[Approved] Marketing DAO | The Auction DAO | April 2022

DAO: The Auction DAO

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: Community growth and outreach support

Council: @chloe @Monish016 @VickyPlashevska @Anatolii Petrovskyi

Links: The Auction | Linktree

Target Address: the-auction.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Creatives DAO proposals

Creatives DAO April funding

Request amount: 3000 USD in NEAR


The Auction DAO serves as a vertical to Bridge NFT Communities both artists and Collectors Through the Auction Platform.

The Auction is the secondary NFT Marketplace Built on NEAR where the true value of digital assets is discovered through auctions, The Auctions are through the Simple English Type Auctions, Where you can List their NFTs from any of the Primary Marketplace to The Auction Platform itself.

The Auction Introduction Post [Here]

In order to Collab and help boost the Community PArticipating in the Auction Platform. We Request $5000 USD.

1. The Auction Testnet Game.

The Auction Testnet Game Aims to Integrate Both the Platform Testing and Community Engagement through the usage of Astro DAO.

In order to facilitate Community the Adoption of Astro DAO by testing out the Auction Testnet Alpha Release.

The User has to test out the platform, and list their nfts for the auction, the person with unique 20 bidders, will Receive 1 $NEAR each. the Eligible user can create a Proposal to The Auction DAO requesting 1$NEAR.

More Info Can be Found [Here]

Requested funds: $2000

2. Partnership with Flying Rhino:

As the Auction Platform is set to launch on mainnet Soon, it is necessary to have more engagement and Boost for the Auction Community. In order to Do that, we are looking to Collaborate with the flying Rhino Team with Social Media Advertising Package.

Requested funds: $500

3. The Auction - Article

The Auction has a Way lot of Cool Features with it. It is necessary to Express it through Articles. We have Already Collaborated with @kodandi for the Writing of 2 Wonderfull Articles and Would love to Have More For the Auction Community


Requested funds: $500

Thank you


Good evening. Could you please share more information about the project:

  • investors;
  • CEO and team;
  • roadmap and milestones;
  • information about grants from NF.

Cannot support this part of your proposal. I’m suggesting open poll of candidates and companies. You can read about the experience of working with Flying Rhino here.

Propose reduce to $208, 0.25 cents/word (average rate for OWS, Learn club, and Near week contributors).

First article, 373 words + second 461 words = $208

Have a great day.




Team is listed above. Vicky is design lead. Anatolii is Dev lead.

modest grant received from NF for project getting to MVP.

I do not see a clearly defined issue here. Please provide more clarity.

Funding here is not only for past articles but for future articles.

The proposed funding amount of $1000 is for 4 articles/mo. Also, $0.25/word does not accurately capture the skill level of the writer, or the time and detail required to take screenshots for the article and go back and forth with editing (for the writer OR for the team having to do the reviews.


I meant we have awesome Creative and Marketing DAO good standing contributors, community strategists and boosters, who can take the work:


and many many other (not just Flying Rhino).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about tokenomics (mentioned token launch only), but probably, part of tokens will be distributed for Auction team. It could be another one great benefit for the project community strategists.

Degens team as well for instant boost :blush:

Usually, Marketing DAO approves specific list of articles based on average rates in Near community.

Thank You and have a great day.

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Hi @Monish016 thanks for your proposal.

Development of an auction platform sound like an interesting project that adds to the NEAR ecosystem.

I also like that you are requesting funds that will be used to ‘buy in’ specialist marketing services from within the community. I hope in the future that community members and teams will offer their skills for the benefit of all.

Happy to support


hey @marketingdao-council, Pls let us know the Status

cc. @chloe

Good morning, I proposed to use (for free) degens team for instance boost (if it doesn’t work for you, you can take option 4 for the boost).

and reduce rewards for articles. You can request extra payments with the next proposals.

I will happy to approve with these circumstances.

Please, put your attention that Flying Rhino offers Social Media management, whereas is better to have your community strategist for the project. Thanks and have a great day.

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Can you explain the $2000 funding request for the Auction Game? I read the Medium and it says you’re hoping to award 1 NEAR to 100 wallets? Where is the $2000 figure coming from?

I don’t have an issue with the funding request for the articles (I support writers getting paid well) or other aspects of the proposal, but I need to understand the Auction Game details in order to support this proposal.


Looks like you’ve managed to draw in a bit of attention and traction prior to this proposal and you’ve put in some effort building the online presence professionally. You’ve got my approval.

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Hey Lorainne @so608, Thank you for Taking up the Time and Reading our Wonderful Post on Medium.

To answer, We requested $2000 when the Price of NEAR was almost Around $17 - $18. Also, We were confident that NEAR Could Sometimes Break $20 during the USN News. Hence we requested an extra $200 - $300 as a buffer towards the Competition. Also, We are using these funds for Community Activation and Engagement through The Auction Platform itself.

The Auction(secondary NFT Marketplace on NEAR) Platform has Recently Launched the Alpha test net. To Encourage Users to Test the Platform and to Create Community Engagement and Activation, we created this game where Anyone can test our platform Through Listing Their NFTs; whoever receives 20 Unique bids can Claim 1 NEAR From The Auction Astro DAO.

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Thank you so Much @Klint. Always a NEAR Believer and Community Builder :slight_smile:

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Hey @Dacha Partner, Thank you. We really appreciate your interest in Auction DAO.

Agreed, The Auction shall First Tryout the Tier-4 Plan for Now and See results.

Cool, Hence Reducing to $500 for this month.

Also, I have edited the Main Proposal to $3000

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for great job . Happy to support. Moving to approved status


Please Find the Astro Link