Hii everyone, it is a great pleasure to introduce to NEAR our amazing DedeukwuShryne DAO, we are ( https://dedeukwushryne.com/ ) a tree curator community multi DAO bridging the gap between creativity and heritage using the web3 technology. Curating African creatives collections, Metaverse/irl events, Fashion exhibitions and educating them about their experiences using the web3 tools through vodcast and residency of 7 creator’s from 7 tribes of Africa.

We started out as a hub for instigators and creators co-creating arts and experiencing irl and metaverse events together in Lagos state and now decided to bring everyone to the deep sea of web3 and how we can leverage it to onboard others and bring our collaborative dream of being a strong community together.

We are trying to build Africa biggest curator’s place of strength which will aim at educating newbies onboarded into the community through our membership NFT card built on Polygon and onboarding collectors through owning a share of a content and earn royalties while it streams which is where our outlined DApp project is centered on targeted to build on NEAR, but we are optimistic to achieve this while building Dedeukwu as a live band musician for the phygital era of web3 which isn’t one step from now.

The DAO will start with solving the problem of indigestible educational materials through our shryne vodcast and propel ambassadors for their tribal community building through our residency program.

COUNCILS: Gattraps @Gatt , Ernest @Earnest , Alien @legalalien and Dedeukwu

AFTR radio, Walkwithgodsoriginal, Pravin group, 1handSherrif, NFTempo, Jamsquad, C1 Guild, Gamestate.one and RYDMcreatives.


Gattraps: (https://twitter.com/Gattraps?s=20 ) As one of the council members and head of partnerships for Dedeukwushryne DAO he is a determined visionary and has the potential to lead a strategic business meetings with expertise on virtual estates business, cultural curation, Angel investor and Defi games.He is also very skillful in music production and strategic plans for growth. He will be centered on sound and partnership/panel meetings both irl and virtually.

Earnest: ( https://twitter.com/EtimEarnest?s=20 ) As a council and content lead of the DAO he is dedicated to building a healthy relationship with everyone in and outside the community while writing PR in our official website with intention to highlight the education across his tribe in a more digestible manner with ideas of off chain meet ups to represent the ecosystem in a more broader context.

Alien: ( https://instagram.com/officiallegalalien?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= )As a DAO council, full stack developer and our Dedeukwushryne CTO we are confident that our DApp project will have an African friendly UI/UX and we can do justice to the technical challenges and the overall knowledge of building and interacting on the blockchain as we onboard more developers into the Dedeukwushryne developer community. His duty as council centers on technical development of the website and other updates needed to build.

Uglyballz: paradox.near ( https://instagram.com/walkwithgod_originals?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= ) The CEO of Walkwithgodsoriginal he is a dedicated member and head of crafts & merchandise for DedeukwuShryne dedicated to providing phygital wearables, crafts and merch concept for the cultural performance art of the movement which will amplify our branding, highlight our identity and self awareness.

Elias: eliaszina.near ( https://twitter.com/elzyzinas?s=20 ) A dedicated community builder and official graphics designer for the DedeukwuShryne DAO we are certain to have reputably smart infographic designs and onboarding across his off chain community.

Communicator: communicator.near ( https://twitter.com/usman__haruna?s=20 ) A goal oriented social media manager marketer with good numbers on Twitter we hope to grow our audience and engagement with him down to Instagram branding with good algorithms while we work alongside the infographic designer and he is still a new onboarded builder in the web3 community but successful in the web2, we aim at leveraging on his level and journalism profession in distributing rights. He is open to learn the necessary procedures to achieve good results and accountability in marketing our products and services with support from Givanon the Google Ad marketer.

Pesosbeatery: peso.near ( https://twitter.com/Pesos_Beatery?s=20 ) a skillful professional producer and promoter of everything dope he is known for his multi task role in PR, Audio Production and cover designs with the zeal to build more off chain network for the growth of the DAO and we are excited to have him onboard the DAO.

Rhoda: givanon.near ( https://twitter.com/giva_non?s=20 ) An avid preacher on intentionality, she believe in the blockchain ecosystem because of the reliability, decentralization and the trustworthiness of the system, she’s also an avid lover of the web3 ecosystem because it emphasizes communities and building brands and networks with people and problem-solving as its core. She is a digital marketer with 3years cognitive experience in the web2 ecosystem with other relevant experiences. Currently the Jnr community mod at growth virality,a marketing platform with over 3k members on discord and good public audience. She also have an understanding on web development/design. I love to join creatives on project building using the blockchain technology to build in web3 ecosystem.

Ogaarinze: ogaarinze.near ( https://instagram.com/oga_arinze?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= ) The Ceo of 1handsherrif and curator of Nnekata stain glass. With the zeal of building he has learnt a lot about the ecosystem after his onboarding through blockchain event and art curation, we are excited to have him onboard.

