[Approved] The Auction DAO | Marketing DAO | June 2022

DAO: The Auction DAO

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Project: Community growth and outreach support

Council : @chloe @Monish016 @VickyPlashevska @Anatolii Petrovskyi

Links : The Auction | Linktree

Target Address : the-auction.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Marketing DAO proposals

Marketing DAO April funding

Previous Marketing DAO Reports

April Month Marketing DAO Report

Request amount: 6450USD in NEAR

Hey Fam,

Since the mainnet Launch of The Auction happened on the 24th of June and platform is available for every user of the community.

The Auction platform is growing slowly creating traction and engagement in the Community, we are seeing an increase in the projects on the platform, and the number of NFTs Listed is moving high.

in order to retain and grow the community, The Auction DAOh has planned to take initiatives for the community to participate actively in The Auction Platform in the month of June.

1. Flying Rhino guild Partnership:

As mentioned in the April Month report, We wish to collaborate with the FRG for the month of June as well.

As we trailed from the previous month with the lowest Tier for partnership, Now we would love to move to higher tiers(#2 Tier) to gain more marketing traction and engagement with the community.


Requested funds:$1500

2. Community Calls / AMA giveaways

The Auction community actively engaged with the weekly community calls previously with twitter space and recently with the discord stages

This Community call helps us understand the ways to get a better platform and update the status of The Auction platform from the Technical side.

The Auction also widely participated and collaborated with ecosystem projects for AMAs. for the month of May we had an AMA session already with NEAR Discord, Mintbase (an Education session on NFTs), and Near NFT Club.

We have already planned to connect with @near.insider for AMA and many other communities, in order to giveaway for the AMA we are requesting $50 for one AMA Session, we will plan to have 4 AMA for the Month of June

Community Calls = $50 x 4 = $200
AMA Giveaways = $50 x 4 = $200

Requested funds: $400

3. Discord Nitro & Server Boost
As discussed above the Community calls and AMA sessions are Mostly planned on the Discord, we would like to request funds for Server boost to have a video and audio session seamlessly on the server

This helps smooth navigation for the community to be on the discord server.

Requested funds: $450

4. Near Insider Collaboration

As content marketing continues to rise in popularity, more and more businesses are creating original content to engage and educate their audiences. Infographics are an especially popular way for people to consume content because they are visually appealing and make complex information easy to read and digest

we have collaborated with NEAR Insider with free Trail for 1 month, it was spectacular Infographics that helps in boosting the community engagement,

we would love to extend the collaboration to the next level with the monthly base start-up package.

Requested funds: $1200

5. The Auction Community Degen
With the recent update on the Near Degen Community, The Auction DAO would love to utilize the wonderful value of Degens towards The Auction Platform, so we would like to hire 2 Degens working on shilling and Marketing of The Auction Platform for the month of June. Also, We would love to have more degens working towards the Auction platform in the upcoming Months

Requested funds: 2 X $500 = $1000

6. The Auction Medium Page
For the Month of June, The Auction DAO has been Curating a Lot of Interesting blogs about The Auction partnerships, We Expect to Write 10 Articles for 10 Partners, of which 4 articles are already ready and about to post on the medium page written by @kodandi

Requested funds: 10 X $150 = $1500

Council Matters: $400

Total Requested funds: $6450

Thank you


Good evening,

Could you please find a person from the Great Near community and grow our community strategist?

Please, fill out the form for a free promo like you did it a month ago.


Furthermore, it’s double payment because Flying Rhino covers infographics (tier 1).

Please, fill out the form and this one for a free promo

By the way, Marketing DAO approved grant for Near NFT week to support your project.

Marketing DAO recently approved 3x months grant $12 800 for Meme community. So, I believe you can run the competition with these guys.

It will cost 0.05 Near per meme + ~ 0.25N for best one.

5N (~$25) for 100 memes + 0,25N

Ps: guys, you have a fantastic experience in community; why do you using outsourcing companies for your project? Why can’t you find people from the Community? We have thousands of contributors who can work with infographics and manage media accounts.

We have 536 000 followers on Twitter and 57 645 people on Telegram. Why we can’t give them the chance to do something more for Community?


We are covering the weekly activities of “The Auction” from our Newsletter.


