[APPROVED] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) November 2021

The goal of RU Community is to educate the Russian speaking community about the NEAR Ecosystem, provide support to all ecosystem projects with Russian localization, to increase awareness of the ecosystem, and to enable more local guilds.

We need the following funding to further our work in promoting NEAR.

I also made a report showing what they have done for us.

Also at the Rainbow Bridge Meetup (Oct 30), we invited our partners, which filmed a interview with Illia. 98,897 views (5-7k real views)

Rainbow Bridge Meetup 783 views

Since the NEAR price went up, we had enough money to pay for two months of work (September, October).

For October
incrypted.near - 405N
doubletop.near - 337N
lamer.near - 202N

For September
incrypted.near - 555.55N
doubletop.near - 471.7N
lamer.near - 277.7N

$7000 USD // 864 in NEAR


Thanks @David_near for moving the topic.
I made a request to the squad (SputnikDAO )
But I guess I was wrong, should I make a request in marketing-vertical?

Hey @Vladislav_vl25,

Yes, you should submit it to the Marketing DAO Vertical, but please do not submit it until it’s reviewed by the Council and is Approved

Here’s a guide (with a link to the Sputnik page) for Marketing DAO Proposals.

Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility :ballot_box_with_check:

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Thank you, I apologize if this is an inconvenience. Sure.

No inconvenience at all, proposal looks great! :raised_hands:

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Hello @Vladislav_vl25
Could you explain why the interview with Ilya on the Incrypted channel has such an obvious cheat of views and a completely disproportionate number of likes and comments? There is also an inorganic increase in the audience on October 8 on this channel.


Hello, sure.
There was a discussion in the Telegram chat of our community about the video with Illia and a guy who loves our blockchain said that this video would get 1M views, I thought he was kidding.
But when we saw the result the next day, I tried to stop it, I succeeded.
But his advertising influenced that.
So that’s the story.
If necessary, I have the logs of the conversation…


I believe you, but then I think it would be more reasonable to talk about it initially in report. After all, it is obvious that most of the views are fake and do not bring any benefit, the statement about 98 thousand views is incorrect. what do you think?

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Probably, yeah.

But when I communicated with the person who made it.
He said it was not a fake views, but a paid ad on Youtube.
I assume that some people might have actually watched the video…

And when I did the report, I took the numbers that I had at the moment.


These are all conventions, if you want to see real stats, Incrypted has all the statistics up to the average video viewing time or the person who made the advertising campaign ask for Google ads statistics. Of course, if it matters to you.

Do not think that I am too persistent, the content came out first-class and this is the most important thing. But still, I think it would be more reasonable to back up those having views with real statistics, and not a number of view.

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From the outside it looks like you’re trying to say, as we did a similar thing. :laughing:
That’s a joke.

I sent a request to the influencers, when they can give information about it, I will provide.

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5-7k real views
I’ll add that to the report.

Dear Consuls may I ask you to vote, I have certain deadlines to meet and I have to plan the budget in the best possible way.

Dear @David_NEAR
Can I ask for your help in somehow notifying the consuls?

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I think we should jump on a call with the rest of the @marketingdao-council sometime this week.

When works for you?

I can’t figure out how a call would solve all this?
Will it be visible to other forum members in such a case?

It would be optimal to get a decision in this week.


A call will help us align on all of your marketing goals and how you’re aiming to achieve them. Furthermore, it’ll help us build up a relationship which is quite essential.

Sure can be.

A call will be the fastest way to achieve this.

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I made a new proposal in to the Marketing DAO Vertical


Ready to approve

cc @marketingdao-council


Time’s up. I made a new one.


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And again.