[REPORT] Project Online Comics for Parents and Educators


The three classes of the workshop is already on the Children of the DAO Youtube channel, along with the teaching material.
All the project’s video lessons were delivered to the video editor on May 12th, as you can see on the date in the drive folder. But unfortunately the professional (duOcelot) caught COVID-19 and needed to take several weeks off to recover.
For this reason, the first video was recently released on our YouTube channel, along with teaching material for parents and educators to use.

You can check out the first video lesson on this link

Second video lesson - making your comic strip

Third video lesson - transforme your comic strip into NFT

And the didactic material in this folder of the drive, which is also in the description of the video and available for all people who are interested and want to use it in their activities.

cartilha workshop tiras.pdf (2.5 MB)

Link to the project here.

Thank you very much

Children of The DAO