The Auction DAO - June,July & August Marketing Report

DAO: The Auction DAO

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Project: Community growth and outreach support

Council : @VickyPlashevska @Anatolii Petrovskyi @Magicpowered

Links : The Auction | Linktree

Target Address : the-auction.sputnik-dao.near

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Previous Creatives DAO proposals

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Hey Fam,

We are almost four months into our Mainnet. We are proud that The Auction is one of the top 5 influential projects on NEAR( Source: Lunarcrash). We are continuously evolving as the best community and help any Artists during this Bear Cycle.

The Auction platform is growing slowly creating traction and engagement in the Community, we are seeing an increase in the projects on the platform, and the number of NFTs Listed is moving high. The last two months were very successful in terms of Website engagement and activity through this Bull market.

1. Flying Rhino guild Partnership:

We engaged with a Flying Rhino for one month. This partnership was needed for better understanding of NEAR Ecosystem in terms of marketing & tweet engagement and we have achieved it. But because of unforeseen circumstances, the partnership had to stop.

Now The Auction creates & strategizes the content, and yet again top influential project on near for the past seven days

Learning : With the partnership with Flying rhino, we were able to better understand community strategy and content strategies. This has helped us develop our own marketing content as well!

2. Community Calls / AMA giveaways

The Auction community actively engaged with the weekly community calls previously with twitter space and recently with the discord stages

This Community call helped us to understand the ways to get a better platform and update the status of The Auction platform from the Technical side & Community interaction.

The Auction also widely participated and collaborated with ecosystem projects for AMAs. for the month of July, August we had an AMA session already with NNC, Dao Records, Filipino Artist Guild, Mintbase, and many independent artists such as Evereth, Zeitwarp, Ligaya, NEAR Insider and many more.

3. Discord Nitro & Server Boost

As discussed above the Community calls and AMA sessions are Mostly planned on Discord,

We recently boosted the server to level1 and we are still in progress on upgrading to as per requirement, the funds are still in DAO.

4. Near Insider Collaboration

As content marketing continues to rise in popularity, more and more businesses are creating original content to engage and educate their audiences. Infographics are a trendy way for people to consume content because they are visually appealing and make complex information easy to read and digest

Near Insider has been active and given us spontaneous content when The Auction requests graphics. This collaboration paved way for attracting more collectors which is much needed for any NFT Marketplace. As the community continues to grow, Near Insiders have been a huge contributor to this tremendous growth.

Link to Report : The Auction Report - Google Sheets

5. The Auction Community Degen

The Auction DAO hired a Degen to work on shilling and Marketing The Auction Platform for the month of June. Nearian really helped in showcasing the latest collection on The Auction which really help lot more collectors to onboard on to The Auction.

Link to the report : [Report] The Auction Nearian

We also hired two wonderful community builders to outreach The Auction content to the wider Near ecosystem. The Auction is happy with the work they produced and amazed by their capability to enlighten The Auction community.

Thank you @gmachines @ImJami2017

6. The Auction Medium Page

The blog is one of many ways to help the community to deepen their knowledge about The Auction. We have written blogs that are required to understand the partnerships from the community perspective. Writing blogs not just about the creators but about the art they are involved in takes tremendous skills. The Auction has written a beautiful blog of the arts that will be up for the auction just to help the community with what they are gonna deal with. All thanks to Kodandi.

Overall last month has been amazing and as stated we continued to grow as a successful community. Please check out the website tractions. We always look forward to benefiting the art and the artists.

Next steps: We continue to grow in near space also by supporting NEAR NFT ecosystem by collaborating with various projects, Creators. Also, as we understood the Community, WE could now Mint NFTs into The Auction now (Live on Testnet). Also, we have fun and exciting bounties coming up to support the NEAR NFT ecosystem Leveraging Auctio’ano and the Auction Platform

Thank you


Thank you, @TheAuction for the opportunity! Happy to be part of the team :fire:


Great job. Thank you.