[Approved] Seminar: Aesthetic and Philosophy of/and Art

What can we understand as an aesthetic experience? Our objective with this lecture
is to think about how philosophy usually focuses on the question of aesthetic experience as a product of the relationship between sensitive perception, imagination and rationality, in order to reflect at the same time on the possibility of cognition given by the work of art and on the emotional participation in the artist’s expressiveness. For this reflection, we propose to think from both the way in which Aristotle clarifies the aesthetic phenomenon and from contemporary investigations in Philosophy of the Symbol and the Mind.

Cesar de Alencar is Doctor of Philosophy from the Postgraduate Program in Logic and Metaphysics - PPGLM/UFRJ, with research in Ancient Philosophy. He is currently adjunct professor at Philosophy at UNIFAP / Campus Santana, developing research in the areas of Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of the Symbol (Mind and Language), Epistemology and Literary Criticism. He is the coordinator of the Research Group: Discourse and Human Action, and of the extension projects Afternoon with Plato and the Rhetoric Course in Focus: Techniques for Reading and Writing. He is the author of the books The Philosophy of Socrates (Pimenta Cultural, 2021) and Socratic Lessons (EdUnifap, 2021). As a writer, he has published a book of poetry (Poemalimpo, 2016) and a novel (Falosofia de Mulher, 2016).


The seminar will take place on April 26th, online.

Lecture: Seminar 01# - YouTube

It will be held in Portuguese.

Budget for speaker: USD 250 in dai or near (that more convenient to dao).
NEAR account for payment: calencar.near


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