[Approved] report/funding request for 9ja Musical for present ongoing music competition

Hello NEAR community.
9ja Musical is focused on expanding the knowledge of NEAR and primarily Music in NFT to young talented Nigerian students in the University.

The purpose of it is to hold music events that help in

  1. Spreading the gospel of NEAR. This is carried out by Meetups, workshops, etc.
  2. Spreading the gospel of NFTs in general and minting songs as NFTs


  1. Much students from 18 above gets more knowledge about NEAR, and take up opportunities in learning and participating in lots of activities on NEAR.
  2. Delivery of not less than 300 NEAR wallets per event.


  1. With the growth and development of the community, it is important that many more young talented folks get in to making the community richer for what it stands for.
  2. Increase number of holders of the NEAR Token and transactions
  3. Onboard useful hands that could be of help in new developments withing the community.

9ja Musical seeks to hold continuous music events ranging from music shows to Talent hunts for the primary purpose of using Music to spread the gospel of NEAR and have young people see the usefulness of music as NFTs

We seek to hold monthly events and or Music competitions (which might last longer than a month)
It is a fact that we started the journey of 9ja Musical [Approved] Opening a 9ja MUSICAL store/Musical events here. We have archived a level of success from various stages to the point where we’re waiting for the finals.

This event has always been followed by lectures about NEAR Protocol, Mintbase and NFTs. This has been archived with the help of @Jeromemrys and @Veekish

We have made this level of success via onboarding https://docs.google.com/document/d/16hcVXV1zkha_NoVgAoBSSlr9r1d0ygpB9O6jSloTEiA/edit?usp=drivesdk about 220 wallets (names claimed and submitted) others yet to claim and submit wallet address. my wallet adress ibohigboze.near is here for verification.

It was possible to get here with the help of @FritzWorm and the @marketingdao-council after this post [Approved]HELP! (Wallet funding/onboarding)

At this stage, we also have few wallets yet to onboard https://docs.google.com/document/d/1500_mF45if7e2L9Rl0Kz1N3p7fyZJpa418iDQ9KCvBU/edit?usp=drivesdk. With the finals coming by next week, we are expecting more crowds and more wallets to onboard. This is so because we use a live (physical) voting system where the voters must have near wallets to vote.

We hereby request for 25NEAR=430.25 USD(at time of writing this post) to onboard the existing and the incoming wallets. Should there be excess, the community will still know of it.

Given that this present event will end this weekend and the success measured which has already surpassed the expected, we will be launching to host another music competition by February. (Detail funding proposal will come on another post. If the community sees it in same light as we)

For this fact, I notify the community of the decision to stop using my personal wallet (ibohigboze.near)for this event and subsequent events so as to aid more clarity. We have therefore created a personal wallet for 9ja MUSICAL (9jamusical1.near)

We pray the @marketingdao-council to see into this and help in making this possible as fast as they can help.


Tagging @marianeu who has seen to the success of this so far for verification

@Dacha @David_NEAR



There’s currently a new funding process which means we cannot fund this proposal with urgency at the moment.

Can you please structure this proposal (and future proposals) similar to the below, too?

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I will restructure the proposal sir.
Thanks for the information.

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Hello @David_NEAR
How about now?
Does it make sense…?

The title is better but really we always like to see:


I will work on it further Sir.

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I will make all adjustments for future purposes but this is actually for the purpose of onboarding wallets created as the event is ongoing.

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I have made the corrections @David_NEAR

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Looks awesome, will be reviewed and decisions made before the new funding process comes into place

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I have seen the events take place, which I love, especially when involving women in a muslim university.
What I can’t see is how the workshops have been taking place. I never got any video where I could hear educative content, just music until now…


That’s a good one, I love it, keep on bro.

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Hello @David_NEAR
Any news about the proposal? We’re having a stage this Sunday by 6pm WAT.

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Dear @IgbozeIsrael all payments were put on hold by @mecsbecs since 1/15/22 , nevertheless one payment went through Marketing DAO during this time.

I made decision cover your proposal from own money as well as you had the meeting before 1/15 and you need the urgent payment by Sunday.

Happy to see new people in Near Ecosystem and thank You very much for your onboarding work.

Also, you can collaborate with @jlwaugh and his great Meetup project

Have a great day!


Thanks @Dacha for your help with this.
We’re on fire to work.

The gospel of NEAR must be preached.

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Love you guys and your great work :wave:

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