[APPROVED] RESULT OF POSTAL - Urban Pics of immigrants - JANUARY

This January, our edition of the Postal Project had a new criterion of participation and evaluation, allowing more people to be involved and participating actively.

We had the participation of 5 people publishing at least 5 photos of several places of the world and a jury that counted with 3 participants.

As described in the call for entries for this edition, we had defined some criteria so that the evaluation was clear and impartial.

We created a form with the images sent by the participants so that the jury could evaluate which were the 30 best photographs according to scores defined by the previously pointed out criteria.

Our winners of the January edition are:

@Veronique - 10 photos (6N)
@Scoriza - 8 (4,8N)
@Ligaya - 7 photos (4,2N)
@Yagolaredo - 4 photos (2,4N)
@nftcryptogroup (Libby Bopp) - 1 (O,6N)

The result can also be checked on our voting form.

The winners of this edition can now request their respective payouts according to the amount described in this post.

Thanks for your participation, and we hope to release a new issue soon.

Tell us what you think about this pilot and fell free to help us to create more and more contents on CUDO DAO.

Also, feel free to follow us on our Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks :blush:


Wow Thank you cudo and to the jury​:heart::heart::heart_eyes:


Wow! Very glad about this results! Thank you, guys!! <3


Thank you very much! Congratulations @Veronique and @Ligaya Ligaya! Beautiful work, Ladies!!! :butterfly: