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Mental Maze

Main information

Project URL: https://www.mentalmaze.io/

Project’s Public Github: Mentalmaze (Mental Maze) · GitHub

Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/official_mmaze?s=21&t=meAljIy1rKjh6LjNVYwIFQ

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @official_MMaze

Game information

In simple terms, Mental Maze is a web3 gaming platform designed with a combination of mind-challenging puzzles and a corresponding reward system, built on blockchain NFT technology. Players will therefore be expected to scale different levels of the puzzle to earn rewards based on their speed and accuracy. The rewards surpass the stress by far, not to mention the awesome adventurous experience. On the other hand, creators have the leverage to create games seamlessly, with absolutely no hassle.

Mental Maze is currently live on Aurora mainnet and we are pushing marketing activities to onboard new users into the ecosystem.

Since launching on Aurora mainnet two months, we have been able to produce 7k+ transactions on-chain as seen on Dappradar https://dappradar.com/dapp/mental-maze

What is the USP (unique selling point) of your game?

We are seeking to reduce the stress on creators so they can create games more seamlessly. Scalability, & everyone that is part of our community has the opportunity to earn. We also aim at being the first web3 platform that can serve educational institutions by providing them a platform of introducing a safer assessment system.

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs

Banking on the fact that gaming in web3 is a trend, we envisage Mental Maze doing much more than the success seen in the first week of the mainnet launch.

Mental Maze aligns with the goals of NDC and Gaming DAO in the following ways.

  1. Onboard new users on-chain
  2. Retain users on-chain
  3. Markets the chains indirectly to new users

User Demographics

With the product we offer in the market, we project mass adoption from Africa.

Combining on-chain quizz platform and a puzzle launchpad is a thriller to compete in the African gaming market. Building on the below projection, by Q3, Mental Maze is projected to have on boarded 5k+ users.

Status of the Project

Mental Maze just recently launched on the mainnet, where we are fine-tuning our game mechanics, smart contracts, and user interface. We have a dedicated team of talented front-end developers, designers, content writers, community managers, and blockchain experts who are committed to delivering a seamless and more secure gaming platform.

As seen by Dappradar in the past two months, the next phase of what we plan to unveil will bring in more users as our V2 mainnet covers the following.

  • NEAR Mainnet integration

  • Community Squad for Group games/Community Battles

  • Begin Jigsaw and Maze Puzzle tournament

The above-listed projection will boost on-chain activities in both chains Aurora and will also onboard more users.


The community squad and puzzle tournament is Mental Maze’s next game changer in the gaming world. Being one of its kind where communities and individuals go head to head against each other to win rewards for playing games.


This aspect of our product brings the feel for people to come together under the same community to interact, create and play their own games, and combine forces to battle other communities in public tournaments to win rewards. The major aspects of this are:

  • Create Squad: this function allows anyone on Mental Maze to create their own community squad and to gather their friends to join.
  • Join Squad: Anyone on Mental Maze has the ability to join any squad to be part of the community.
  • Chat Zone: In every squad, there is a chat zone that allows squad members to communicate, have fun as they would in a normal group.
  • Game Zone: In each Squad, games can be created for the community, either for fun or for earning rewards. Also, the tournament games for each community appear here for community members to play.


  • The puzzle tournament is a head to head tournament system where community squads can compete against each other, delegate rewards, flex their gaming abilities to earn rewards or have fun while doing so. When members of the community play games, they accumulate points and share rewards later according to those points.
  • Individual tournaments. This tournament is created to allow individuals to enter and play games and compete with different people around the world and earn rewards as they do so. This is separate from the Community Squad tournament.

Attached is our figma file for more visibility.




NEAR Integration

This is to help pay the Dev on contract to convert the present Smart contract working on Aurora to be able to deploy on NEAR.

Community squads:

  1. We will alter the database to accommodate the squad information
  2. We will write a new smart contract that will allow payment of gate passes, and also communities depositing tokens into a pool to play head-to-head with each other.
  3. We will write APIs to interact with the database in our backend, we’ll also integrate the smart to the frontend
  4. For the chat section, we will use xmtp package for it.
  5. We will test and where necessary, we will update the codebase.

Puzzle Tournament:

  1. The Smart contract mentioned above, will handle the process for the tournament, including registering the participant’s information before the beginning of each tournament, and also, disbursing the rewards to the winners according to their participation (points related).
  2. Also, we’ll alter the database, and add a table to contain the tournament info, so that we don’t send too much data to the smart contract.
  3. Also, we’ll update our APIs to interact with the database and also interact with our Smart contract.
  4. For the puzzles, we plan to use an existing code base, since we haven’t see a free one yet, we will have to pay.

Required Tech Stack/ Tools

Solidity - for the smart contract

TypeScript (Node JS) - for the backend

Postgress DB and Prisma - for the database and interacting with it

Vite - for frontend

Ethers JS - for integrating the smart contract

XMTP - for the chat feature

Puzzle Package - for the puzzle, (to be decided which one to use)


We request $5000 which will be spent in the following direction and milestone.

Attached is our Figma file for more visibility.


Milestone Breakdown


Near mainnet live ($2000)

  1. Allows a creator to create quizzes and deposit rewards for players

  2. The creator sets a gate-pass for players to pay before having access to the quizzes

  3. The creator decides how many people to win the quizzes and how much each should take.

  4. The creator sets the duration of the game. I.e when the game will expire for players to claim rewards.

  5. Players pay gate-pass to answer the quizzes.

  6. After answering quizzes and the quiz expires, the highest scorers are able to claim their token rewards as the creator deposited.


Community Squad ($1500)

  1. Each Squad has their game zone and games created there are only played by those in the squad. So, the flow is similar to the quiz flow.

  2. The first user in each squad to text 100 texts, claims a token reward.

  3. Squads can invite other squads to compete in a game battle. This allows them to deposit certain tokens in a pool, and after the battle ends, are able to claim the rewards. The sharing format is that, as members of each squad participate in the game battle, the points they earned are how the smart contract distributes the rewards to them. So, no one is cheated…

  4. For individual tournaments, users pay gate passes to access the games, they keep playing till the end of the tournament and rewards are distributed to the highest pointers.


Holding Puzzle Tournament ($1500)

Once you complete a milestone we check it, make sure it works and pay for it.

Is everything right above?

Present Team

Igboze Israel Team Lead

Jesumuyiwa Grace Game designer

Ijaola Omotola Game creator

Ajemark Backend developer & Smart Contract Engineer

Olushola Itunu Frontend developer

Nurudeen Usman Community Manager

Applicant’s Information

Name: Igboze Israel

Twitter: @israel_igboze

Telegram: @israel_igboze

Gov Forum: Profile - IgbozeIsrael - NEAR Forum

Near.social: https://near.social/mob.near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=igboze_builder.near

Wallet ID: Igboze_builder.near

Country of residence: Nigeria

Mental Maze’s social handles







Thanks for the Support

Wallet to receive funds. ID: mentalmaze.near

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Congratulations, Gaming DAO is happy to support you!

Milestone 1 - Near mainnet live
Milestone 2 - Community Squad
Milestone 3 - Holding Puzzle Tournament

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Thanks for the support.
Our team is hands on deck to get Mental Maze growing in the eco.

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