[Approved] Funding request for reddit ops April

Reddit Ops March Summary and April Funding

Project Name: Reddit Ops

Project Status: Continuous

Project Accounting: $5,000 USD

Updated Project Timeline: Continuous

Link to summary: [Report] Reddit Ops March Report -> Funding for April.

I didn’t understand this. Every proposal/Guild gets funding through poll based on the price of poll approval no matter on which day it got approved in the month.

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Hey, if my maths aren’t wrong 814 NEAR * $12.90 = $10,500

Are you asking for 2 months?, and even if that’s the case, there are $500 extra USD.


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Thanks for noticing this! Nice observation.

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Hey guys,

Best to just remove the NEAR equivalent for funding requests as it’s now converted at time of distribution by the finance team :tada:


Thanks David, edited.

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@marketingdao-council :+1:

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You mentioned in the report increasing removals of content – can you give some additional details how do you plan to shift your strategy to deal with that?

You mention external content often in the report – can you clarify what that means vs. reddit/subreddit content? Thanks!


Hey- I’m struggling to grasp what this project is about. Can you fill in details about the work being done and the allocation of funds?


Hi Klint!

We manage the r/nearprotocol subreddit and post about NEAR throughout Reddit, a uniquely crypto-friendly marketing platform for NEAR. We have historically secured funding through this DAO because we continuously grow the sub, share regular content, help projects market on reddit, and improve brand recognition for NEAR overall. For more specifics on our actions, you can go through the last year or so of monthly reports, and if you have specific questions we are happy to answer them through this thread.

  1. Posting on reddit is the marketing equivalent of storming Omaha beach. Many of our soldiers (posts) will get obliterated no matter what we do. Moderators on subs always have the upper hand, in that they can see our post history (mostly NEAR content) and can arbitrarily remove our content if they so much as suspect a hint of active marketing. With that in mind, we have always aimed to make our content as organic as possible. This coming month, we will be monitoring the content in each sub we post in to get a profile of hot posts that can be emulated with our content. In some circumstances, we find more success when we state our affiliation with NEAR up front, thereby removing the suspicion factor altogether. This month we will take this approach more often, trying to play the angle of an individual in a community who wants a broader community’s input. So to sum up - 1.) we are still going to get obliterated with removals, but hopefully less often, 2.) we are going to monitor and ape content 3.) we will simply disclose our affiliation.
  2. Internal means r/nearprotocol, external means the rest of reddit.

Hi @JosePerez – I do think a presence on Reddit is really important. I would strongly encourage you to use funding to produce organic content, make it quality and contribute to the Reddit community in the ways that are going to make your work the most viable and impactful. Each platform is different and has a different culture. I think we at the MarketingDAO are looking to you as the expert to come back after your next funding round and tell us what would take your activities to the next level that you see as possible.

For ongoing projects that have gotten funded for many months like yours has, I am looking for continued growth, improvement, learnings and up-leveling as you progress.

I can support this proposal for another month, but I do hope you will bring us your thinking on how to take this to the next stage of success when you come back with your report.

You do still need approval from at least two other members of the @marketingdao-council.


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Good morning, as you know recently we have launched a decentralized social media platform near. social. It’s kind of a Reddit channel, but with many web3 features (connection with the decentralized thewiki project, streaming service for Burrow cash app, etc). So, I propose to include work with near.social platform in the proposal (without changing rewards, $5k).

At the moment we have an alternative service like Flying Rhino, which can handle media platforms for $2000 (full service).

Hi @JosePerez I would echo the comments by @so608 and @Dacha and am prepared to support funding your activities for this month.

I think it is important to take onboard the suggestions and to reevaluate funding in the future to ensure that we achieve best results.

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@Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit

These comments are well taken. We will make a proposal for next month that reflects these feedback. Will you approve this proposal for our last month of work in the meantime? I would like to pay out our team for the work they have done. We will have our May proposal ready by the end of this week.

Good morning, yes.

Have a great day.

Hi @JosePerez ,

As you already got approved with your Funding Request for your Reddit Ops.

Do you planning to ever distribute the Rewards of the AMAs with Cheddar Team to the Community.

Been a really really long time and it was a very sloppy AMAs and we as @ConciergeTeam has to dealing with complaints everyday for the past 5 months.

cc @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


Hi Bailey,

I am not sure exactly what went wrong here, but I have the names of the recipients of the AMAs and will pay them out today. I think this is something that got lost in the confusion of our transition out of managing the AMAs. The payouts should be taken care of within the hour, if you have any complaints please don’t hesitate to send them my way. Sorry for any stress you have had to endure from my error.