[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild October plan for NEAR CON and Gen C promo

Hey marketing people and @marketingdao-council ,

This one DAO proposal is for NEAR CON and Gen C promo:
https://genc.win/ starts November 1st
https://nearcon.org/ starts October 26th

We have chosen these youtubers that after a general look in NEAR protocol will give loud voices for NEAR CON and Gen C.
Here are event Stars:

HOT Crypto News will perform a +10 min video review and post our info on 3 TG groups with +50k legit followers. Video gets +5k views and each group 15-20k impressions, so will divide promo content like his

In his video after a general look what is NEAR protocol he will ask to join NEAR Con and give idea about GEN C.

Telegram: Contact @clancryptos here will make news about NEAR CON
Telegram: Contact @cryptycent on this channel about GEN C
Telegram: Contact @bitbusters this one is taken by @AtharvaITSMYNE their Guild have an IDO launch in 1st november, so will get more details from him to share attention to their Guild project.

Professor Crypto https://www.youtube.com/c/ProfessorCrypto/
+25k views on average and will share us on his Telegram ( Telegram: Contact @ProfessorCryptoClassHQ ) for another 5k impressions.

In youtube video both pinned comments will mention NEAR CON and Gen C invites.

In total we want to get at least 30k views on videos about both events.
And get around 60k impressions on telegram groups.

Budget for youtubers (calculated on todays 7.5 USD per NEAR):
HOT Crypto News: 175 NEAR = 1300 USD
Professor Crypto 400 NEAR = 3000 USD

Promo bounty for NEAR Stars Guild per 2 videos 25x2=50 NEAR = 375 USD
and 3 telegram newsmaking posts 3x10=30 NEAR = 225 USD

In total for NEAR CON and Gen C promo for October: 4900 USD

Wallet starsguild.near owner is guild leader @Zhunda

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Can this one be approved faster by Marketing Council, would be great to make everything ran and posted till begining of next week before NEAR CON, GEN C and IDO starts? :grimacing:

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Hey @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Can i ask you to approve proposal and upvote this DAO ASAP?

This one is on fire cuz week is needed to create videos and TG posts in time till 26th, GEN C starts in first november so as @AtharvaITSMYNE airdrop contest:

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Hi @Zhunda just reviewing you posts now!

I understand the need to push for approval on this one asap.

I am happy to approve… what do you think guys? @marketingdao-council

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Good w/ me!

20 CHARACTERS MINIMUM :sweat_smile:

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Hey @marketingdao-council
Finished up with this proposal.
Here are the results:
Video from Hot Crypto News (my favorite)

Posts on telegram groups:

And the video from Professor Crypto:

No chances to post those on GEN C telegram or discord link is dead but will catch admins by email.

Looking at the bit.ly link clicks, their low still will wait a week for full impacts but yeah, as i see whole promo is more about PR rather than marketing. Still some great discussions in comment sections keeping up.

All the stats will be posted in guilds monthly report.

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