[Approved] The Auction Marketing DAO September 2022

DAO: The Auction DAO

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Project: Community growth and outreach support

Council : @VickyPlashevska @Anatolii Petrovskyi @Magicpowered

Links : The Auction | Linktree

Target Address : the-auction.sputnik-dao.near

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Creatives DAO September funding

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Request amount: 6150USD in NEAR

Hey Fam,

In accordance with the report mentioned, The Auction is growing, especially in the NEAR community supporting for NFT project and Market places for Sustainable NEAR NFT ecosystem; with the recent update upcoming about the Auction, we would love to leverage The Auction in Community Activation and Engagement.

To further proceed, we are requesting funds for The Auction Outreach and Marketing support for the month of September

1. Community Calls / AMA giveaways

Community Calls and AMA Help us in understanding community better for the growth of the platform and collaborate with various projects in the ecosystem.

Community calls / AMA already creating a good traction within the Auction community in order to giveaway for the AMA we are requesting $50 for one AMA Session, we will plan to have 4 AMA for the Month of September

Community Calls = $50 x 4 = $200

AMA Giveaways = $50 x 4 = $200

Requested funds: $400

We already had one AMA for the Month of September Near insider which attracted more than 215 attendees.

Please find the link below

2. Near Insider Collaboration

We had a wonderful collaboration with NEAR insider in the month of June, July, August and we would love to continue for the month of September.

Please find the report for the NEAR insider. The Content Created by the Near insider is rich in design and easy to interpret by the community which leads to the gratual increase in The Auction Community growth and traction.

Hence we would love to extend the collaboration


Requested funds: $1200

3. The Auction Community Degen

Also, we would love to continue receive support from Nearian, Thank you @calcamonia for the wonderful shilling and spreading The Auction Word to the Near Ecosystem.

Please find the report here

The Auction hired 2 Nearians and was breathe out of their exceptional work towards community growth and hacking. The auction is planning to expand its support. Thank you @sg and @jamila from Filipino Artist guild the support us The Auction journey.

Nearian 1x $200 = $200

The Auction Team : 2 x $300 = $600

Requested funds: $800

  1. The Auction M and G (Makers and Grabbers) NFT Contest .

Requested funds: $3500

  1. The Auction Testnet Minting/Feedback Competition

As The Auction hits the minting feature in testnet, we would love to incentives the community while giving out a cool feedback to improve as well as develop new feature as well in order to sere community expectations.

We request $250 to get this going

Request amount: 6150USD in NEAR

Thank you


Happy to support. Have a great weekend.


Hi @TheAuction

@near.insider is requesting money for the same work you are requesting in your proposal.

Can you please explain?


Hello @Klint . Just need to register our form. We’ll support. With projects got revenue, they can pay by themselves


Thanks for your proposal,

Couple of questions and notes;

  • Can you give us an overview of any sources of funding to date besides the Marketing and Creatives DAO? NEAR Grants, private investors, etc?
  • For how long does the team envision they will require monthly budgets from Marketing DAO?
  • $3500 award to top minters and collectors seems like a special way to draw people in, but it is definitely not sustainable in the long term and creates a few scenarios where the competition could be gamed
  • There is a potential Double Dip with NEAR Insider. I would prefer to reduce the NEAR Insider funding directly, as we have no visibility into how much revenue they are receiving separate of Marketing DAO, and consider direct applications from projects such as this one @near.insider
  • Noting all of the above, I’d like to remind the team that Community Funding is limited and in very high demand. Recipients are encouraged to be as resourceful as possible.

I am willing to support this proposal for another month.


@TheAuction thanks for the proposal.

Awaiting your response to questions posed by @satojandro

Actually @near.insider supported us for free for a month and now we are paying for Promotions.

Please Find it here below


Until The Platform is Self Sustainable which we think will happen soon. :slight_smile:

yes, the idea behind is to not have an event continuously for The Auction platform, But as the Minting is one of the Major Milestone for the platform, we feel this strategy could help bring or onboard more people to use the platform and get used to it. Also yes there is a small chance of getting in to game, but we are seriously monitoring the contest.

As a Near NFT Ecosystem Project ,it is essential to have Social PR and Marketing an Near Insider is the best in class as now. we are open for suggestions

i have noted your reply to questions by fellow council and am willing to support.

Moving to Approved. Please make a Poll on Astro



The wallet you submitted in the form does not match what’s in the proposal.

Can you please confirm?


Hey, David sorry for the confusion, Vicky is the product lead of The Auction. So we are proceeding with her kyc and her personal wallet is vick_sh.near

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