[APPROVED] Recording of Transcedental AudioVisual Material (GOD: Fluidity, Resonance And Synchronicity)

Hello MutiDAO

Art is obviously transcendental. A whole lot happens when art is created. From the envisagement to the conceptualization and the execution, a whole lot of brain processes occur, many times to the unawareness of the artist himself. This I believe is just a process of listening to the higher dimensions of reality and the intricacies that lie there-in. From the availability of the vessel in the degree of spiritual alignment to the desire harbored within to manifest the nuance which is felt. Art we can all agree is a mystery.

I am writing this proposal in accordance to the vibrations that came with a universal gnosis reaching me recently, about the source of creation (GOD). A realization that is devoid of any mainstream beliefs, religious convictions, bias or prejudice but from a simplistic assimilation of that which was made available: which is right in front of every human being without seeking the help of a guru, pastor, imam or spiritualist. That which is available when we empty our minds to listen to the flux of creation within, speaking to us in rest and silence and nudging us towards the DIVINE.

In light of these received gnosis which echoes self realization, actualization and grounded cosmic presence. I am going to be recording a poetic material with the trappings of very little rap and mostly spoken word. This poetic material would be a three stanza compilation into a single theme: GOD.

It will be titled GOD : Fluidity, Resonance and Synchronicity. These three attributes would be separate 50 minute long spiritual tuning audio messages with carefully detailed lyrics and vocal texture in accordance with context and emotional nuance. The projects would be divided into three parts just as the project title implies

  • Fluidity

  • Resonance

  • Synchronicity.

I am in a strong spiritual volition to carry out this task, and in the beauty of it all, the universe has sent me a transcendental visual artist in the person of @blusw to create synchronized accompanying visuals to the audio files. This is a big win for me and for him since we both aligned together in similitude of esoteric spiritual ideals. I recently got funded for the continuation from my Salvation of The NEGRO EP by the NxM guild, a continuation titled Alignment EP. Being in the studio all through writing and recording spiritual conscious material is a dream come true for me and this new project am embarking on would serve more etheric energy to put me in the zone of enlightenment.

Project Actualization Details

Content Direction

The beginning and and end of each theme in this project would carry an image that is a graphical illustration implying that the project is being sponsored by The NEAR Protocol, and also there would be a=the NEAR logo art the top left corner as the material is being streamed. This is for current and future promotional basis for the NEAR foundation as it helps preach the NEAR gospel in the short term and also for historical legacy purposes for NEAR in its bright future

The project would be divided into two phases:

Phase 1 (December): Recording of God attribute fluidity. This would take days of meditation and soul drifiting in release and cosmic flux to gradually pen down lyrics that conveniently convey the context. Fluidity is the ability to take the free form of whatever circumstance we find ourselves and leverage on the best option available to keep moving instead of complaining and sulking whence validating stagnancy and redundancy

Visuals: Me and blu wasem simon would take a couple days/weeks to go back and in agreeing to a suitable graphical anima illustration for this stanza


Music Scoring : $300

Music Mixing and Mastering: $300

Graphic Anima Illustration by @blusw : $350

Phase 2(January): Recording of GOD attributes Resonance and Synchronicity. I would be recording these two themes together because they are quite similar in context and it takes not much distinction to separate both of them. Context for both of them would be brainstormed within the same timeframe.

To define resonance I would employ conscise lyrics that emphasixe being in cognizance of who one is in relation to one’s environment/contraption. Through simple poetic expressions and sensually enticing vocal texture I would convey the essence of this theme

To define synchcronicity, I would use the same template from above to analyze resonance as the preamble to cosmic manifestation and essence creation after an individual realizes themselves and their place within the continuum


Music scoring: $300

Music Mixing and Mastering: $300

Graphic Anima Illustration by @blusw : $350

Support And promotional Plan

I would be needing the support of the MutiDAO to execute this project within the above stipulated time frame. After completion, I would be minting this project as NFTs after promotional phases. Split royalty and revenue would see 40% going to the MutiDAO on one time sales and 3% for the DAO on lifetime royalties

In order to reach a desired promotional spread of this material, I would be seeking the support of the HAK guild for funds to be used in widespread social media promotion of this project. It would be a means for new age illumine, free thinkers and enlightened souls to resonate and at the same time help spread the reach of NEAR within these circles. For a widespread reach of this project, I would be engaging instagram sponsored posts, facebook ads, youtube and twitter. And for this we would be requesting a sum of $400 from the HAK guild in the success of this project. I would be accruing 20% on sales to the HAK guild and 2% on lifetime royalties.


John X


Ahoy John!

Thank you for your proposal, feels like a really nice project you have in here :slight_smile:

As spoken before and after consulting with the muti council, we reached the conclusion that we are not able to support this project in December.

However, we would like to support you in the creation of this project and therefore we propose the following funding:

300 USD to be funded in January and kickstart the project
700 USD to be funded in February

Given that we already have a few proposals for the upcoming months, this are the values that as of now, we can make available to make this project happen, taking also in consideration the muti funding guidelines.

