[Approved] Proposal For Starting A Near Sports Engagement and Education Initiative [featuring Near Football Viewing Centre and The Near Amateur League]

Good evening! Could you please create a pool on Astro dao and tag Marketing DAO councils? Thank You.

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Thank you, @Dacha

Starting on it right away.

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Hello @marketingdao-council and @MktngDAO_Advisors

I appreciate the work you are doing and how must constantly be hard-pressed for time. I want to bring this proposal to your notice so you can vote as soon as it’s possible.

Thank you.




You need to create a poll, rather than a funds transfer.

See here:

Thanks @David_NEAR

I had seen @Dacha comment on Astro earlier, and since made corrections (over 9 hours ago).

Thanks again.


Hello @marketingdao-council

Hope everyone is doing okay.

Altogether, I have proposed 3 polls, two of which have expired without getting the requisite number of votes for a definitive action to be taken.

I’d be happy to know if anything is wrong. A feedback, an update… anything would be appreciated.

And if there’s a way I can be of help to ease the burden of work on anyone, I’d be happy to oblige.

Thanks @Dacha for your remarkable promptness.



If your proposal is approved on the forum, but timed out, please resubmit it to Astro.

Share the link to it in the comments of your thread and tag @marketingdao-council


Hello @David_NEAR

I have resubmitted a proposal on Astro. Here’s the link



Unfortunately, @marketingdao-council, the value of Near is now less than when I submitted my last poll proposal.

This means that I’ll have to submit another proposal reflecting the updated value, doesn’t it?

I fear that, between fluctuations in the value of Near and the time it takes for proposals to expire between council votes, I will have written 20 forlorn proposals​:sob::rofl::rofl::pleading_face:

On my way to Astro to submit another poll proposal, what do you say we rendezvous there?


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Good morning, Sorry, about it.

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Thanks, @Dacha

Another updated proposal.

I’ll let it rest after this.


Please do not submit a transfer, you can only submit polls.

I have mistakenly approved this, @marketingdao-council please reject this transfer. Thanks!

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Oh dear.

Sorry about the mistake @David_NEAR

I will correct the mistake.

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Hi, @David_NEAR

I have corrected the proposal.

Here: Astro

Thank you.


UPDATE ON PROJECT :man_dancing::man_dancing::gorilla::gorilla:

Please recall:

•We have secured 6 out of 10 teams. By the end of this week, all 10 teams should be complete and all the players added to the Near Amateur League Telegram group.

•Near Amateur League now has Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We’ll begin to work on populating the pages soon​:rocket:

•I’m not working alone. I now have a team of 5 people working with me to take the NAL beyond expectations.

•I have hung banners and shared fliers. The response is incredible.

*Pictures showing the banners and the fliers.



Thank you for your hard work. This poll could use your votes.
Les go :rocket::rocket:!

Hi @AugustKinge the proposal on Astro you have linked to is Duplicated therefore I would advise the @marketingdao-council to Reject or Abstain

There is another proposal that is being voted on now…

To avoid confusion please ensure that you only make ONE proposal. Many thanks


Hello @cryptocredit,

I value the hard work @marketingdao-council is doing. Well done.

However, if you followed this thread, you would see how I notified the council of the updates and revisions of my proposals based on the fluctuating value of Near.

I wrote several proposals, it is unfortunate that it’s the one that leaves me about $100 short that’s been approved.

Lastly, I wish I’d been notified on time not to proliferate proposals.

Again, I value your work. But I feel that prompt responses and guidance will go a long way to avoid confusion.


Hello @AugustKinge - while the Council is voting on the above Astro DAO poll, please complete the Google Form outlined in the New Payout Process so we can also get moving on having you pass through KYC. Thanks for your cooperation!

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A little help’s needed here, please @marketingdao-council.

The approved poll proposal above of 46N was made when Near was about $11 dollars. Now that the value is markedly different and 46N will be up to nearly $200 short of the requested $500, what do I do?

@Dacha @David_NEAR, a little help, please.

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