unbelievable! I was just logging in to give an update.

I have recorded the four songs & presently fine tuning the instrumentals before handing it over for mixing and mastering.

March has been quite busy. I don’t think I can meet up with release this month.

Please, can I get an extension of the date of release to ending of April?


Hey @Paul , Can you take a look at this :slight_smile:


Sure @JohnWike, once you will have the ready material for minting, please send it to me on Telegram.

Also, in order to promote your EP, please deliver artworks to NxM Social Media Team Telegram: Contact @nxmsocialmedia

Many thanks!

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Thanks alot @Paul I will.

Thanks @Monish016

Thanks to the NXM team.

Hey!!! We are live!!! #PhoenixEP is on @Mintbase my first ever NFT music project!!!

Thanks to NXM

I made the EP affordable for everybody

Listen, buy, share.



  1. LI9HTBULB ft @AugustKinge - Phoenix https://www.mintbase.io/thing/iEUlB6tEBjiL0WrUvoWpK942Fe5xfj2bt-EOtXNeOVA:opennxm.mintbase1.near

  2. LI9HTBULB - One more Li9htbulb - One More on Mintbase

  3. LI9HTBULB ft Prince Natural - Psalm 23 Li9htbulb ft Prince Natural - Psalm23 on Mintbase