[REPORT] Onboarding of university students and teachers

Hello everyone!

We share with you from NEAR Mexico, the amazing onboarding that we have carried out during the 2 weeks of:

September 5 - 9
September 12 - 16

The program was as follows:

September 5-9 - Around 6 talks were organized with students from the Caribbean University, calling teachers and students, in which we got around 172 attendees, to whom we explained:

  • blockchain
  • web3
  • PoW, PoS
  • NEAR
  • Wallets
  • tokens
  • Main characteristics of NEAR Protocol.

In the end, all attendees were asked to be shown how to create a near wallet, but also a video was shared where the process is recorded.

They had to send the wallet and they had to enter their data in a form where some of the wallets would be selected in the course of the following days with the idea that they would be funded to be able to place a name.

September 12-16. Although wallets were also funded between September 5-9. Most of the process and follow-up of the selected accounts was done during September 12-16 and they were also asked for support to indicate what types of workshops would be of interest to them for possible continuation talks.


  • 182 RSVP
  • 172 Assistans
  • 121 wallets created
  • 47 funded wallets
  • 6 onboarding meetings

Evidence(We only cover the emails in the pictures ):

After this,After this, we received a new invitation to do onboarding in part of the engineering school within this university and we have 5 more universities interested in taking the onboarding and other NEAR workshops. In our calculations we are thinking of almost 800 -1200 students willing to learn about NEAR to start designing projects. We are still waiting for the exact confirmation.

Thanks for the support:


Nice activity @josedlujan , as education is the core to changing everything, leading to mass adoption! :rocket:


This report is small part about all work in background for expand Near and all projects related :tada:


awesome work, congratulations!

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Hello @josedlujan

Great job. Thank you.
Could you please add photos with printed materials and audiovisual content you have created?

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Sure, I already ask for more photos. @mr_free

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Hi @mr_free I just edited the report, added 3 photos.
One is the banner, you can see it clearly, we only did 1 because of the tight budget, anyway we moved it every time we were going to start everything went well.

The flyers that we delivered nobody took photos of the papers, the team forgot to do it but I share the digital sample, we printed 2 flyers on 1 letter-size sheet and cut it, so from each sheet that we sent to print two came out, 600 were printed , an apology, I hope the omission is not a big problem.

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Hi @josedlujan

Great job. Thank you.

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Very well detailed report. Great work done. Thanks you for awesome job :green_heart:

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Wow, awesome You did a wonderful job.