[Project PROPOSAL] Recording of "ALIGNMENT EP" for Web 3/NxM

Making a transition into Web 3 can be quite daunting for music artists who have previously recorded music tracks that are under contractual obligations with distribution companies, royalty agreements, and recording/publishing deals. This challenge can be a hindrance to a music artist who is enthused by web 3 and would like to create audio NFT projects so as to participate and be duly represented within the web 3 community manly the NEAR ecosystem

My name is John X, I am a rapper, poet, content creator, and art commissioner. Music for me has always been an avenue to detail my journey through the various cadres of enlightenment and breaking through the shackles of social and religious conditioning that befell the average African during the cultural disenfranchisement of colonialism.
I recorded the Psycho EP (Salvation of The Negro) which was an avenue for listeners to have a consciousness upgrade and have independence of thought through critical reasoning and self-identification. This EP has gotten so many positive reviews from the intelligentsia, luminary, and academic community but sadly, the tentacles of the EP are held down by the copyright engagements it incurred through producer dues and instrumental rights. Below is a link to the Psycho EP available on AudioMack

  • Track 1 is Introduction: A call to luminaries to know that they are not alone in sharing their peace and enlightenment

  • Track 2 is capitalism: Talks about the egoistic nature of the average man’s psyche in garnering wealth and reputation purely for selfish reasons and how we all are supposed to be a hive mind in unison of resolution and interaction

  • Track 3 is Brother: Talks about empathy and emotional resonance between individuals

  • Track 4 is Balance: Mental sustenance and wholeness in self by being aligned with one’s goals and mental independence thought and deed

  • Track 5 is Black Roses: A true life story of how a false sense of self and egotistic thought process can influence bad decisions amounting in the unnecessary loss of life of a known individual in the neighbourhood

  • Track 6 is Voices: A dialogue about my struggles with altered perception of reality. A documentary about a place I was in life mentally

  • Track 6 is Own Trips: A reminder to people who might not see reason to have a mind of their own and follow mainstream reasoning and public perception from fear of being left out of identified properly in society: that they can think and how they want so long as it is in correlation with their inner peace and synchronicity with nature and creation around them

Due to the contractual constraints I am not able to mint this EP as an NFT but I can perform it in IRL and Virtual reality, but I can’t mint. And this is a hindrance to the expected foray I was supposed to be avail myself within the web 3 ecosystem. But there is good news.

The good news I have a new project that I want to record for the sole purpose of web 3 and would be minted in the NxM store on mintbase in accordance with the smart contract therein and would be a proper pedestal and springboard for me to launch fully into the NFT space as an Audio NFt creator and artiste. This project is called “Alignment EP”


Alignment EP is a continuation from the Pscyho EP as regards the journey of the human consciousness towards attaining a higher state of enlightenment. With a concise selection of lyrics and track engagement, the EP would be solace for minds seeking emancipation and release from childhood traumas and inherited cultural conditioning. Alignment outlines cosmic self realization and the need for wholeness of self .

The “Alignment EP” would feature 7 tracks just like its predecessor. I choose tracks because of the spiritual significance of the number “7” as one of perfection
Below is the projected tracklist of the EP and the individual tracks meaning

  • Track 1 Intro: A skit about spiritual alignment with one’s cosmic/higher self. An understanding of death as a transition that should not be feared and more reason why being in tune with the cosmos is the most paramount reason of creation. Skit to end with the words “Die in Dignity, Ressurect in glory”

  • Track 2 Whole Love: To highlight the observation that humans are needing love but yet the best love that they could get was the one they had for themselves, and that only when this is actualized would the universe attract their desired partner at the deserving level of their vibration and frequency

  • Track 3 Waves: A song that talks about the vissicitude of life, the ups and downs that characterize every human’s existence which one should not feel letdown about but ought to go with the flow as every event is meant to signify the needed evolutionary process of the human consciousness. Flow

  • Track 4 Psychedelics: Describing psychedelics as sacred things that should not be abused but utilized for a spiritual observation and correction of self towards divine peace and synchronicity

