June MDAO Proposal

Requested amount: $4,800
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TENAMINT is launching a Telegram mini-app designed to elevate fan engagement in sports through a Web3 platform that integrates fantasy sports with token rewards. This innovative platform aims to reach 2000 active users within a month, aligning with the NEAR Marketing DAO’s goals of promoting web3 adoption, community engagement, and growth of the NEAR ecosystem.

Problem Statement

Despite the rising popularity of fantasy sports platforms, traditional platforms such as DraftKings and FanDuel struggle with transparency, inadequate digital engagement, and lack of user rewards. Furthermore, sports betting remains inaccessible in many regions due to ethical and regulatory concerns, leaving a gap for family-friendly alternatives.

Key Problems:

  • Unrewarded Fan Engagement: Fans are not rewarded for their time and emotional investments in sports viewership.
  • Lack of Family-Friendly Alternatives: Traditional sports betting platforms are not halal or family-friendly.
  • Gen-Z’s Shifting Engagement: Gen Z’s attention span is declining, with only 50% watching full sports games.
  • Need for Digital Interaction: 47% of younger fans use dual screens while watching sports.


TENAMINT’s Telegram Mini-App:

  • Rewarding Fan Engagement: Fans earn rewards in real-time for active participation, capitalizing on the sports attention economy.
  • Family-Friendly Platform: Provides a safe and engaging fantasy sports alternative aligned with cultural and ethical standards.
  • Engaging Short-Form Games: Offers prediction-based games tailored to Gen-Z’s short attention span.
  • Multi-Platform Experience: Integrates seamlessly with Telegram for real-time predictions, leaderboard tracking, and social interactions.

Alignment with NEAR Marketing DAO Charter

TENAMINT aligns with the NEAR Marketing DAO Charter by:

  • Driving Web3 Adoption: Introducing sports enthusiasts to blockchain technology through a simple, rewarding platform.
  • Fostering Community Engagement: Building a loyal community of sports fans through social features, challenges, and rewards.
  • Contributing to NEAR Ecosystem Growth: Serving as an accessible entry point for blockchain novices, thereby widening NEAR adoption.


Milestone 1: Pre-Launch Campaign (Week 1)

  • Initiate PR with Hackernoon to build anticipation.
  • Partner with Chinsanity to host Twitter Spaces weekly, creating buzz and awareness.
  • Partner with MDAO supported content creators (starting with Neko Morning Show on May 9 with more TBA)

Milestone 2: Launch & User Acquisition (Weeks 2-3)

  • Launch the Telegram mini-app with a giveaway campaign to incentivize user participation.
  • Secure KOL sponsorships for cross-promotion.
  • Completion of MYOSIN prescribed action plan

Milestone 3: Community Building & Engagement (Weeks 3-4)

  • Maintain momentum with weekly Twitter Spaces and Telegram ads to reach new users.
  • Recognize and reward weekly, monthly, and promotional prize winners.

Budget Breakdown

Total Requested: $4,800

  • PR - $250: Hackernoon article publication.
  • Prizes - $750: For top performers and creative giveaways.
  • Hosting Twitter Spaces - $1000: Weekly Twitter spaces with co-host Chinsanity.
  • KOLs Shilling for Giveaway Campaign - $1000: Influencers to amplify the giveaway campaign.
  • Telegram Ads - $500: Targeted ads to boost user growth.
  • Social Media Manager - $800: Twitter and Instagram management.
  • Blog Writer - $500: Produce quality content to boost SEO.

Project Longevity

Sustainability Plan:
TENAMINT is actively seeking partnerships and contributions from collaborators within the NEAR ecosystem to sustain long-term growth. The Telegram mini-app launch will provide valuable insights for future product iterations and campaigns. The integration of gamification elements in our fantasy sports platform will continue to enhance user engagement.


With the support of the NEAR Marketing DAO, TENAMINT aims to deliver a groundbreaking platform that will redefine fan engagement in fantasy sports. We invite ecosystem partners to join us in creating an immersive and rewarding experience for sports enthusiasts while contributing to the growth of the NEAR ecosystem.


[REPORT] TENAMINT College Basketball Bracket Challenge


Attach your previous funding and report for more visibility.

Happy to see the next outcome in your marketing and product campaigns, but I need more justification on the cost attached to each line item.

Happy to support!

ps. here is the report: [REPORT] TENAMINT College Basketball Bracket Challenge

Thank you @johanga - I will update the original post to include the report


Hi @Bakaka - thank you for your response and for your feedback. I am happy to provide some additional context and to discuss this over a call if you’d prefer. We value your feedback and the expertise of the MDAO team. Here is a bit more detail relating to the justification for each line-item (and how they interconnect as well).

  • PR - $250: Hackernoon article publication.

The article’s purpose is to augment visibility and credibility for TENAMINT, captivating a focused audience intrigued by blockchain, crypto, and associated technologies. Such exposure holds the potential to introduce new users and investors to the project. Additionally, we will seek guidance from Myosin Advisory during office hours to further enhance our approach in this area. Notably, the article will be written and published by a reputable contributor on Hackernoon, amplifying validation for the publication. We are focused in working towards a more complete, comprehensive and refined PR strategy in the future using Myosin office hours to guide our process. We unfortunately were not selected for the recently launched MDAO x Myosin program but understand (and appreciate) the feedback and have an action plan to move forward. We are looking forward to working with them during office hours to get to a point where we may be selected for future rounds of the program. This budget allocation for an initial article serves as a small component within a broader long-term strategy. We acknowledge the necessity for a refreshed, externally crafted article capable of communicating TENAMINT’s evolution.

  • Prizes - $750: For top performers and creative giveaways.

The allocation of funds towards gamified prizing stands as a pivotal strategy in incentivizing participation and engagement. By offering rewards to top performers participating in the TENAMINT games and through creative giveaways, we actively foster community involvement. This not only cultivates brand loyalty but also ignites excitement around TENAMINT, thereby amplifying brand recognition and bolstering user retention. Presently, our standard prize total and structure for May amount to $230. In our pursuit of optimization, we’ve chosen to initiate experimentation with lower dollar values initially, with plans to progressively scale as our community expands. At present, we conduct daily contests utilizing Telegram features to monitor performance and distribute rewards, with all these functionalities slated for integration into the upcoming TENAMINT TG app, set for launch this month. In addition to sustaining our monthly/weekly leaderboard initiatives, our $750 Prize Budget will facilitate:

  • Referral Contests: Recognizing and rewarding top referrers upon the app’s launch.
  • Special Events Contests/Games: Tailored experiences to coincide with major events taking place in June, such as the Champions League, UFC302, NBA Finals, and NHL Finals.
  • Twitter Spaces Contests: Leveraging Twitter’s platform for interactive engagement and outreach (see below)
  • Hosting Twitter Spaces - $1000: Weekly Twitter spaces with co-host Chinsanity.
  • In the evolving landscape of web3, Twitter Spaces has become a hub for real-time conversations. TENAMINT is investing in weekly Twitter Spaces sessions with co-hosts like Chinsanity to directly engage our audience, discuss relevant topics, and strengthen community ties. This approach reinforces TENAMINT’s brand and presence which is a theme that is consistent throughout this entire June proposal as recommended by MDAO and Myosin.
  • Collaborating with MDAO-recommended NEAR Content Creators has been fruitful for TENAMINT. We’re expanding this success by hosting a weekly Twitter Space on our platforms, featuring guests and interactive gaming sessions. Several NEAR ecosystem members have recommended this path for us as well as the subject matter is unique as we combine sports, culture, and web3. We also aim to take content created during these spaces and utilize them to create short or long form content to maximize usage and help develop our reach beyond Twitter to platforms like Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. In the long-term - if we were able to carve out our own niche space in the ecosystem that differentiated from some of the amazing creators that MDAO supports - we’d be interested in providing support for other projects in the future as well.
  • KOLs Campaign - $1000: KOL&Influencers to amplify the giveaway campaign.

The involvement of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and associated campaigns will prove pivotal in shaping consumer behavior and perceptions during our upcoming product launch. By earmarking resources for KOLs to endorse our giveaway campaign, we capitalize on their credibility and expansive outreach to amplify our message across a broader audience spectrum. This strategic approach not only heightens the visibility and virality of our campaign but also fosters increased participation and engagement, thereby broadening our user base. As we approach June, the validation of our open beta release by KOLs holds considerable weight in shaping the narrative around being early adopters of a TENAMINT’s upcoming launch.

  • Telegram Ads - $500: Targeted ads to boost user growth.

Telegram remains a primary communication channel for many crypto enthusiasts and communities and is also where the TENAMINT community and our soon to be app will live. Allocating funds for targeted ads on Telegram allows us to reach potential users who are actively engaged in discussions in adjacent communities. By strategically placing ads within relevant Telegram groups and channels, we can effectively promote TENAMINT to targeted audiences and drive user growth and adoption in the same app as our community and telegram app. The $500 advertising budget on telegram we will enable us to test strategies and gain significant insight to what works and also provide some metrics to better understand growth levers (and Customer Acquisition Cost).

  • Social Media Manager - $800: Twitter and Instagram management.

In our eyes effective social media management is essential for maintaining a strong online presence and engaging with our community across different platforms - especially in two very fast moving industries (web3 x sports). By on-boarding dedicated social media assistance, we ensure consistent and timely communication on Twitter and Instagram, two key channels for reaching our target audience. This includes content creation, community engagement, and strategic planning to enhance brand visibility, drive traffic, and foster meaningful interactions with our followers.

Presently TENAMINT is a relatively small team that has prioritized product development, fundraising, and partnerships. We are seeking a social media assistance who can help create a refined content calendar and interact with fans, followers, and partners with consistency. We recognize that our team being spread-thin has made social media management a challenge while also recognizing it as a critical path to success. Social media support could make a significant difference in our ability to grow our following, establish our brand, and ensure that we are as active as our community members are. We welcome any recommendations for supports in this area if you have any.

  • Blog Writer - $500: Produce quality content to boost SEO.

Our feedback and conversations with Myosin and MDAO team members have confirmed our belief that TENAMINT needs to refine and establish its brand and vision. Due to previous pivots and changes to our product offering, we are looking to engage a blog writer who can help establish the TENAMINT voice and write quality content that boosts SEO, re-establishes our brand, and can effectively communicate the updated TENAMINT vision (and roadmap). We are reviewing some options for writing and will also consult Myosin during our upcoming office hours, but we’d like to achieve at least 4 well-written pieces within this budget and have a solidified voice for long-form written pieces in addition to the first article mentioned in the first budget line.


Hi @SalShuttlesworth Noting the continued work on marketing since your initial grant, as well as your team’s responsiveness, willingness to take feedback from Myosin team around PR & branding initiatives and general enthusiasm for pushing through your go-to-market plans and strategy. Happy to support continued momentum for your team with the June grant.


Thank you @so608

We are appreciative of MDAOs continued support.

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I have reviewed this proposal and am happy to support. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you @cryptocredit

Thanks for your proposal, and happy to support and continue your activities started last month

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Thank you for your support @Bakaka