[Approved] Proposal For Starting A Near Sports Engagement and Education Initiative [featuring Near Football Viewing Centre and The Near Amateur League]


Thanks for your efforts. They’re much appreciated!

I’d like to report that at the time of the receipt of the funds, it was about $400 short of the requested $4464.

Can this be remedied?

Thank you.

Please submit an additional funding request to the MarketinDAO for the funds.

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Okay. Right away.

Thanks @David_NEAR


Issue resolved!
Thank you.


Re: [Approved] Proposal For Starting A Near Sports Engagement and Education Initiative [featuring Near Football Viewing Centre and The Near Amateur League]

Progress Report.

Hello, @marketingdao-council and everyone else!

It’s been 5 days since this proposal was approved, and 3 days since funding was concluded. Here’s a report on what’s been going on regarding the project:

I have given the above milestone primacy. This means that constructing the Temporary Structure will be done first. This is because:

*It will be immensely useful for actualising the Near Amateur League: as a rallying point for the registration of up to 50 young players; as the hall where the education of the players about the Near and The Near Amateur League will be held, amongst others.

*It makes sense that new Near onboardees, through The Near Amateur League (TNAL) have a market where they can actively use Near, getting them immediately economically engaged. So, the Viewing Centre will have to be on ground before the League is done.

To this effect:

Two locations, in the commercial hub of my community, have been shortlisted. Costs and modalities of rent will be finalised soon. Immediately after, construction if the Temporary Structure will begin in earnest.

Finally, talks are ongoing with the graphics designer for these

And this

I am going to create sumptuous, eye-catching jerseys for the Near Amateur League.

This concludes my report.

[Soon relevant pictures and videos will be posted video-graphically highlighting our progress].

I’m available for queries, suggestions, etc.




Great stuff, thanks for sharing the update! :tada:

When you submit your final report, please do so in another independent thread:


Got it, David.

Thank you.


A big congratulations to you Gabriel, I am so happy that you finally actualized your idea when you used to talk about it when I introduced the NeAR Protocol to you in my openness of mind and enthusiasm about the blockchain platform…
And even helped you open the NEAR wallet and onboarded you personally

I would like to bring to the marketing DAO’s attention @David_NEAR @Dacha that @AugustKinge is a visionary and seasoned enthusiast that caught the vibe of the NEAR expansion and mass adoption initiative clearly and it’s really fun to see what comes out of this since the country is very fanatical about football, joining this with the global trend of crypto is a “slam dunk” for the NEAR protocol…

Being a council member for the Beats DAO and the Metaverse DAO, an Integral social media team of the NxM guild, mintbase DAO author, creator of the NEAR Metaverse magazine I have contributed my little quota to the NEAR foundation through my skills and dedication…
In the same vein of enthusiasm and gratitude to the NEAR foundation for the provision of crypto engagements and education, I would like to assure the marketing DAO of the authenticity of this project and gladly be the eyes on the ground for the NEAR foundation in the actualization of this project. @AugustKinge is my friend and accommodated me when I came to visit him in the same city where he resides and I guess plans this project…

A little tip I would offer on this project would be to advise @AugustKinge to acquire a permanent space since Real Estate Prices within the area already cover the rent price (unless the location is different),

Also, a means of translation to the native dialect of the location is necessary since most of these natives within the area would need more clarity to understand crypto talk (they speak mainly Yoruba within the location)

Congratulations to @AugustKinge once again… Let’s get this project running


Thanks @JohnX

I appreciate your comments and suggestions. You’re no doubt an inspiration to many.



This proposal has already been approved by fellow Council members. However, I’d like to add my support and a few thoughts to it!

I love the initiative and I’d like to invite you to think of ways in which we can expand this over time: “Come for Soccer, Stay for the Blockchain”.

I’m thinking about ways of creating community tokens for each team, getting the youths involved in local hackathons so they can leverage the NEAR tech stack in their own unique ways as they see fit for the local market.

Thanks for the updates!



A bounty can be placed for this. It will draw fast results and good content.

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Good idea, but it’s not feasible to be a bounty since the person doing the translation has to be on the ground.

With the consent of @Dacha @David_NEAR on this project, I would like to oversee this aspects as one of the oversight duties I wish to perform with this project… I’m sure @AugustKinge would like this accessory as it makes his work easier,

The city is only 90 minutes from my base and with the aid of my camera I can cover and report on the execution process of this project


Okay, now I understand what you mean. He will sure get to a way of communicating the gospel of NEAR to the locals properly.

Even if it means using football stars/their skills😁 to pass basic informations about what NEAR Protocol can do or does. e.g speed, security, richness, style, etc


Hey guys, gm,

Best to discuss with @AugustKinge on this, it’s not our call - good shout, though!


Thanks Dave

Beautiful precedent


Hello @satojandro

Thank you for your support.

This is lovely! If you have further Ideas on this, please share with me.

This is great! I’d love to hear more about this, please.

Thank you for your profound contributions.



Report here [Report] Starting A Near Sports Engagement And Education Initiative (Featuring Near Football Viewing Centre And The Near Amateur League)


[Report] Posted here per @Dacha’s request.
See proposal here:

Hello everyone!

After an unfortunate hiatus, I bring news of progress regarding the project. I am very excited about the direction and potential magnitude of the Near Amateur League (NAL).

I will share pictures of the paraphernalia for publicity and registration for the football competition. But first, let me highlight our progress in relatable bullets:

• Fliers, banners and jerseys have been designed. They (fliers and banners) will be ready for distribution in 3 days.

• Permission has been secured to use the lush Victory College Football grounds to host the games.

• A team of 3 has been constituted to assist with logistics.

Now, to the fliers and banners!

And jerseys!

The Near Amateur League is massive. Keep your fingers crossed and watch this space for photo and video updates leading up to the main event.

Near Football Viewing Centre

Development of the Viewing Centre will resume as soon as the League wraps up.

That concludes the first official update. I’ll see you in a few days.


PS: The jerseys do not come with football boots and socks. Please, be advised:grin:


Thumbs up!!!thumbs up!!!


Hello Everyone.

@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

While balancing my books, I noticed a serious oversight: My

is $500 short​:flushed:

I did not add in the

The correct Grand Total is $4964 and not $4464.

It would be great to have this rectified as soon as possible.

Apologies for any inconveniences.


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