[Approved] ROUND4 On-Boarding



CITY: Ventura, Ca

PRODUCER: DNC Consulting and Management

ROUND4 is a friendly hip-hop competition event in which 4 local artists, chosen by a panel, each perform a 20 minute set of their best songs inside of a boxing ring. We believe a targeted, performance vs. performance competition, structured as a public concert will drive traffic to the participants platforms and help them grow and hopefully further monetize their audiences. DNC Consulting and management often cite the 2020 Health Day New study which reported on the positive effect that beat-heavy hip-hop music has on mental health. This dual purposed event will also act as a case study for local mental health officials and professionals interested in studying first hand, the effects that hip-hop can have on anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. As of now there are no stakes other than reputation. I also see this as an AMAZING opportunity to on-board the performers and attendees of the event. Each artist is already being paid to perform and all event photographers, videographers and DJ’s have been paid.

150 NEAR
Digital marketing and branding for ROUND4 are the responsibility of my company Connect the Coast. I’ve decided to make this an NFT event. Every single digital highlight from the night of this event will be tokenized as an NFT on the NEAR Blockchain and sold in a pop-up Mintbase store specifically dedicated to ROUND4, the event flyer’s the pictures, the videos EVERYTHING! NFT profits will be split between the content creator(s), the subject(s) of the content and anyone involved in the creation of the unlockables. Since the event is already being filmed, I plan to upload each performance to a customized splash page, and have the public vote for their favorite artist. After 3 days of voting we would announce the winner and award them 150 NEAR to produce a 1 of 10 original single that would also be minted exclusively on the ROUND4 pop-up store. The proceeds would be split between the artist, the producer(s) and the NxM Guild.

The event will be held at a venue that can hold between 200 and 400 patrons and sell a minimum of 100 tickets. At the lower end of the scale I plan to on board 10% of the attendees and 100% of our performers and production staff which currently stands at 14 people.

Once voting closes and the creation of the winners wallet has been confirmed they will receive 75 NEAR and have 30 days to deliver an unreleased song. Once the finished music is delivered the 75 NEAR balance will be paid. The final version of the song will be minted and released within 5 Days of delivery.


This looks great, can’t wait to hear more about it!


This looks awesome @Connectthecoast. I would love to see this approved for our August funding round. I’d like to suggest that we find a way to involve NxM Members or even have the track minted via the NxM Store? Let’s brainstorm and get this ready for submission!


Sorry, for the late response I was running around all day. Thanks for the feedback! Lets figure out a way to involve members of the guild :smiley:

Maybe instead of letting the public vote for the best performance we have guild members vote?


we could split the 150 NEAR between all 4 artist to make an original song and the guild can vote on the best entry, which would be minted on the NxM store?

Just spit balling, definitely open to ideas!

Thanks Everyone


@Connectthecoast love the ideas! Maybe we can create a poll in the community Telegram so the rest of the community can give their feedback :slight_smile: I’m probably not going to have great internet connection over the next couple of days in case you don’t hear much from me, but @bonepolice and @steven should be able to assist in the Telegram!


I’d be down to set up a call the first part of next week between @Connectthecoast, @steven and I, and we can spitball some ideas and see if we can get this ready to submit to the DAO!


Lets get it! Monday is good for me.


calendly.com/daodrops why don’t you schedule a time here and I’ll shoot out a call link for us!


@Connectthecoast @bonepolice did you guys manage to have a chat? I want to include this in our August funding round. Would be great to have it updated!

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Yes! We had a conversation yesterday about how we can get participants onboarded to both NEAR and into NxM, as well as include the NxM community in the judge panel. I believe @steven & @Connectthecoast stayed on the call for a bit after I had to jump off, so there might be a bit more info that came after my participation.


Ok great! Looking fwd to including this proposal!

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