[PROPOSAL] NEAR Protocol Podcasts

Proponent: Metaverse DAO
NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near
Project Timeline: January 5th ā€“ 31th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to build a set of podcasts posted on youtube and minted on Mintbase about NEAR Protocol.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this project is to build an educational aspect for Metaverse DAO, in order for it to spread NEAR Protocol and how it works. Beyond that, the fact the we have a historical intent makes us to record the podcasts and keep them as NFTs and in our virtual building too, as a wearables. This has a wonderful consequence of keeping together all of this educational podcasts in the same place, what makes them accessible in a systematized way for people looking for information.

The project: The podcaster will produce one 10 to 20 minutes podcast about Near Protocol at each 2 weeks, make an youtube account for the DAO, accessible for all members of the council, upload the podcasts on youtube and then mint them (or a relevant part of them, given the size issue of NFTs) on Mintbase-NEAR. We, then produce the associated wearables and place them on our virtual building. Near Bi-Weekly Podcasts is a production of Metaverse DAO.


January 5th -8th:

Record and launch the first podcast.
Youtube, Mintbase.

January 16th -22th:

Record and launch the second podcast.
Youtube, Mintbase.
Produce and position the wearable-podcasts (maybe a tape) in the virtual building.

January 31st:

To start accountability.


500 usd in near for the podcaster (each podcast is a milestone of half of the resource)


Final Products: 2 podcasts about Near Protocol, 2 youtube uploads and 2 NFT mints.

This project is monthly renewable

Metaverse DAO

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Project status: partially completed
Project name: Near Protocol Podcasts

Project Accounting: We could not make the 2 podcasts we commited to this month, for some personal problems, but only 1. Nevertheless, we commit to deliver this missing product next month. For now, we published 1 podcast and minted it, and we asked just for half of resources, to @JohnX. So 250 usd in DAI now, and the other 250 usd in dai when the other podcast is devivered, in february.

  • 250 usd in dai to the podcaster @JohnX (+ 250 kept for the other podcast)

Updated Project Timeline:
We could not make 1 podcast in time, and we let it to the next month, February.

Final Products: 1 podcast posted online and minted on near.

Maybe this project was more than we can handle for now. So maybe we stop it temporarly until we have more people in the team to take it on.

Next Steps:
Stop podcast project temporarily, after publishing the second one.

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Hello, Iā€™m BeCoPro ( becopro.near ). I have edited, post produced, minted on Mintbase and published on YouTube the first video podcast recorded by @JohnX .

Here are the links:

Peace and light :raised_hands: