[Weekly Report] marmaj Research DAO - starting Week 39 / 2022

On behalf of the marmaj Research DAO, this thread is meant to keep track of weekly updates & developments.

The marmaj Research DAO is currently managed solely by Chloe with the goal of progressive decentralization allowing for $marmaj token holders to support in governance once available. One of the core long term goals of the marmaj Research DAO is to support the web3 ecosystem, specifically the NEAR Protocol ecosystem, by developing systems by which a decentralized community can democratically & efficiently manage a validator.

Short term goal is to use the marmaj Research DAO to support research required to get set up running a validator on the NEAR Protocol network (Chunk Producer Node).


[Report for week 39]

Youtube Channel

Recently the marmaj Research DAO has taken over management of video content creation bounties (used to be supported by the marmaj DAO). This bounty adheres to the general Marma J Foundation (MJF) publication guide.

@chloe generally takes initiative by live streaming a topic onto the channel.

@Earnest comes in next and works to pull out useful content from the streams to create useful “highlight reels” which get added to their Highlight Reels Playlist on the MJF Youtube Channel.

Example past proposals from the marmaj Research DAO to fund Youtube video content creation.

Upcomming draft proposals: (n/a)


The marmaj Research DAO manages a multicall instance. This contract allows for complex logic to be assembled and then submitted as one DAO proposal to be aced upon (generally more complex logic would requite a multitude of proposals). Using this multicall instance, the marmaj Research DAO is interacting with DeFi platforms in the ecosystem to try and formulate useful flows for other DAOs to build upon.

Current integrations:

Network Level

With the support from ynot.near, @Monish016 (through KKD), and stakewars, the marmaj Research DAO may have an opportunity to run a CP node. Will know more as stakewars III updates are released.

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