[WELCOME] The Penmanship Guild

The Penmanship Guild


A bi-yearly, hip-hop-based educational creative process for lower-income creators based on the central coast of California. Participants will have to sign up for a NEAR wallet, and will spend a portion of their experience learning about the NEAR ecosystem and how it will be implemented in our guilds marketing strategies. Providing a safe and positive environment where highly talented, less fortunate artists can pursue their craft with the knowledge that they will be compensated for their time, retain ownership of their IP, and that their final product will be marketed to a network of appreciative listeners. It is our hope that the experiences we provide will inspire new and innovative use cases for NEAR DAPPs.

Community Website: https://www.connectthecoast.co/about-8

DAO: Astro

Community Chat: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Instagram: Coming Soon

Twitter: Coming Soon

Treasurer: ConnecttheCoast.Near



Our First Approved Proposal: [Approved] ROUND4 On-Boarding


This is looking very good :tada:
It’s nice to see more Guilds with a focus on less fortunate artists!

Looking forward to your concrete ideas and next steps.
The Creatives DAO hosts weekly office hours in TG which are open for everyone, would be great to meet you there next week so you could introduce your Guild :slight_smile:
The group is here: Telegram: Contact @CreativeGuilds


Thank you so much for the feedback, I’ve had the onboarding call and am now ready to submit concrete ideas for funding, can I just submit to the Creative DAO?

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Hey there,
you can, if you have your projects already written down :slight_smile: We do have our Creatives DAO office hours today in TG, join us & we can guide you through the next steps :slight_smile:

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