[Approved] Participation of Kalakendra DAO in Namastey NFT Metaverse Summit

Hey, @Klint @so608 @satojandro @cryptocredit, Last time we had a meeting with Ashwathy (Namsatey NFT), it was Told only a few Sponsorship Slots were left as the Event Approaches in 2 Weeks. Need Quick Action on this Proposal to make All Necessary Planning and Arrangement.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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=)) There’s NEAR India/NEAR NFT Club Group :eyes: Send them here and I’ll make sure to guide them :hugs: And please when you onboard anyone in India to NEAR,ask them to join NEAR India :wink:


Hey, @Kv9990 Am Really hoping to see you at the event. Also Am Happy to Redirect to the Near NFT Club as well as NEAR India.


Ok. Looking forward to seeing report. Thank you



We are absolutely on board with this idea. Would love to collaborate with you guys :slight_smile:


Do these collaborations change the proposal and funding request at all?

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i would say No, as we create a seperate proposal towards the event it is not necessary. Also of there is any surplus it will covered by the individual dao

Also, the event is scheduled on 14&15 of May. We need 2.5k for booking sponsor stall.

Request @marketingdao-council to take a quicker decision


This looks like a great proposal. I’m also attending the event on my own, would love to help and support you guys along with my team.


Hey guys @cryptocredit @satojandro @Klint @so608 @Dacha
Can you pls decide quickly over this proposal as the event is in 1 week. There is a lot to be planned. Especially with the express sponsorship for the event for all the daos and marketplaces in india .


we’re actively preparing our part of presenting NEAR on this Summit: metaverse stream as well as print and decoration for the NEAR booth and activities
but without @Monish016 proposal NEAR even won’t have a booth there :slight_smile:
we hope here approving will go also better and quicker, for common best results :pray:
more than 8 DAOs are going to manifest NEAR Community there, and for that we ask your support


Good evening, I support you guys :+1:


Hi I note that you need a decision quickly and was waiting to see a full response to @Dacha request for a report.

In the meantime I am happy to support your endeavors and now you need just one more council @satojandro @so608 @Klint to move to Poll


Pls Find it in here :slight_smile:

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Hey @Monish016 Happy to support this – you can post on Astro


Thank you @marketingdao-council

Astro Poll


[Report] Kalakendra DAO - Namastey NFT Metaverse Summit

Hello, fam

The Namastey NFT event was a huge success with active collaboration between GoaDAO, the Naksh team, and GraffitiDAO. We are thankful to GoaDAO for decorating the booth in a creative way and the Naksh team & GraffitiDAO for assisting us in explaining the NEAR Ecosystem.

Day 1:

We explained the NEAR Protocol to all the people and used NEAR Drop to create wallets. But the problem is people were not really intrigued by the idea of opening a new wallet & as they didn’t have a need & hence it didn’t interest them much.

Here are the stats from the NEAR Drop campaign:

Newly Created wallets: 29

Day 2:

From the lessons of Day 1 we were searching for a smoother & easier solution and that’s when we stumbled upon Satori. This is a brilliant tool and a huge shout-out to the Satori team. To the people who are enquiring about NEAR we just said we’d like to offer you a free NFT and make them create a NEAR wallet.
Here are some of the stats about the Satori campaign:

Total campaign visits: 307
Total NFTs minted: 100

No offense meant but Satori is much better than NEAR Drop if we are planning to onboard new users into the NEARverse. So the people who are planning to do physical events must look out for the Satori tool. We still used NEAR Drop but we showed them a unique link after the people had successfully opened a NEAR wallet. The reason for doing so is If we directly use NEAR Drop people are misusing it by claiming it in their existing accounts/creating fake accounts.

We also received an organic growth of our Social Media handles by upto 12%.

Key Learnings:

  • Satori Art is a good way to open wallets.
  • We should not ask the personal details like phone number/email for opening wallets
  • People love simple UI & that’s the reason many are liking the smooth wallet opening of NEAR.
  • Leveraging technologies like VR is one of the best ways to pull more crowds to the stall.
  • DAO to DAO collaboration is a good experience and teamwork really paid off well.


  • Namastey NFT has given a Way lot of opportunities to Unlock Kalakedra DAO Through Onboarding Various artists, developers, DAOs, and Blocktech Companies in India.

We understood NEAR Protocol needs a lot of exposure in India and Namastey NFT is the best way to start trigger of such an event


  • There is still a huge block for Rust Developers back in India, We convinced Various Developers to take Advantage of Building on NEAR Protocol.
  • Especially ashisingh. near, we helped onboard her to NCD certification after the Namastey NFT Event.


  • We collaborated with way lot of artists on other chains like Polygon, BNB, and WazirX to onboard them on NEAR.
  • We discussed with Architecture Students onboarding to web3 space with their 3D models
  • We Had conversations with Traditional artists on being into NEAR Ecosystem

Blocktech Companies

  • Gamepay - Discussion is inprogress in onboarding gamepay in Near ecosystem
  • AAO Blocktech - Discussion is inprogress in onboarding Dubai Based Sukuk Onchain Ecosystem on NEAR Protocol
  • GuardianLink - Collaboration Discussion held.
  • Vantr - NFT Marketplace built on polygon, would like to have it on NEAR

Other Companies Collaborated on Stall

  • Cykura
  • Filecoin
  • Fandefi

Thank you



Thanks for the report – glad to hear about Satori and how it can be used for live events!