[APPROVED] onboarding 50 music producers and artist from my social media leverage and a road side awareness

My name is BarRack I’m From Lagos highland Nigeria, Been part of the ecosystem platform for a couple months now. I’m a music producer and also a crypto savvy individual. A friend of mine introduced me to the ecosystem and I’d like the whole arrangements and idea around the ecosystem.

I’m new and enthusiastic about the Near protocol and I’m ready to use my skills as a music producer and my social media platforms to engage and onboard folks that are not aware of the ecosystem, with my Facebook page using a two pronged approach.

First : Online sensitization and awareness

I Would create a social media page that will actualize onboarding campaign for folks on facebook by these steps

Create a facebook page containing information about NEAR Protocol: how to identify with the ecosystem and how to create a Near Wallet.

Upload articles about NFTs, minting and the strides of the NEAR Protocol

Invite my active social friends to engage with the page and participate.

Upload personal videos explaining my foray within the ecosystem. Global interactions and benefits

The second approach is to create a three day awareness spot on a road side within my community. This would be executed by talking to the local authorities about renting out a space for the initiative. After all settlement have been down I would print a Large NEAR backdrop, mount a table for two of my colleagues with laptops for helping interested folks open Near wallets, play a pre recorded message that would advertise the cryptography leverage if joining the NEAR protocol and I myself holding a gramophone reiterating the message

Renting out a space from the beach resort : $60 estimate
Printing of large NEAR Backdrop: $40
Recording of looped NEAR advert message: $50
Making a large table with cover top of NEAR Merchandise and chairs : $60
Renting of Speakers and audio equipment for broadcast : $40
Printing of NEAR branded mugs as gifts for successfully onboarded individuals: $6 * 20= $120
Logistics and organizing :$70

Total: $440

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Heyo! Really like this proposal, the onboarding of artists would be great, i really mean it!

When it comes to the funding, i recommend you to follow this Guide.


Hey hey!

Due to the nature of this post, I’m moving the proposal to the NXM DAO - it’s music-focused and I think this would be right up their street.

Neat proposal, good luck!


Alright David , thanks I appreciate


This could also be a good fit for the activities of the Onboarding DAO. @Paul what do you think?


Indeed @vandal !

@BarRack please add “onboarding-dao” tag to your proposal, as Onboarding DAO team (@Symbolik and @NatalieCrue and me) will be reviewing this proposals in the fourth week of January!
Meanwhile, please join to our telegram group:


Alright Paul, I’ve done that already!

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Hi @BarRack , Good day! Thanks for such a nice proposal.
I am Zubair, One of the councils of Onboarding DAO.

This is a good approach to onboard new artists to the ecosystem. However I have some suggestions,

  • You mentioned you are a music producer so I assume you must be already having a Page, I’d suggest to use that for publishing content about NEAR & Crypto in general.

Reason is that you won’t be needing to start from the scratch. This will save time as you can start from the existing audience.

  • Love the planning on how you wish to onboard the artists. I’d add a point here to make music piece for NEAR and play that at the awareness event :raised_hands:



Hello @BarRack thank you for your initiative :vulcan_salute:

Please can you explain further about it, I wish we all can understand it better :wink:

I believe this is similar of what we have been doing with the Crypto Beer project, it is about helping Nearcomers to open their wallet and use it on the spot (buying a Beer).

In this sense, they were interested on testing / give it a try because of the Beer, have you think of minting some NFTs and gift them to the Nearcomers from your community ? In order to make them more interested.

How many people you will onboard being 3 days there ? 50 music producers ? Or turists from the Beach resort ?


Hi FritzWorm, thanks for the suggestion I’d really be glad to mint NFTs for the Nearcomers I’d be onboarding 50 artists from my social media pages facebook and instagram.

Alright thanks Zubair I’d do just as you suggest publishing Near content and starting with new audience on my social media page would’nt be a bad idea.

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[APPROVED] :white_check_mark:

Congrats, we will update you with the following steps :beers:


Congratulations on your approval! :tada:


Cool, Hoping for the successful execution. Congrats for the approval :innocent:. Please follow next steps according to new guidelines >> [New Process] Community Payouts


Hello !!! Everything going great ?

You are still going to host the onboarding event for 50 music producers ?

Here is the place to submit your proposal, please reply here on this post with your wallet


Please add the URL to the proposal on astrodao to this post


It’s not a full link. You can click and check - will open the page with all proposals.
I added the URL in my reply because I didn’t get it from you. It will be easier to check your report at the end of the month

Hello @BarRack .
We would like to get reports about how were spent the funds as soon as possible. Onboarding-DAO needs to collect all the reports and submit his own report and then request funding for the next period for the next projects.
Please create the topic/post with the report and please send the link in the reply to this message.
Thanks for understanding.

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