[REPORT] Onboarding DAO January 22 Report

Hey NEAR Folks!

Quick recap from Onboarding DAO about January activities:

  1. [REPORT] Symbolik on the Blockchain Report - Jan 2022

  2. [REPORT] January AMA Sessions by Onboarding DAO

  3. Onboarding grants
    Councils have reviewed multiple proposals and chosen the best ones, which are:
    a) Onboarding Campaign for Crypto-Music Enthusiasts in Victoria Island Lagos
    b) [APPROVED] onboarding 50 music producers and artist from my social media leverage and a road side awareness
    c) [Approved] Onboarding OWS and MV traders
    d) [APPROVED] Onboarding of university students in association with university authorities



From beginning of the February, Onboarding DAO is going to add new councils, which are @FritzWorm @zubairansari07 @kc_sollano @JohnX and @mr_free, as I’ll be stepping down with the end of the month.

NEARDROP Onboarding DAO Links

Onboarding DAO have excel file with 90 links per 0.1N for the newcomers. Links have been generated via NEARDROP tool, If you would like to use them please contact with the councils.

Important links:

1. Onboarding DAO on Astro

2. Telegram group

3. Twitter


Following your lead chief :cowboy_hat_face:


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