  • Track 5 RIP Mr Nice guy: Reiterating that self love is paramount and why one should prioritize protection of one’s energy before making unnecessary sacrifices that might upset one’s balance. That for LOVE TO BE LOVING, LOVE HAS TO REMAIN PURE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE LOVE

  • Track 6 Heaven: Heaven/Nirvana/Kingdom as a state of mind and not a physical environment. Song to employ howls and adlibs in the bid to replicate astral and ethereal essence for lyrical delivery

  • Track 7 You: That everything about an individual’s experience is up to them. Thiughts, deeds, actions, reactions, perception, priorities, evolution, redundancy, success, failures etc all begin and end with the individual

This is the full tracklist of the “Alignment EP”

I would be needing support from the community even though it wouldn’t be free.
Track 3 Balance and Waves would be produced by @Paul . His production template befits the music essence of these tracks

Track 5 would need some guitar riffs from @chloe if she would be free and willing enough to contribute to this project

The other tracks would be produced by local producers who intend to onboard into web 3, NxM specifically after they learn that I was supported on the project by NxM and availing them to the opportunities that await them in web 3 and the BEAT DAO especially

Each track would cost $100 for production, mixing and mastering. For 7 tracks this amounts to $700 which is $200 surplus to how much NxM is availing for projects that they fund. This is no problem since I am willing to offset the remaining funds as this project means a whole lot to me: a means of spreading the message, global healing and also to build my profile within the Web 3 music space under the NEAR ecosystem

As regards Promotion, I would be needing the support of the NxM social media team since the project would be minted in the NxM store. It would require the social promotional machinery of the NxM social media force since its a win-win for me and NxM (50% goes to NxM in sales according to the smart contract on the NxM mintbase store)

I look forward to the feedback of the community regarding this project. Hopefully it would be positive since this project means more than music to me and also a means of healing to the global populace even beyond web 3.


John X


Proposal looks good overall, I am unclear how much you are requesting from NxM though. Are you requesting 500$ in NEAR tokens for this project/proposal?


Yes, I am requesting $500 for the EP, as that is the maximum amount NxM is granting for projects


Maybe do you want to try Emanate along with audiomack ?
You are getting paid on Emanate for every single play and that’s dope.


@JohnX use my referral link! https://link.emanate.live/TEoenSyvxSkwGHuw5


Hey @JohnX thanks for submitting this project proposal. I personally really enjoyed your performance set of your previous project at NxM Live 7 and love that you’re involving NxM members in the creation of this project. Looks pretty solid to me.

@NxM council looking for your additional feedback!


Thank you so much chief, this was really needed and helpful

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Yep, this looks good - engaging with Near infrastructure.


Hey @JohnX We’re happy to announce that your project has been approved to receive funding under December’s Projects stream. Congrats on behalf of the NxM Council @zeitwarp @chloe @Grace and myself :partying_face:


Gratitude to the council


Hey @JohnX as we close out December and I finish up the NxM report, can you pls give an update on this project in the comments. Thanks!

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Yes, thank you so much vandal. Yes, alignment EP has been on hold after three tracks recorded. I have had some DAO work doing and recently my sound ambience didn’t get fully setup, I’ll complete this project before mid January unfailingly and then request the balance for the project funds.

Infinite Love
John X


Thanks for the update @JohnX and looking fwd to it!


Alignment EP is done with the recording. Requesting payout for balance to aid mixing , mastering artwork, awareness and other logistics


@vandal @zeitwarp @chloe
I would need the prompt response of the NxM council to granting this payout so i can prepare to premiere it at the C1/NxM onboarding event scheduled to hold by 5th of February

Requesting balance payout of $250 from the DAO Treasury

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Hey @JohnX, please register your wallet in NEAR Guilds App, as we are implementing new process of NxM membership. Please join there, as stated wallets will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:
:black_small_square:Open NEAR Guilds App,
:black_small_square:Find NxM Guild,
:black_small_square:Log to the app using your NEAR wallet,
:black_small_square:Join to the community using your NEAR wallet!

Also, please fill out NxM Memebrship Google Form.

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