[CLOSED] near grassroot sports community in the month of march 2023


Hello NEAR family, I live in a community where from my observation its inhabited with vibrant youths and young adults who have the passion in sporting activities(table tennis, video games, basketball football), and football is the major sports which attracts the attention of the people in my community. And I intend to promote NEAR PROTOCOL in my community and neighboring communities through NEAR GRASSROOT SPORTS COMMUNITY.


Funding scheme: Bi-monthly

Seeing that the gaming platforms on NEAR has been doing great and requires more users, I seek to engage the youths within and around my community and at large through a sports event.


The sports event will for a start begin with a football competition featuring 8 teams of 6 players each. This shall be like a league where all teams play each other to have the team with highest points emerge as winner.

The essence of having this as a league tournament is to draw the attention of more spectators who via being fans of the teams, get involved in the activities of the competition.

The community shall have a (telegram, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and discord group) to engage both teams and fans in bounty activities around the NEAR ecosystem.

These activities after onboarding shall be such as quizzes, content contests, AMAs with winners, etc

This shall further into partnership with gaming platforms on NEAR to continue the process of onboarding and usage.



We choose a bi-monthly funding because sporting activities needs planning and proper implementation to get the right audience.

  1. Branded Jersey with NEAR logo for 8 Teams $500
  2. Renting of field for the tournament $250
  3. Trophy and medals for the finalist $100
  4. Footballs for the games $50
  5. Water and glucose $30
  6. First Aid kit $100
  7. Compensation for 3 match official throughout the tournament $300
  8. Logistic and others $70
  9. Awearness and live streaming on social media platforms and handles $250


  1. First Prize $200
  2. Second Prize $100
  3. Other individual awards(most goal scorer, most valuable player etc) $50

TOTAL $2,000

Wallet ID: vanny16.near

Metrics to measure success

  1. By end of first sporting events, we are able to a. Have 100 telegram active members all with NEAR wallets and engaging gaming platforms on NEAR
  2. Produce at least 3 educative materials on NEAR for community consumption

Thanks and hoping for your response.

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Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application

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Hello! Thank you for your proposal!

We need to work on the KPI’s. Let’s add 300 new Near.Social accounts, 300 registrations on Aurora +, and also we need to understand scripts for the educations videos. Thanks.

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@Dacha yes I can work ok the KPI’s and definitely achieve minimum of 300 new NEAR social accounts and registration.

For the educational videos will basically be in snipet and voice over in English language and also in the common native language ‘‘yoruba’’ for better understanding for the young people in my community. This educational materials includes

  1. A summary about NEAR PROTOCOL and it’s mission
  2. How to create and use near wallet
  3. How to buy and sell NEAR PROTOCOL though authorized exchanges
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@Dacha I have filled out the form

Hello, I advise you to add an incentive to such training for a potential active user, it’s not about money, but about the reason why he needs a Near wallet, for example, what he can learn in this ecosystem, what could be the benefit for him and why he needs $NEAR. In this case, the user can think and become more interested, thereby becoming an active user with an interest in the ecosystem, and not a person with one wallet more in his possession.

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Hi @vanny16 – thanks for the proposal. A few questions as I review this:

  • Can you share any past experience you have with the NEAR ecosystem?
  • Can you share past experience with organizing activities like the those you are proposing?
  • Who else is on your team?
  • How will this proposal achieve the KPIs outlined in the guidelines the MarketingDAO has in place?



@so608 thank you for your response…

  1. My experience with NEAR ecosystem has been awesome, because I have been privileged to follow and keep myself informed about NEAR most especially during the event in Lisbon. And my friend @Davidgrace_2 introduced me to NEAR and shared with me the potential of the NEAR ecosystem.

  2. Over the years i have been hosting successful spots events in my community and neighboring cuties which all all been a success. So I understand and have experience, it’s my niche when it comes to sporting events.

  3. Currently @Davidgrace_2 who is already an active member of the NEAR community and 2 other team members who one is a videographer and the other a blogger. I will have them sign up to near.org as soon as they come around this weekend.

  4. Young adults in our community are lovers of football (players and fans) so yes this project will be a talking point in my town and hundreds will be willing to onboard and become members of the NEAR ecosystem. This event add 300 new community members. The budget for the project is with the required funding, increased education through the educational materials I will make available and active wallets users is guaranteed

@Evangel thank you for the addition of course the award prizes and gifts serves as incentives. Although me and my team will be making provisions to support the incentives :relaxed:

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Thanks for your proposal,

At this stage, I do not support this proposal. Notes:

  • The proposal lacks a meaningful connection to NEAR or any of its strategic growth objectives.
  • Even if the project subject matter were eligible for funding, it would still be too early. Proposer has only provided a Telegram channel with four members in it as distribution channel and his personal twitter has 35 followers and little to no content about NEAR.
  • I also want to note that we have received multiple proposals to fund very similar type of events in the same region.

@satojandro the telegram is for my team members alone. That for the participants will be created before onboarding

@satojandro and for the twitter handle, NEAR GRASSROOT SPORTS COMMUNITY will have its own Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and tictok channels. And it’s from the event live and other contents will be gotten to post and engage followers and members of the community…

Hi @vanny16 thank you for your proposal.

Unfortunately i am unable to support as i dont see the value it will bring to the NEAR ecosystem.

i suggest you contine to work organically to grow your local community.

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@cryptocredit thanks for your feedback, however the event is more of working organically in my community. Because there is physical and one on one engagement with the people and player’s. There is a physical presence

Hi @vanny16 – thanks for answering my questions and those of the council.

We have a pretty narrow set of criteria for what we can fund these days, and this proposal doesn’t meet those from my point of view. It’s not personal – you sound like you re doing great things in your community and I don’t question your enthusiasm for NEAR. Some time back, perhaps a year+ ago, the Marketing DAO did experiment with funding some local, sports-driven initiatives similar to this, but our guidelines have changed since then to prioritize projects with the potential to bring more developers, projects and on-chain initiatives capable of reaching large numbers of people. In addition to that, with any initiative we fund, we typically ask for evidence of an existing audience via established social media and media channels before funding.

I encourage you to keep building in the ecosystem and being a part of the NEAR community in the future.

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