(APPROVED)[PROPOSAL] Universal Fashion Culture online contest ( UFCOC)

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I ‘m ozoihu Akunna joy @Royaltyjoy

(The royal Queen of isiagu community in Enugu state ) and a legal advocate based here in the federal capital territory of Nigeria. Also the legal ambassador to C1 Guild community.

I once completed and minted my NFT book presentation on the C1 Mintbase store .
Am also a moderator for the capital Guild community Abuja .

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As a community builder with the intent of expanding the community with ideas of different knowledge about creativity in a fashionable way and also spreading the web3 knowledge out there I plan to kick off with the project of onboarding and showcasing models in there different cultures.
My project for the month of September will be targeted towards achieving a collection of cultural outfits representing different countries.

Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and group striving.

Fashion in culture aims to bring individuals and organizations of the fashion, textiles & clothing industries together, to collectively work on a future-proof fashion sector in expressing these generational cultures to the world.
In order to achieve the necessary change within these sectors, I believe in starting from local initiatives, collaborative actions and by highlighting the current fashion & textiles landscape, to explore and shape its future.
On this note, i wish to express these cultures by hosting the maiden “UNIVERSAL FASHION CULTURE ONLINE CONTEST (UFCOC)"(FIRST EDITION),an online contest which is targeted at getting models from different globe especially Nigeria to contest by expressing the culture of different countries in a fashionable way that highlights and brings out its beauty. These models would be selected and given different countries to represent it’s culture by dressing in amazing fashion that expresses the culture and taking professional photoshoots on them. These pictures would be screened and evaluated and 3 winners would be selected judging from the best outfit and will be given a bounty .

(Below are the samples)


Note that the above photographs are used as samples to better explain what the project intends to achieve.



It will serve as an onboarding process as The models , photographers and the none community members who will be partaking in this project will be onboarded through this process to become a part of the community and contribute to its growth .


Opening and activation of wallets will be done for all the contestants, photographers and the none members of the community who will be partaking in this project .


Pictures of the 3 winners of this contest will be minted and sold as NFTs at the capital guild mint base store in which it’s royalties could be used in aiding in more community projects as all the creatives in this category’s near wallet will be attached to these NFTS .

4 - The purpose of this project is to build relationships with models around the globe that can aid in community growth and in web3 in general thereby showcasing there creativity and getting them minted on the capital guild Mintbase store. this is to further grow the community, expand the ideas and also create an opportunity for different models to meet and share unique ideas.

This project is expected to kickstart on Monday 19th September 2022

Budget :

Bounty for 3 winners

WINNER :trophy: $90

2nd runner :2nd_place_medal:$60

3rd runner :3rd_place_medal:$50

— Renting of costumes and camera equipments that will be used For the shooting and editing process - $200

— Team logistics - Transportation for I and the models to different locations in other to capture the intended moods of this project - $100

Total request : $500

Target : royaljoy.near

I will always be here for questions and further clarifications .

Cc: @creativesdao-council


Awesome this is a unique idea, looking forward to it

Hi @Royaltyjoy,

Thank you for the proposal, however I see not much NEAR involvement in the proposal. The value it add to NEAR is not clear imho.

I also not sure what this item is. Can you elaborate more on it? Thank you!

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Thank you for the question @williamx As it was listed in the above proposal this particular project it’s a chance to exhibit different cultures and appreciate them … this in return will aid a-lot to the near community in numerous ways as I plan to make it an onboarding project… where the models and photographers involved will be onboarded into the community so they can become a part of the community and contribute to its growth.
the pictures gotten after the end of this contest will be minted and sold as NFT in which its royalties could be used in aiding in more community projects…

Thank you once again @williamx Project coordinating fee as listed in the above proposal involves logistics to move around as I plan to get this shoots done in different locations in other to capture a clearer vision of what was meant to be achieved at the end of this project… . For I alone will foresee this project and will pinpoint / visit these different locations with this models and photographers I intend to onboard so as to capture the intended moods onboard that can aid in making this project a successful one thank you

Hello @williamx i have given replies to your questions and have also made little changes on the said proposal so that the targets and benefits of this project will be clearer and understandable. but if my answers are not clearer enough I will be willing and open to explain more … thanks I really appreciate :pray: