[APPROVED] New CPU to start running testnet validator

amount: 35 marmaj

target: chloe.near

The Near Blockchain is moving to decentralize and offer more spots for nodes to validate the chain with chunk-only producers: Become a Validator on NEAR Protocol

In order to run a validator locally, the setup I currently have would have to meet the validator specifications: Hardware Requirements for Validator Node | NEAR Documentation

In order to upgrade the setup I currently run, I would like to request 35 $marmaj in order to buy and install this CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core/16-Thread Processor | Canada Computers & Electronics

By running a validator on the NEAR testnet, I will be able to work towards having the proficiency to run one on mainnet.


I am going to mark this proposal as [APPROVED]. You can proceed to request a payout from the DAO :slight_smile:



As well as a new CPU, other parts were needed as well. The full build came out to an additional $750, but the testnet node is now syncing! Hopefully no further issues.

$550 was for the additional parts (RAM, case, power-supply, motherboard) and $200 was for labour.

The above prices are in CAD and is around 39 $marmaj