[Approved] Capital Guild Community funding request for September

Hello creatives, greetings,


I remain El Khush De Magnifico founder and moderator of Capital Guild Community Abuja.

Due to some concerns raised and the closure of our August community proposal, we have taken some time to make some adjustments and added some more information required for clarification on our creative space funding request.


However we have added some more information regarding our creative space and have further provided some plans and ideas we have laid down for self sustainable developments.


Seeing that the creatives Councils were okay with the project for our models, we are reposting it for our September projects as it is already being planned for.


We have also added the project for the workshop proposed.


We had to make a change on our previous project for a create a tag contest and we have chosen to do a more productive and effective project for a training/skill acquisition trip



Moderators bounty.

Total requested: $5,000 in DAI

Target: captalguild.sputnik-dao.near

Cc @creativesdao-council

I’m always available for clarifications.


Hey @ELKHUSH, thanks for your proposal!
I have a question related to the space installment.

Does it mean that after 3 months, the space will be fully finished? What’s the planned time for the completion of your space installment? We’d like to know the end goal of the funding related with this particular proposal.

Also, could you please add some metrics to measure your monthly success or what you are expecting or would you like to achieve at the end of September?

Thank you in advance!


Thank you @Paul for you question.

The space will take 3 months to complete its payment and hence the community can request for at least $5000 a month, we would keep on with the community setup request showing results, metrics and pictures as we set up.

After completion of the space rent we also would be requesting funding for set up, we are looking to have fully set the space up on or before January 31st.
So as to allow community projects for members, onboarding, NFT creation, educational programs and content creations.

Also, we had a little setback due to the closure of our August proposal which affected our plans

Community members who will want to be a part of the setting up is very welcome because we are want to work with the members and then hire a few extra hands in some professional areas.

For the metrics, each month before proposing for the next, we would show reports and progress of work done, we will be updating every month with results, metrics and pictures.
We have already prepared a new and simplified report sheet which would be posted on our September reports.

We have also started bringing active members on to some roles to help ease the flow of information and reports

For each month we will be posting a proposal explaining the details of work expected to be done for the month this includes equipments. E.g for November, we will be making a proposal with details on the media room set up and Audio recording studio, what will be required ( after making enquiries for prices to proper breakdown what the funds will be used for ), timeframe for completion and Metrics, then at the end of November or first week December, depending on when we get funded, we will make a report showing progress of work done and our next step.

As we plan to start doing as soon as we start making payments from September, we received July funding late and had to hold on with payment because our August request was closed, however we would be glad to start payment as soon as we are approved.
Each month we are looking at setting up each section of the hub, we could start with the media room as it is the brain box of the Creative hub.

Creative space annual payment: 3 months
Creative space fully set up from October to January 2023.
The end goal relating to this proposal is to have made at least more than half of the total rent so as to start doing setup up on the space from October.

Thank you and hope this answers your questions.


Maybe I’m wrong, but why are you asking for money twice for the same offer? How will you attract new participants to the Near ecosystem? 2000 dollars for what do you need from the Near Fund, are you going to personally develop?
Thx :blush:

Hello @pathfinder please go through the proposal and read through the details you’ll find all you need to know, I’m sure if you did and have been following up with our community you’d find your answers, that is the essence of putting up the proposals, thanks.

I’m confused here.

Just to summarize… You’re requesting $2000 on a monthly basis for the space rental till January (that’s really a lot of money, to be honest), and after that, you are going to request for the space set up, what things are needed to fully set your space?
For how long this space will be available for you to use? How you can assure that landlord of the space will not cancel your agreement? (if this will happen what’s your plan?)

Oh no and thanks for this question @Paul the $2000 monthly request till January is to have the space paid for and fully set up on or before January 31st the space rental request is just for 3 months, we have already gotten the first request so we will be requesting for final payment next month if our September payment request gets granted with reports of the first payment made, by January when we are fully set up we will no longer be requesting for any more funds concerning the space as we would have been fully set up and already being productive and generating funds to keep us sustainable, the whole funding request from now till January is to have Capital Guild community fully set up to the stage that we would start running our community activities and independently funding and keeping the space running.

After payment of the space is completed our next proposals concerning the community space will be for setups and reports of progress will also be posted here on the forum.

Also to add, we will have no need to request for any more funding for community activities from the creatives when we are fully set up, whatever requests we might make in the future might be just for major project funding like for Dapps building or Metaverse gallery for the community but if we not allowed to due to our growth by the time then we will do some crowd funding projects the community to raise up funds for a metaverse gallery.

We are currently focused on creating an environment for easy productivity and practices, so we are geared towards making available opportunities for the members to have no barriers on their journey through the web3 space.

The space rent will subsequently be paid for by the community, this is the essence of being self sustainable and we have been making known to the landlords of the properties we’ve been checking so far what our plans to use the property is for and we will be making a legal agreement to that ( all details and photos will be attached in the report ), understanding the property rules in Abuja and having @Sammiee who’s one of the council leaders and also a real estate expert, we will have a lot of checks to make before taking the properties.

This is also why we have been strategic with properties we have been looking at because we want it to be in a public place to easily draw peoples attention.

I will be updating the space proposal with these questions so that it will be there for more clarification

Thank you


@creativesdao-council good day all
We will be happy to make more clarifications regarding this proposal especially that of our creative space, if there be any more questions



Tagging @creativesdao-council @williamx @Paul @Cryptonaut for visibility and decision


Dear Capital Guild,
Happy to inform you that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators.
Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts.
Also, feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for better organization.

To become more transparent in the decision making I’d like to note some highlights why your proposal has been approved:

  • proposal follows our guidelines,
  • clear replies in a good manner,
  • activities focused on culture, onboarding, and self-sustainability.

Thank you @Paul and the creatives moderators for your support.