Jamsquad: deejayg1.near & lipzjay.near ( https://twitter.com/_jamsquad?s=20 ) is a collective of instrumentalists changing the narrative of live music with their skills and determination powered by Dj G1, Fresh and Lipzjay ( Black sherif -kwaku the traveler Live arrangement by JAMSQUAD - YouTube ) they are core partners of the DedeukwuShryne DAO to transmit live music to the Metaverse and to entertain our tokenized hub on the long term roadmap, we just hosted the first ever 1hr musicNFTs mixtape involving 30 artists from across the globe in collaboration with AFTR radio which will drop on Musicfeast with merch and visual tier.

Funmitheunicorn: funmitheunicorn.near ( https://instagram.com/funmitheunicorn?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= ) is a multidisciplinary creative. Passionate about sound and video and it’s merging to tell a story and this is why she chose content creation as one of her paths. She has worked on various independent brand and creative projects providing insight on storytelling, editing and music production and scoring. This work includes DedeukwuShryne’s 2022 MVMF performance.

Purpledot: purpledot.near She is a renowned bibliotherapist and spoken word NFT artist that has sold a couple of her works in the Ethereum blockchain after managing the social media platform of C1 guild at their earlier stage and dedicated to build as the lead host of the vodcast as a means to onboard her off chain community of writers and intellectuals while contributing to the DAO.

Ebypace: ebypace.near ( https://instagram.com/oga_arinze?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= ) He is a professional Nollywood film maker, events manager, costumier, director and actor with great passion and more than 12 yrs experience. He is the technical director of Dedeukwusshryne off chain community building to finesse the vision of the movement and learn more about the web3 ecosystem and he can adapt it to his already existing communities through onboarding and education.

We have successfully registered as a trade mark under Chapter one global charity foundation aka C1 Guild RC: 185318. We have deployed a website and a shop for everything handmade collectibles with links to our NFT projects, bought irl hub last year March where we have the C1 digital studio, residency flats, vodcast/live band studio, painting studio and a fashion room. Lastly deployed an AstroDAO account for the Dedeukwushryne DAO ( https://app.astrodao.com/dao/dedeukwushryne.sputnik-dao.near ) still adding members. We have curated a GraffitiDAO powered project titled “GRAFF ON THE WALL” with interview by @Acho which onboarded web2 painters and made a couple of sales on the Mintbase store of the DAO. Lately we have releasing press release for our community in the website and just concluded our musicNFTs mixtape with AFTR which will be minting on Everyoneeatsent NFTs marketplace.
Feel free to check PR: First musicNFTS MIXTAPE: vol. 1 – Dedeukwushtyne

Community social handles:

YouTube: Dedeukwushryne Curation - YouTube

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DedeukwuShryne?s=20

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dedeukwushryne_?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Website: https://dedeukwushryne.com/

Github: https://github.com/DedeukwushryneDAO

DAOlens: DaoManager by Daolens

Clubhouse: Clubhouse

We are currently an offline/offchain community with a good number of more than 25 creators, 3 front and backend developers and builders co-creating , strategists thinking and building in the Shryne on a weekly basis, have less than 80 members online our community’s Telegram channel: ( You’re welcome to join us )
Telegram: Join Group Chat

Twitter: 53 followers
Instagram: 66 followers
Telegram: 80+
DedeukwuShryne mintbase store: Total minted 452/ 5owners / 1 N floor price and 70 N volume.
No discord yet

No DApp yet

Mixed media and culture

It has varieties of ways to impact from onboarding, DAO to DAO collaboration and growth of NEAR projects in mind while creating room for social impact.

-To achieve vodcast based on various NEAR wallet & security, lazyfi Defi game and metapool project research and implementations for the month of MAY.
-Tokenize the DAO hub where we’ll have commercial live band, table tennis & snooker games, co-creation space and fashion pop up store/saloon with a BBQ rooftop bar tied to annual membership NFT card with % discount tiers based on utilities.
-Create access for curators with access card to submit proposals for event or creative curation then summarize on a metaverse exhibition with guidance by the council for June/July.
-Host irl onboarding event in collaboration with web2 community and create a documentary for August.
-September to November will be focused on road tour with the band and the production of our first film.

-Setting up for the Shryne vodcast hub for breakdown of projects like NEAR wallet, Meteor wallet( for transaction and security ), Lazyfi P2E ( to educate and earn ) and Metapool ( for our crowdfunding project with C1 )the first need for our community is education through the ongoing vodcast which is targeted to generate digestible contents subtitled in Pidgin English which will start by 2nd week of MAY-JUNE if we receive grant on the first week.
-We start developing the rooftop bar and game hub while the members with access card decide through votes using the near.social platform and instigate project proposal in the forum and execute transparently to onboard users to the ecosystem, create NFTs and highlight the ecosystem project till July.
-Curate an online residency program for 7 weeks with 7 artists from 7 tribes where curators will spend 10 hrs weekly to educate and guide them on what to do and how ( More breakdown and team showcase when proposal is ready ).
-Build a partnership with already existing web2 community and host irl event focused on NFTs sales through mostly Fiat purchase and panel speaker session to discuss utilities and pitch decks from different DAOs in Nigeria by end of September ( Tapping from RCDAO ).
-Road tour with the band onboarding, meeting and building alliances with communities that resonate with our mission within and outside Africa.
-Start shooting our first film focused on NFTs education in partnership with TBA.

from the stable of DedeukwuShryne


One of the problems facing Web3 education in sub-Saharan Africa is wrong methodology.
A significant number of people in this region only have basic education as they couldn’t access adequate formal education hence, they find it difficult to learn and understand complex things or digest teachings done with ambiguous words or sophisticated terms which is common in web3 education.

