Section 1. Main information:

Project Name: TENAMINT - Game App

Project URL: www.tenamint.com (Telegram: Contact @PlayTENAMINT)

Project’s Public Github: TENAMINT · GitHub

Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/PlayTENAMINT

Telegram Server Address: Telegram: Contact @PlayTENAMINT

Wallet: bstt.near

Section 2. Game information:

About The Game:

TENAMINT is launching a Telegram mini-app game designed to elevate fan engagement in sports gaming through a Web3 game that integrates fantasy sports with token rewards. The game offers free sports gaming with rewards, creating a play-to-earn paradigm shift for fans. It fosters a connected social community, allowing fans to engage socially while being only a click away from the game at all times. Players are rewarded for their sports knowledge and participation, with the ability to redeem points for tokens, merchandise, tickets, and more.

Briefly Describe your project:

TENAMINT’s project is a Telegram mini-app game aimed at enhancing fan engagement in sports gaming through a Web3 platform. It integrates fantasy sports with token rewards, offering a unique play-to-earn experience for users. The game emphasizes a connected social community and rewards users for their sports knowledge and participation.

What is the USP ( unique selling point) of your game?:

TENAMINT’s game offers a compelling combination of features that not only enhance fan engagement in sports gaming:

  • Free Sports Gaming with Rewards: By offering free sports gaming with token rewards, TENAMINT’s game encourages increased participation and engagement within the NEAR gaming ecosystem, directly contributing to the DAO’s objective of growing the active gaming audience and increasing user activity.
  • Connected Social Community: The game’s integrated social community feature fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among fans, driving community engagement metrics that are crucial for the NEAR Gaming DAO’s mission of enhancing community engagement.
  • Play-to-Earn Model: Through its play-to-earn model, TENAMINT incentivizes users to not only play but also actively contribute to the ecosystem by utilizing their sports knowledge. This unique approach aligns with the DAO’s goal of supporting emerging gaming projects by attracting and retaining top talent to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Redeemable Rewards: The ability for users to redeem earned points for tokens, merchandise, tickets, and more not only adds value to the gaming experience but also reinforces brand loyalty and awareness, thereby contributing to the NEAR Gaming DAO’s objective of elevating NEAR’s brand awareness through innovative gaming experiences.

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs?:

TENAMINT’s Telegram mini-app game aligns closely with the objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) outlined by the NEAR Gaming DAO. By launching a new game on the NEAR platform, TENAMINT contributes to the ecosystem’s growth in the number of developed games. Additionally, TENAMINT actively engages users through daily, weekly, and monthly contests within the app, driving frequent interactions and increasing Unique Active Wallets (UAW). The integration of referral systems and natural social connectivity through community channels further accelerates growth and UAW metrics. Moreover, TENAMINT fosters a connected social community within its game, enhancing community engagement, which is a key aspect of the NEAR Gaming DAO’s objectives. By organizing a hackathon and offering prizes, including a co-branded prize with NEAR Gaming DAO, TENAMINT attracts top talent to explore game development within the NEAR ecosystem, thus contributing to increased hackathon participation and supporting emerging gaming projects. Furthermore, by developing a game on the NEAR platform and collaborating with NEAR Gaming DAO, TENAMINT contributes to expanding NEAR’s brand awareness, particularly within the gaming community, which can be measured through social media growth metrics

Please Describe Your User Demographic:

Sports Fans

  • Historically a North American demographic but this will likely change as we introduce more international sports games and contests (ex. Cricket, Soccer, etc).

What is your Tech Stack?

React.js, Node.js, Telegram, Firebase, NEP141, KeyPom, Wallet Selecter

Section 3. Status of the Project:

-App: MVP Live Testing transitioning to public beta in May/June
-Temporary Gaming Solution - Live through Telegram features to allow participation and transfer rewards to app upon launch.

In case your game is not launched yet, what is the current state and when is the launch planned?

What is financial status of you project? Pre-Seed - Actively Fundraising

Section 4. Team

About Your Team:

Nadir C. - CEO
Sal C. - COO
Alex A. - CTO
Shawn B. - Partnerships
Walt Y. - Project Management + Development
Wasim B. - Blockchain Development
Shakiran S. - Back-End Development
Alain N. - Development Support

Section 5. Support

What Kind Of Support Is Needed?

Marketing, Business Concepts,Technical Support,Funding

Section 6. Grants:

  • Milestone 1.1

    • Amount: $800
    • Description: Completion of a referral system designed to enhance user engagement, community building, and incentivized growth. These features aim to create a dynamic and engaging user experience while fostering a sense of community and competition.
    • Completion Date: June 14
  • Milestone 2.1

    • Amount: $1,000
    • Description: Prize offered by NEAR GAMING DAO and TENAMINT (co-branded) to motivate students to explore the potential of developing games or sports gaming-related projects on NEAR.
    • Registrants: 1300
    • Approved to attend in-person: 700
    • Completion Date: May 20
  • Milestone 2.2

    • Amount: $400
    • Description: Super Smash Bros Tournament
    • Prize: Gaming DAO x TENAMINT Prize awarded to the winners of the tournament.
    • Expected Registrants: 40-50
    • Completion Date: June 14
  • Milestone 2.3

    • Amount: $100
    • Description: Content (Video and Photos) will be captured (and edited) for TENAMINT and GamingDAO use.
    • Completion Date: June 14
  • Milestone 3.1

    • Amount: $200
    • Description: API’s provide the necessary data to provide users with quick and responsive sports data. Services billed monthly. Set-up/integration required.
    • Completion Date: June 30th
  • Milestone 4.1

    • Amount: $3,500 (includes 4.2 and 4.3)
    • Description: User Experience (UX) Design
      • Conducting user research and analysis
      • Creating user personas and journey maps
      • Wireframing and prototyping
      • Usability testing and refinement
    • Completion Date: June 14
  • Milestone 4.2

    • Description: User Interface (UI) Design
      • Designing intuitive and visually appealing interfaces
      • Crafting interactive elements and animations
      • Ensuring responsive design for various devices
      • Collaborating closely with development teams for seamless integration
    • Completion Date: June 14
  • Milestone 4.3

    • Description: Corresponding Branding
      • Developing a strong brand identity that resonates with our target audience
      • Crafting a unique brand story and messaging
      • Designing logos, typography, color schemes, and visual assets
      • Establishing brand guidelines for consistency and coherence
      • Creating a library of design elements and patterns for consistent usage
      • Designing custom icons, illustrations, and graphics
      • Implementing design systems for scalability and efficiency
    • Completion Date: June 21

Section 7. NEAR integration

Will the game be NEAR exclusive or is it planned to integrate other chains or a web2 version? NEAR at this time

Note: TENAMINT also has a MDAO grant active for June but the grants do not overlap in scope.

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Congratulations! Gaming DAO is happy to support you with 6000$!

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Thank you @haenko

We appreciate the Gaming DAO’s support.

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