Would like to ask you for some more info regarding the milestones of the project, as well if there are more artists/creators being onboarded
After getting all the info, we are happy to move this to approved :slight_smile:

Let me know how is this sounding to you and looking forward to make this roll! :slight_smile:

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This proposition is not a bad idea, but i would like to bring to Muti’s memory that this project is in two phases as stated in the proposal.
It is pertinent for Muti DAO to understand the significance of this project and why it would take the requisite time and proposed funding to achieve. Each track of spoken word would span 30 minutes with synchronized animation to convey the psycho-transitional essence of the audio recording. And there are three tracks altogether in the compilation.
This project is one of a kind NFT project and a far cry from conventional music and art.
Proposing $300 for a start to this project makes it look like the DAO doesn’t buy into the idea of the project. The DAO needs to know the cosmic weight and the spiritual significance this project carries and that i and the DAO are both involved in the glory and the revenue accrued from it. And yes, not forgetting that from a whollistic perspective, this project is not about one man or the DAO alone, but for the healing and broadened mental horizon of lightand truth seekers globally.

The DAO should do better, i can speak with wasem simon and have the project cut down to $1,500 for both phases with $500 funding each for January and February and then the balance paid on full completion of project.

Its fun working with muti on this and i hope this appears workable enough for both of us.

Peace, Love and Light


Ahoy John!

Thank you for your words and sharing your thoughts, we do understand the value and depthness of the process and the work it involves.
However, the motivation behind our suggested funding is to keep mutiDAO open and connected to as many artists as possible, allowing the empowerment of a collective of individuals and not just a few.
It is understandable that unfortunately it may not be enough to cover a project of this magnitude entirely, therefore we stablished guidelines to make the process easier and coherent along the way, both for muti and for the creators, when applying for funding through the DAO.
We do recommend reading through the guidelines before applying for funds through muti and understand better what is our mission :slight_smile:

Given that the cap is 1000USD per project, we are happy to find a way to fit the funding according to the project needs, but not exceeding that amount, because of the reasons previously stated.

On a side note, stating the DAO should do better because the DAO can’t fund your project entirely seems unrelated, given the time, support and dedication we invest on the growth of the community.
We do want to make things better and suggestions on how to enhance the collective experience are always welcomed.

Will discuss this with the muti council and we will keep you updated!

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Okay, nice. Hope you all are having a nice festive. Falmon i said the DAO shouls do better not in the frame of a dictate or coercion whatsoever. Its the age of DAOs and these projects are granted i believe by how much one is able to convince the DAO.I appreciate what muti is doing and i can only be grateful for such pedestal, but yes gratitude wouldnt really be pure if intentions and pronunciations aren’t completely true. And i would say yes am grateful, not for the funding of the project for it is not mine to stake in a possessive sense, am grateful for the available pedestal provided by the DAO to share from within me that which i know would help other humans resonate.
I love you so much guys, the tranquil reception at the community call where i shared my two cents about this project.
I can only appeal that the council should meet me a little halfway in making sure this project is on the road. January is almost here and i would like to be zoned in with recording (I’ve been occupied by ecosystem duties lol, want to use this opportunity to also complete my alignement EP project sponsored by NxM, Ive been waiting on the vibe). 1,500 in two month’s phase of recording with a half upfront payment for logistics dont seem all that not doable yet am down to work with the DAO towards a resolution.
Falmon and Tabear i love you guys so much and there is a lot coming in 2022. Lets go there my people.
Enjoy this journey of the human consciousness within the audio material below by yours truly in the meantime. Happy festive

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Hey John! Happy new year :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, was quite hard to keep up with the network during the festivities.

We did took all your words and proposal in consideration and would love to support the project going forward but we will have to go with the guidelines/values previously stated given the amount of proposals and budget limitations.

300 USD to be funded in January
700 USD to be funded in February

Let us know if you agree and are keen to move forward with the project given the current budget limitations, so we can include in our monthly funding proposal and get it going :slight_smile:

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It’s a new year lol, a whole lot lined out, Let’s go!!!
I agree…

Thanks to the DAO




Ahoy John!

I will move this proposal to [approved] and you can request the first payout of 300 DAI in our AstroDAO :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, we are running an artistic residency at the moment and had to give my full focus on that!

Looking forward for the development of your project! :raised_hands:


I would be requesting the balance payout of $700 for this project. Thanks

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Yes, please post some updates in here to show what has been done already for the project, as the second part of the payout is requested once the project has been initiated. The value to request is then 51.6N from our Astro DAO

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Snippets and samples of the audio recording from the studio with another static audio visual file. Transcedental Audio snippet - Google Drive
Full audio projects are being mastered and time to engage animation audio visuals for the project


Ahoy John!
How is the development of your project so far? Given the last piece of budget was paid in February, would be awesome to have an update on the process.