[REPORT] [ONGOING] onboarding 50 music producers and artist from my social media leverage and a road side awareness

OBJECTIVE: create Near wallets and educate prospects about the Near Blockchain
Planned Activities
3 activities was held for the enlightenment and outreach of the Near protocol to prospects as most of these people has no prior knowledge about the Blockchain,Web3 so its only right i kick start my onboarding event with sharing the knowledge i have about the Organization also i was able to remotely onboard some artist from my social media leverage by sending them a link to create an account.
The next activity was about teaching the newbies how to use and access their wallets and also teaching them on how to protect their seeds phrase and passwords in order for their wallets not to get compromise,
i was able to get 15Near wallets because those 15 were the active and enthusiastic ones that can learn fast and identify more with the ecosystem i don’t just want to be going around town creating Near wallets for people without them having any knowledge about it
so i will be creating 15 more wallets next month still with my current budget.

Wallets Created:















Subsequent wallets would be added to this list once the remaining prospects fully grasp the significance of the NEAR Protocol and how to engage with its dapps and defi extensions.


Hello ! Thanks for the report

We are waiting for pics, videos, anything related to the event :vulcan_salute:


OK it has actually been updated

it looks that the wallets didn’t complete registration, I mean it would be great to see the list human-readable wallets (username.near)
Also, I didn’t understand the activities you organized. was it webinars, zoom-meetings, AMA, IRL?

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Hi, Though you have onboarded and created new wallets but they need to be .near domain :blush:

It needs some improvement. Please also add details about activities done. Thanks!

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Hello @BarRack ,

When you will be able to clarify your report?
Could you clarify the wallets (username.near) you helped to create?
Where and when there were the activities?
According to your budget ([APPROVED] onboarding 50 music producers and artist from my social media leverage and a road side awareness)
Please share the photos (and audio) of
Printing of large NEAR Backdrop: $40
Recording of looped NEAR advert message: $50
Making a large table with cover top of NEAR Merchandise and chairs : $60
Printing of NEAR branded mugs as gifts for successfully onboarded individuals: $6 * 20= $120

Thank you