[Approved]NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ DAO creation and plan for December budgeting

Hey guys!

Awesome proposal, and it’s great to see :tada:

We’re not positioned to be funding marketing requests for valuations this high.

Can you please amend the funding request and bring it down to the $10,000 range?


10k? Why it wasn’t mentioned anywhere before. Ok, will submit November month 5900 NEAR as debt o be paid out.

Anyhow then i don’t see how Stars Guild can go then viral as planned. Since month by month budget will grow by 50%.

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @grace @satojandro @jcatnear

Give me ideas how we can move forward?
Should those be 5 proposals to get the needed funding? One for ambassador program, one for payouts or just ask funding for each youtuber that will take me half of week just to write proposals? And october sample showed that it voting can take up to 3 weeks and third of youtubers just ran away and we had to find new ones.

Or are there any other alternatives that you could recommend to get funding for DAO like grants or something similar?

We have the team that is eager to start their work and influencers that are ready are waiting content to be given for promo.

We assess every proposal individually. There has been a sharp uptick from previous proposals to this one, at almost $50k.

Debt to be paid out? We always say never conduct work until you get the funding for it.

We can still move forward with MarketingDAO funding, but not at a scale of almost $600k/year.

The whole proposal should be reduced by ~ 80% to the $10k range, ideally.

Nothing which is geared toward marketing at the moment I believe, no.

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Sorry 5900 USD.
Ok, will resubmit for the work that Yana, Steve and myself did.

Whole monthly proposal or it shoud be divided into 5 proposals to fill the needs of the guild?

Idk, each week NEAR announces that 100M grants are given but one guild work can’t be sponsored properly… Something is really wrong in system in whole.

Ah gotcha,

The whole proposal is fine, but you can’t divide it into 5 separate proposals to get $50k rather than 10.

We fund a tonne of guilds and initiatives from the Community Fund and beyond, if we award every one of them $50k each month it wouldn’t be a responsible distribution of NEAR. The MarketingDAO have a responsibility to make sure NEAR is distributed responsibly and as many individuals, guilds, and projects, have an opportunity to fulfil their marketing goals.

With the goal of becoming self sufficient in mind, why not suggest to projects that they can get subsidised marketing e.g they pay x amount and the MarketingDAO will fund the remaining x? Might be a good idea to prep for the future when there is no NEAR Foundation.

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Hi @Zhunda just caught up on the latest comments.

The situation with the Marketing DAO is that we have limited funds to distribute each month. Our focus is to provide support to as many projects as possible - often providing funding to start their activities.

In your case, we have seen solid growth in activities combined with increasing funding requests. You mentioned in a comment above that you have plans for the month by month budget to grow by 50%

Even if the marketing DAO had an unlimited budget it would be difficult to justify this kind of increase.

I would suggest you need to take another look at your plans and objectives for the next months. We will always look at every proposal and provide funds where possible.

Take note of @David_NEAR suggestion regards becoming self funding and providing subsidized marketing to others… this will be the model we will be encouraging in the future :wink:


Why so?

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit thank you for funding ideas, really great to see your support.
Anoher look for plans and objectives would be do same thing with same youtubers, skipping ambassador program, staying small as team and not letting new members to join the guild and do work for guild and NEAR in whole. Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

Guys i don’t blame you, you do manage a lot and give to NEAR probably 80h per week of your life.
You all see that NEAR is growing rapidly and shrinking budgets just stops the growth. Everyone understands it. It’s just that things should be done differently since now there are 130 guilds and its great, maybe half of them will die, and only fifth gives worthy results, and marketing councils (or any other DAO councils) idea is to find the fifth that gives fine results. Still you can’t find the fifth without giving chances to all.
I understand that you are no the decision makers about “lets double marketing budget next month” but i don’t know where to go to give this idea for NEAR creators.

Give me a sample how Stars Guild can become self funding? There isn’t any cuz it’s paid content generation in general. So idea for future would be that doing something for advertising NEAR i should find 50% of funding myself and rest will be subsidized?

If there were a 50% increase every month, it wouldn’t be long before the funding request were $1m per month :sweat_smile:

Whatever you decide, we’ll support you 100% - However, we aren’t in a position to drop $50k on funding for one month for one Guild, so would be awesome to see what you guys could do with circa $10k :100:

We discussed, in a call not so long ago, that Stars Guild would focus on providing influencer marketing for projects. You can become self funded, at least partially whilst it’s being bootstrapped by the NF, by charging the projects for marketing (but at a very discounted rate).


One and a half year. Tho would be great. My wish is to get budgeting for 500k for all creative projects.

Probably not much. Ill think.

So it’s not 10k for proposal it’s 10k per month?

How then to get bootstrapped by the NF? Who should i contact?

It’s not a hard figure, it’s a recommendation. We, as the MarketingDAO, are not in a position to distribute $50k to a Guild every month.

The funding from the MarketingDAO is the bootstrapping. I should have referred to the MarketingDAO, rather than NF.

For the below proposal, can you please outline the specifics of the funding:

Ok, thanks David. :pray:

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers and agents (educating them trough), crossworking with NEAR guilds.
@holuongduc Steve - OG of Stars Guild. Cooperates with Hidden GEM Team, writes articles and does SMM for them, gathers Vietnam influencers trough Ambassador program.
@agobanan Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter and our Telegram news feed, gathers fresh info about NEAR in whole on hot topics to be promoted.

David, btw, how does the Marketing council get fudning?
To whoom we migh catch up to finally get as independent guild?


Can you drop some tangible examples, please? Thanks!

From the NEAR Founcation - the Community Fund.

Keep an eye out for the new Guilds funding mechanics which are set to be shared here very soon :100:

Here they are:

review is finished, just need to add LJ Alves video there:

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Coolio, waiting for updates on those.

I feel that for December we will pause our activities to see when new mechanics will be given.

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Hey @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @grace @satojandro @jcatnear
When youll have some time to spare can you upvote or downvote November payouts for guild at

And i tried to remove wrong payout proposal, no chances for author to remove it.
Only council members can remove it, or who might be responisble person from Astro DAO to send this bug issue to get fixed? :thinking:

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This will be reviewed this week, 100%. We’ll either ignore or reject the incorrect proposal, all good there.

You can report it to the AstroDAO gang here:

Thank you David, ill reach them out. Thoght that it’s an adblock issue, but naah…