[Approved] Request for funding to master SMGP's new album

Hello friends of Nxm,

I’m @hevertonharieno from CUDO DAO and also from the See More Glass Project; a musical project that since 2013 produces songs mixing many of the Post-Rock, Post-Metal and Rock references in general.

Today @vandal and I discussed the possibility of doing a collaboration between NxM and CUDO DAO to help the See More Glass Project finish their new album. To do this, we will split the costs of mastering the album by asking for half of the total price in each DAO.

The request will be 300 USD for NxM and 300 USD for CUDO DAO.

After the album is mastered, we will create NFT’s for these songs to be shared on NxM mintbase and finish a mini doc to share with the community everything about the production of this album. Access to this video will be using a token associated with private link and available to sale on NxM mintbase.

We are very excited and hope to soon create more partnerships to increase more and more the participation of audiovisual dao’s in this community.


Thanks @hevertonharieno! Looking fwd to this project and collaboration with NxM! Cross-DAO collaborations are what we’re looking to do more of so I’m happy to see this coming together!


Looking forward not only seeing beautiful things but also listening to some of your sounds!!