[REPORT] TENAMINT College Basketball Bracket Challenge


Proposal ID: #1008
How many people did your project reach during this funding period? 92200+ Total Impressions
Current Period (3/01-4/30): 794 Unique Visitors
Previous Period (2/01-2/29): n/a Unique Visitors (New Product)
Current Period (3/01-4/30): 237 Confirmed Users
Previous Period (2/01-2/29): n/a Users (New Product)


  • April 11k Impressions on Twitter
  • March 4.2k Impressions on Twitter

Slice.xyz (targeting crypto native dApps with banner ads)

  • 3/19 - 3/20
  • Total Impressions: 41,929
  • Total Clicks: 90
  • Avg CTR: 0.21%
  • Avg CPC: $5.59
  • Spent: $503.09

TikTok (UGC campaign)

  • 20 accounts, 280 videos posted
  • Total clicks: 353
  • Avg CTR: 1%
  • Avg CPC: $7.08
  • Spent: $2500

Email Campaigns

  • Open Rate: 26.89%
  • CTR: 0.89%
  • Conversion Rate: 0.16%
  • Bounce Rate: 3.59%
  • Unsubscribe Rate: 1.22%
Referral Campaign
115 Total Referrals
  • How does this month’s audience reach compare to previous periods (provide a %):

    • Percentage Increase = (90-5/5) * 100 = 1700%
    • Percentage Increase = (5/0) * 100 = n/a
  • What is the average engagement rate on your project’s primary platform (choose one)?

    • Twitter Engagement Rate:
      • February: 0.9% (for reference)
      • March: 3.3%
      • April: 4.5%
      • Defined by Twitter as the number of engagements (clicks, reposts, replies, follows, and likes) divided by the total number of impressions.
  • What is the biggest win (most improved part of the project) during this funding period vs. the previous one (if applicable)?

    • TENAMINT went through a major pivot from RWA collectibles to a focus on sports gaming. The campaign was critical in reigniting social accounts, reengaging with existing users, and providing information about the renewed approach. The TENAMINT Bracket Challenge attracted 237 users, with prizes paid out to top performers in two college basketball-related contests (Bracket Challenge + Final Four).
    • This momentum led to the creation of a base community and a vibrant start to a new Telegram channel, significant as it will be the home of the upcoming product release (TENAMINT Pick’em App), allowing for daily sports-related gaming engagement.
  • What is the biggest challenge your project is facing? What did not improve during this funding period?

    • One of the most significant challenges is scaling user growth at a sustainable pace. While a base community has been established, there’s a need to refine the marketing strategy, optimize user onboarding, allocate resources efficiently, and build market awareness.
    • Forward Strategy: Enhancing marketing strategies with analytics and user feedback, simplifying the user journey, and seeking strategic partnerships and collaborations to broaden reach and fortify market presence.