Hey @Dacha Good Day,

@chloe works as the community strategist for The Auction, as she is out of office for the next 1 or 2 months, we would like to get collaborated with FRG for our Marketing activities for the Auction Platform

Thank you we are happy to get supported if @near.insider can help June with their cool infographics

Thank you,@naveen_in has extended support of The Auction through Near NFT Club

@naveen_in can you be able to support The Auction Meme Campaign for the Month of June?

Hey partner, we are aware of this, The Auction has just hit the Mainnet and it needs a way lot of Traction and community engagement, we feel that the usage of @near.insider curated infographics gain some traction. but the whole idea is to have its community, at last, we will eventually move to hire people for all the works in future.

Thank you


Yes. If the team is looking for a daily theme contest then we can cover it in our MEME DAILY budget.

But if you guys want to host a Twitter Contest then it will be covered in our paid service.

Paid Contest Ex:

Paid Service Charges


Would you like to hire someone from an excellent and experienced degens team? As you know, Flying Rhino runs by two ex-degens team members who have ± similar experience and knowledge.

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Hey, @Dacha Thank you for bringing this up, we would love to say that we are willing to hire any team to support, but we already tested out flying Rhino for a month and they have been onboarded to our project which does take quite a bit of effort and time.

But for the Month of July, we can open bounty for marketing support and social media management

Usually, FRG Submits to us the work done for the month of June with metrics and a work plan for July, If the degens could submit a proposal on giving us what can be offered and how best they can do to The Auction. so we can select the best one and pay them with the Marketing funding

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OK, before the moment I propose save the same level (#4 $500) for June;

Looking forward to seeing an updated budget. Thanks

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Hey Partner, as @chloe won’t be available for a month, it is really necessary and needed #2 Tier to get the best support from FRG. we can definitely see other possibilities from July.

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Good evening, Ok…. Thank You!

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Hi Navee,

I see several conflicts of interest and potential double dipping.

  1. We fund NEAR Insider directly. Or at least they are attempting to get a funding through the Marketing DAO from what seems to be ostensibly already paid by the projects they do work for - that are now also asking us to pay for the same work? Having said that, I much rather prefer funding projects directly and then they can use funds to engage NEAR Insider rather than funding them directly. Defs not both.

  2. We also fund NEAR NFT Week. And this project is also run by you? Overall, I’d take it as a positive development for NEAR NFT Week to move on to have revenue streams, however, these do have to be disclosed in future proposals to Marketing DAO. Furthermore, please be sure to always clear up your involvement and potential conflict of interest with all proposals.



  • Thanks for appreciating us in taking the initiatives to generate revenue from the Clients instead of DAO verticals.
  • Right now we have collaborated from NEAR NFT Week, Instagram Community Accounts and NEAR NFT Club with ‘The Auction’ Team without getting any funds from them for the June Month.

Good morning. Happy to support the revised budget. Have a great day!

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Thanks for the proposal – the only concerns I have about this proposal have to do with all of the overlap among projects and trying to track where all funds are going. Right now we are funding The Auction DAO, NEAR NFT Week, Near Insider and Chloe’s projects as well. When the MarketingDAO funds multiple projects that share team members and have overlapping work it becomes more important for us to understand how the funds are being allocated.

Can you share on the forum all of the projects you are currently working on that are receiving funding from the MarketingDAO and the CreativesDAO? Thanks!


Hey @so608 thank you,

Currently I have been part of Kalakendradao
The Auction

Which recieves funds from the both Marketing and creatives dao

Me? Not sure how it’s that relevant since none of the funds in the proposal go to me personally. Either way, I am co founder of marmaj.org and we recieve funding from marketing and creatives DAO regularly.

There is no overlap between the Marma J Foundation and The Auction other than the marmaj DAO may eventually list some NFTs for auction on the platform :woman_shrugging:t5::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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Thanks for replying @chloe @Monish016! Much appreciated. This is helpful. To answer Chloe’s question about relevance and why I asked is because you are listed above as a council member for The Auction. We are aiming on an ongoing basis (not just with this proposal) to understand the flow of funding and be aware when people have multiple projects and proposals. It helps us understand how projects, teams and different areas of the ecosystem are connected. Thanks again!

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You have my support for the proposal – you still need one more council member for approval.


@cryptocredit @Klint @satojandro hey guys can you pls take a look at this proposal?

Happy to support. Moving to Approved

You can now proceed to post Poll on AstroDAO . Once the poll is approved you need to submit Google Form: you’ll be prompted to complete KYC from third party (Onfido) and then sent a Reward Agreement to sign (HelloSign)