In the last few years, we’ve seen people who are genuinely interested in web3 lose interest because they find it hard to wrap their hands around. We’ve onboarded a good number of people just for them to disappear not because they don’t want to be a part of the metaverse or the NEAR community but because they don’t understand what is being taught and this has greatly affected the community growth by limiting membership to those who are well educated and technologically inclined.


We want to embark on creating and distributing short educational vodcast, focused on already existing Blockchain, Defi, DEX and general web3 education with our main target audience being the semi formally educated/ uneducated African population, users and investors adoption. Each vodcast will be 10-20 minutes max, created in English language without deep web3 terminologies with African pidgin English subtitles. We will adopt the use of a split screen to aid proper breakdown and practical illustrations. By doing so, the knowledge and information will be easily consumed and assimilated. Easy to understand fundamentals and principles in native dialects will help build understanding and nurture the roots of our communities.


The official distribution medium of this vodcast is DedeukwuShryne YouTube channel, we will also share across NEAR blockchain social DApps like near.social and other web2 social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The key aspects of the vodcast will be extracted and posted as shorts(YouTube shorts) reels and stories.


We will engage in weekly research on projects building on NEAR ecosystem and interpret them to our targeted African community without barrier:
Starting from LazyFi, Metapool and wallets built on NEAR.























and many others…

Web3 is here to stay. Hence, we need to carry everyone along in this journey to mass adoption acknowledging the fact that “web3 is not just for the intellectuals” but for everyone. We hope to cover everything and break them down to African phrase/slangs, random acronyms and phrases to ensure the market understands.

May: Individual proposals include…

1)A video editor ( internal editor onboarded ) $150 for 2 months.
[PROPOSAL] Proposal for Editing Dedeukwu Shryne Vodcast May 2023 @FUNMI

2)Digital creator/marketer ( w/ infographic ) =$150 ( 10% of $2k ) for 2 months YouTube marketing and Google Ads as a sustainability path.
[Proposal] for digital marketing shryne vodcast, April-may 2023 @Givanon

  1. Vodcast host
    [PROPOSAL FOR] DedeukwuShryne To Host May Vodcast— @Purpledots

  2. Soundtrack for the vodcast produced by Gattraps with Jamsquad effect.

DApp interaction:

  • Upload all the project adverts and content links on the DedeukwuShryne near.social and governance forum account.
  • Upload the vodcast audio on Tamago streams.
  • Vodcast will be minted on our Dedeukwushryne Mintbase.xyz store weekly for $1 NEAR.

DAO EQUIPMENTS: ( by Dedeukwu with receipts )

Podcast microphone & stand $230 ( Alctron MA614 Professional Podcasting Recording Stand in Ikeja - Audio & Music Equipment, Nkiru Ugwu | Jiji.ng & Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone in Ikeja - Audio & Music Equipment, Nkiru Ugwu | Jiji.ng )

Camera & tripod both for BTS purposes $320 ( https://jiji.ng/ejigbo/cameras-video-cameras-and-accessories/nikon-d700-zKNWZWI9zklyXYIb1CvUbhFo.html?utm_campaign=shareButton&utm_source=ios_share&utm_medium=ios-share-button )

Lights & electrical ( include electrician fee ) $50

Vodcast Backdrop branded with NEAR x CreativesDAO x our logo $120

Vodcast Table $60

Gas fees $20

Budget: plus $400 for the 4 councils

cc: @creativesdao-council for more visibility
Total requested = $2000
Targeted wallet: dedeukwushryne.sputnik-dao.near


I can help here. Please reach me out.


Sounds awesome man, straight to you Dm here


Hi @Dedeukwu, thank you for the proposal. I have gone through the topic and get the basic idea of your proposal. However clearer outcomes (please list out milestones or specific KPIs) and roadmap is needed, this will enable us to better evaluate your proposal & for broader community to follow your KPI when you do the report (if any).

Please refer to the Proposal Template and this guide [Guide] CreativesDAO Guidelines and Procedures to organize the proposal accordingly.

Thank you!


Hii Williamx, thank you for the response. For the context I followed the template guidelines and guide if you read all you can see our roadmap/milestone both in the Google sheet and before our first proposal. I believe it’s clear to understand however, the vodcast will be a weekly program if that’s what I missed.


thank you for the response. For the context I followed the template guidelines

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Hi @Dedeukwu, I saw this proposal was edited on April 29.

Is it a proposal for this month funding round? If so, I assume that this proposal will be executed for May-June-July?


Hello @williamx yes we edited it and it will be executed for May/June if approved.


The proposal was granted approval on May 17th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:


Thanks to the community for the positive feedback, we will commence with the KYC process for payout to NF or CDAO?? Just need some clarity on the status of what’s next.

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Hey @Dedeukwu
Please follow the steps presented in the guide below.