[APPROVED] TENAMINT | Social Media & Content Creation Budget for Community Growth Campaign

Revised Proposal

Project Name: TENAMINT

Socials: TENAMINT | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

Reference name: Matias Wald

Funding Structure: One-time

Original Proposal: Proposal V1


Hi NEAR Community, we’re TENAMINT.

TENAMINT is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and collect trading cards digitally. By fractionalizing physical cards as F-NFTs on NEAR, we are able to make them more affordable and easily obtainable. We are excited to announce an upcoming card drop on our platform and are seeking assistance with promoting this event through social media.

Our goals for this campaign are to increase brand awareness, build an active user-base, and create new NEAR wallets. We believe that a successful card drop and subsequent social media promotion will help us achieve these goals and establish TENAMINT as a leading platform in the digital card market.

To achieve these objectives, we will be running a card token giveaway campaign. Users who participate in the giveaway will have a chance to win fractional card tokens, which will be available for purchase on our platform. We will promote the giveaway campaign across TENAMINT’s social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Discord.

The success of this campaign will be measured using a number of key performance indicators, including the click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and social media engagement. We will also track the number of new NEAR wallets created as a result of the campaign.

We are requesting funding from the NEAR MARKETING DAO to support the promotion of the card token giveaway campaign. This funding will be used to boost posts and promote the campaign across TENAMINT’s social media channels, reaching a wider audience and driving more traffic to our platform and as a result more NEAR wallets.

We believe that this campaign has the potential to be highly successful and would be a valuable addition to the NEAR ecosystem. We look forward to working with the NEAR MARKETING DAO to promote TENAMINT and the upcoming card drop giveaway.

In summary, we are seeking assistance with social media promotion for an upcoming card drop on our platform. It is our goal to increase brand awareness, build an active user-base, and create new NEAR wallets. To achieve this, TENAMINT will run a 1-month card token giveaway campaign during the NFL Season. Funding will be used for promotion of the giveaway campaign across TENAMINT socials.

NFL Tua Tagovailoa card drop details:

First 100 New Users: Card token giveaway (100 free card tokens x $10 USD value)

New Users 101-200: 50% off card token (100 discounted card tokens x $5 USD value)

Steps for entry:

  • Read brief onboarding piece about TENAMINT and the NEAR ecosystem
  • Answer brief survey about interest in digital collectables and sports
  • Create TENAMINT account (includes creating or connecting NEAR wallet)
  • Redeem free or discounted card token via email code

Giveaway Details:

    • Rookie Card
    • Autographed
    • #11 of 21
    • Graded by BGS: 9.5
    • None graded higher at the time of appraisal
  • Appraised at USD $5000 by BCA
  • Vaulted by PWCC

Funding Details:

Core focus>social media>giveaway

  • Card tokens: 100 x $10 USD = $1000 USD

Core focus>social media>giveaway

  • Discounted card tokens: 100 x $5 = $500 USD

Core focus>social media>engagement boost/shilling: $750

  • Social media amplification

Core focus>social media>content creation: $750

  • Community generated content

Core focus>social media>visual design/distribution : $500 USD

  • NEAR Ecosystem Amplification (eg. NEAR NFT Club, NEARweek)

Core focus>content>video: $500

  • Promotional
  • Educational

Content total: $500

Social media total: $3,500

Total proposed funding: $4,000

This proposed budget will significantly help TENAMINT increase brand awareness and grow our global user-base by adding 100+ new users to the platform. While running this card token giveaway campaign, we will be able to utilize NEAR growth and marketing resources while introducing new users to NEAR and the benefits of using the protocol. In addition, this budget will help us to create new NEAR wallets and grow the global community of NEAR supporters.


  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate
  • Social media engagement
  • NEAR wallets created

Lite Roadmap:

  • Build active user-base
  • Create new NEAR wallets
  • Drive mass-wallet adoption from traditional collector markets and sport markets
  • Make valuable and sought-after trading cards available affordably and globally through F-NFTs
  • Become a DAO with a sub-DAO structure for each card on platform


Wallet Owner: TENAMINT

Edit Note: Jan 16, 2023 - Wallet address updated


We welcome feedback from the community on our proposal. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, drop us a reply!


Thank you! Could you please add your dapp on DApp Radar?

I’d like to take a look at statistics. Thanks


Hey @TENAMINT – thanks for the proposal. A couple of things to note:

  • We are not able to support funding for paid ads or to pay influencers to promote projects.
  • We have new guidelines since our relaunch in November. I’d recommend checking those out and revising your proposal.
  • We also have an application form. Please fill that out and submit it so we can do a proper application review.



