(REPORT) For September ,October and November Universal Fashion Cultural Online Contest Project

Hi Creatives and NEAR ENTHUSIAST.

I remain ozoihu Akunna joy @Royaltyjoy

C1 legal ambassador and also a moderator for capital Guild community Abuja .

Council leaders




The month of September and October was a great one as I embarked on the universal fashion cultural online contest https://gov.near.org/t/approved-proposal-universal-fashion-culture-online-contest-ufcoc/27055


I went further to create an open call for all interested models in the eco system who for the love of culture will love to participate in the contest.


Which turned out to be a huge success as it was duly planned and executed on the 20th of October 2022.

Both members of the eco system and newly onboarded members which also had there wallet created and customized during these project had the opportunity to express there love for different cultures .

At the end we had our 3 winners which are @odira.near who emerged the overall winner, @stella0.near who became the 2nd runner up and @Magreth.near who took the 3rd position.
And has gotten their bounty as it was duly stated in the above proposal.

We also have photographs currently been minted at the capital guild mint base store which it’s royalty will be used in aiding in community project


Also a compiled video of the project has been uploaded on our YouTube channel

And will be posted in all our social media handles.
Newly onboarded members are currently in our social media groups and are excited for the coming months and years in the Near Eco system , web3 and NFT space
Am super grateful to the creative DAO moderators for finding this project worthy and for supporting the idea

CC @Elkhush @Sammiee

Tagging @creativesdao-council for visibility

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