[Report] The Auction DAO - April 2022

DAO: The Auction DAO

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Project: Community growth and outreach support

Council : @chloe @Monish016 @VickyPlashevska @Anatolii Petrovskyi

Links : The Auction | Linktree

Target Address : the-auction.sputnik-dao.near

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Creatives DAO April funding

Hey Fam,
It was a Tremendous April & May month with The Auction, Now we are on the public mainnet getting the true value of assets (#nfts) through Auctions. Pls find the recap of Auction DAO

  1. The Auction Testnet Game.
    The Auction Testnet Game had pulled a way lot of people in experimenting with The Auction platform and getting rewarded through engaging the community in using the AstroDAO.

We have received more than 55 testnet users with more than 20 unique Bidders for their NFTs and rewards are distributed through the Astro DAO

Pls find the transactions Here

  1. Partnership with Flying Rhino:
    It was indeed a great choice we made in terms of partnering with Flying Rhino for The Auction Marketing Guide.

Cate from Flying Rhino helped us with

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Curating Tweets for The Auction

  • Help in Partnership with other Ecosystem Projects

we would love to have FRG with The Auction in the Upcoming months as well

  1. The Auction - Article
    Pls find The Auction Medium page here, We could able to pull only one article for the month of May, but @kodandi is collaborating already with The Auction Partners for the Article, it can be expected for the month of June.

Also, for the month of May, we have collaborated with Tenk for the Private auction #NFT Airdrop, you could own Sooper cool NFTs by bidding on our Auction Platform starting a 0.1N.

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