Thank you for the information @so608. We reviewed the new guidelines and have posted a revised proposal. We appreciate your input!


Hi @Dacha! We will be adding TENAMINT to DappRadar soon. Thank you!

Thank you for your proposal and patience.

Congratulations on the launch and progress of Tenamint so far! Even though I know very little about the collectibles market, it seems to me that Tenamint has the potential to bridge a lot of web2 users into web3.

I have one question -

  • How do you define your target audience? Where do these people hang out? How do you reach them?

Seems to me like this is a very niche product. Seems to me that it is less likely for an average person who has never had an interest collectibles to be converted by a campaign (no matter how good). So I’d be mindful of where the core, early adopters, already collectors people are and bombard them with content there.

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Hey @TENAMINT team – thanks for the revision. I can support the revised amount – noting @satojandro request to remove the out of scope part mentioned above. I agree with that. A few reasons to note for the community:

  • You are a first time poster to the forum, which can be something that gives us pause when we’re evaluating, but in going to your site, content, social media, it is clear your content is high-quality, very targeted to your community/audience and has a unique POV.
  • I see the organic mentions of NEAR and like how you’re integrating that – has potential to expand awareness and positive reputation of NEAR and does not at all come off like shilling/empty hype.
  • Your project has real utility, and I also think sports fans are a valuable audience to target in terms of web3 onboarding, so that is another reason you have my support.

You still need the support of another council member to move this to approved. Good luck!



Thank you for your proposal. In order for the proposal to be reviewed properly, we need to get a better understanding of the deliverables.

By just listing “Content” and “Social Media” you don’t give us a sense of what type of content will be produced (infographics, blogs, infographics, listicles, etc, the theme of that content (what it’s about), and the distribution channels for the content you’re building (where you’ll be posting).

This is in many ways the way that most important piece of a proposal. Given the circumstances, I cannot approve this proposal.

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Hi @TENAMINT thank you for your proposal.

Firstly, as you are making your first proposal it is important to react to the suggestions and questions from the community and council. Please take time to look at the questions from @satojandro and @so608

With that said, i am interested to see how your project grows and am happy to give my support on this occasion.


Hey @satojandro!

Thank you for your question and support. You are correct that our target audience is somewhat niche, but we believe that there is a significant group of people who fall into our three main categories: trading card collectors, sports fans, and web3 enthusiasts.

To reach these individuals, we plan to use a variety of tactics, including social media, partnerships with collectible accounts, sport enthusiast groups, NEAR community marketing (NFTclub, NEARWEEK etc.), and content marketing through our own channels and those of our collaborators.

Additionally, we are always looking for ways to expand our reach and bring new people into the Tenamint community. In doing so, we are continually exploring partnerships with organizations and individuals who already have a strong following within our target audience.

Ultimately, our goal is to be as visible as to our target audience during this campaign, and to create engaging and informative content that will help to convert potential customers into loyal Tenamint fans and NEAR users.

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Hey @so608!

Thanks for your message and for taking the time to further checkout our project. We appreciate your feedback and are happy to make the revisions mentioned by @satojandro to our proposal. We will update the current proposal once the updates are finalized.

Even though we’re new to this forum, we know NEAR and the blockchain space pretty well, have worked with NEAR partners, and have seen some amazing projects out there. We’re focused on providing high-quality, targeted content to our community and believe that our project’s utility and potential for raising awareness for NEAR will continue to show our value.

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Hey @cryptocredit,

Thanks for your message and for considering our proposal. It’s definitely important for us to take all feedback into consideration and make any necessary revisions to best fit the current core focus. We appreciate the suggestions and questions from the community and will definitely be looking into them.

We’re glad to have your support!

Hey @Klint,

Thank you for your feedback on our proposal. We understand the importance of providing detailed information on the deliverables. In our updated proposal we will include more specific information on the type of content we will be producing, the theme of that content, and the distribution channels we will be using. Hopefully this additional information will give a better understanding of our campaign plans and allow for a more thorough review.

Thank you again for your guidance.

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Thanks for the revision – moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro.


Thank you @so608

We have submitted the proposal to Astro and we are excited to move forward!

A big thank you to everyone’s support on our proposal! We truly appreciate it and are grateful for the opportunity to move forward with our campaign plans. We have posted on Astro and will keep everyone updated on our progress.

Update! We’re kicking off the execution of this campaign for March. We’re just about ready to go! We’ll be sure to keep you all posted