[PROPOSAL] Mental Maze<>Gaming DAO (Deploying on NEAR)

Mental Maze <> Gaming DAO
Main information

Project name: Mental Maze

Project URL: https://www.mentalmaze.io/

Project’s Public Github: Mentalmaze (Mental Maze) · GitHub

Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/official_mmaze?s=21&t=meAljIy1rKjh6LjNVYwIFQ

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @official_MMaze

Game information

In simple terms, Mental Maze is a web3 gaming platform designed with a combination of mind-challenging puzzles and a corresponding reward system, built on blockchain NFT technology. Players will therefore be expected to scale different levels of the puzzle to earn rewards based on their speed and accuracy. The rewards surpass the stress by far, not to mention the awesome adventurous experience. On the other hand, creators have the leverage to create games seamlessly, with absolutely no hassle.

Mental Maze is currently live on Aurora mainnet and we are pushing marketing activities to onboard new users into the ecosystem.

Since launching on Aurora mainnet ONE WEEK ago, we have been able to produce 1k+ transactions on-chain as seen on Dappradar https://dappradar.com/dapp/mental-maze

What is the USP (unique selling point) of your game?

We are seeking to reduce the stress on creators so they can create games more seamlessly. Scalability, & everyone that is part of our community has the opportunity to earn. We also aim at being the first web3 platform that can serve educational institutions by providing them a platform of introducing a safer assessment system.

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs

Banking on the fact that gaming in web3 is a trend, we envisage Mental Maze doing much more than the success seen in the first week of the mainnet launch.

Mental Maze aligns with the goals of NDC and Gaming DAO in the following ways.

  1. Onboard new users on-chain
  2. Retain users on-chain
  3. Markets the chains indirectly to new users

User Demographics

With the product we offer in the market, we project mass adoption from Africa.

Combining on-chain quizz platform and a puzzle launchpad is a thriller to compete in the African gaming market. Building on the below projection, by Q3, Mental Maze is projected to have onboarded 5k+ users.

Tech Stack

We are using Full stack, Solidity, and RUST upon approval of this proposal.

Status of the Project

Mental Maze just recently launched on the mainnet, where we are fine-tuning our game mechanics, smart contracts, and user interface. We have a dedicated team of talented front-end developers, designers, content writers, community managers, and blockchain experts who are committed to delivering a seamless and more secure gaming platform.

As seen by Dappradar in the past week, the next phase of what we plan to unveil will bring in more users as our V1.5 mainnet covers the following.

  1. Deploy on NEAR mainnet

  2. Release token mining through invite and in-game point system

  3. Release private quizzes for communities who plan to hold audience-based quizzes.

The above-listed projection will boost on-chain activities in both chains (NEAR and Aurora) and will also onboard more users.

Mental Maze previously received support from Aurora DAO which has been used for marketing since we have gone mainnet.

We also have a burn rate of $2000 monthly interms of the team bounty.


Igboze Israel Team Lead

Jesumuyiwa Grace Game designer

Ijaola Omotola Game creator

Ajemark Backend developer & Smart Contract Engineer

Olushola Itunu Frontend developer

Nurudeen Usman Community Manager


The product requests funding support to be able to do the following

  1. Hire a RUST developer (on contract for two months) to convert the current EVM smart contract to RUST and beyond
  2. Hire (on contract) to refactor the back end to accommodate the expansion to NEAR.


We request $5000 which will be spent in the following direction and milestone.

  1. RUST developer $4000 for two months. $2k each month.


  • Convert the current EVM code to RUST
  • Write V2 Mainnet smart contract in RUST.
  1. Back-end Dev $1000 for two months.


  • Refactor the current back end to accommodate two chains and the V1.5 updates.


  1. Near mainnet live $2000 (two weeks)
  2. Private games $1500 (three weeks)
  3. Token mining $1500 (two weeks)

Near Integration

The game will soon be live on the Near blockchain, however, we are integrated into the Aurora Blockchain.

Upon approval of this proposal, we should deploy on NEAR Mainnet in two weeks. Counting from when the proposal is approved for funding. This is to enable the team not to promise the devs on contract and fail.

Applicant’s Information

Name: Igboze Israel

Twitter: @israel_igboze

Telegram: @israel_igboze

Gov Forum: Profile - IgbozeIsrael - NEAR Forum

Near.social: Igboze (igboze_builder.near) | Near Social

Wallet ID: Igboze_builder.near

Country of residence: Nigeria

Mental Maze’s social handles







TOTAL: $5000

Wallet to receive funds. ID: mentalmaze.near


Good morning! Thank you for your proposal! I have one question: is it reasonable to deploy on Near if the game already launched within Ecosystem (Aurora)? Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback Eliot. I’ll get back to Igboze and we’ll discuss with him the possibility of supporting Mental Maze in other ways.

Hello sir!
Thanks for the question.

The primary idea is to be able to give users diverse opportunities to use their near-native wallet address to interact with the platform.