[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ 11 fresh youtuber promo for 3 amazing September projects and NEAR

Sunny day wishing to whole NEAR community from Stars Guild.
We want to get down with almost all fresh youtubers for September month plan. We want to go with 12 youtubers that cost lower or around 1k USD so new faces and new stories can be shared about NEAR protocol.
This month we want to give promo to 3 fresh projects from @Infinity , @gregerua and @Supercoolkay that are built on NEAR and two videos as direct promo from coolest youtubers. Here is the list with projects and Youtubers that will fit them perfectly:

Amber Metaverse


AMBER is a Metaverse and NFT game with a variety of battle modes in which NFTs are your digital property: characters, weapons, vehicles, real estate, land.

Amber will be promoted by:


In total youtuber has 42.2K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 306 video with average view count of 7k views. Think that will get from his review atleast 5k views for 800 USD.

Inspector Mindblow

  • In total youtuber has 62k subscribers, first video more then year ago, in total has 149 videos with average view count of 28k views asking for review 500 USD with planned 5k views to get*


*In total youtuber has 8.5k subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 143 video with average view count of 3k views. Think that will get from his review more then 1k views for 200 USD. *


ZomLand is a P2E nft collectible game on NEAR. Combined card gameplay, strategy of earning token, has own nft marketplace, already has collection listed on Paras. Most impactful and fast-growing game on NEAR since 2022.


Will be advertised by:

Crypto Botan

In total youtuber has 115k subscribers, in youtuber video creation for more than two years, in total has 300 videos with average view count of 15k views, waiting to get +30k views at least for 700 USD


In total youtuber has 30K subscribers, first video posted 9 months ago, in total has 58 videos with average view count of 16k views for 300 USD, so want to get from her first review for test

Crypto Life

He is a smaller one, tho, reviews are way really good. In total youtuber has 108K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 173 videos with average view count of 11k views but looking at past videos from WOTA will get about 12k views asking just 300 USD.


NFT Comminity of Nigeria that connects dozens of local artists. Want to give two youtubers for them for promo. Thid of content will be about Mintbase, rest more on showrooms and art presentation. Give some cheers for their team!


Advertised by:


In total youtuber has 84K subscribers, first video posted four years ago, in total has more than 1100 videos with average view count of 30k views, but due last YT algo changes last videos get arount 30k views. Good discount price of 400 USD.

Crypto Bull

In total youtuber has 51K subscribers, first video posted 3 years ago, in total has 480 videos with average view count of 7k views for 500 USD. Should get at about +6k views!

DeFi Whale

In total youtuber has 57K subscribers, first video posted few months ago, in total has 76 videos with average view count of 4k viewshope to get about 6k views on review. DeFi Whale asks for 350 USD per review after discount.

And some promo for NEAR protocol in general.
I don’t want to share these stars with NEAR projects for now. It’s dirt cheap and quality content that MUST be held as review for NEAR.

Ellio Trades Crypto

In total youtuber has 584K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 979 videos with average view count of 45k views for 1200 USD. He is one of the majors to get +50k views!
General review about NEAR protocol will be made with him. @Dacha will help me out with content planning, cuz with this one we want to get the most out if it.

Crypto Kotleta

*Youtuber has 25K subscribers, first video posted 9 months ago, in total has 276 videos with average view count of 8k. He does financial reviews, mostly for BTC, tho i do follow him and predicions are great. For 500 USD Kotleta agreed to make a graph review for NEAR token. It will be interesting for our NEAR Russian community and for his own subscribers that operate with huge ammounts finances, so some investors form his side will be more like interested into getting some NEAR coins.

So in total for Youtubers are asked 5750 USD

For Agent bounties per 10 BIG youtuber videos (reduced till 100 USD per video) those are 900 USD

Administration costs for guild management.

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers, projects and agents together, crossworking with NEAR guilds. - 1400 USD for taking 30 hours per week and taking care of big youtubers.

@Pug Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter https://twitter.com/NearStarsGuild and our Telegram news feed and tracks down NEAR product admins. As designer each month creates NFTs for cool givaways. Asking 600 USD for assistance.

Valuing admin talents for total 2000 USD

Also we want Miracle to create fresh 3 intro videos for each project 150 USD per video, here was a previous sample but this time with voice overs for 450 USD in total.

@Hsmoney and @boy.ivan will asist as agensts for youtubers.

Total budgeting:

Youtubers - 5750 USD

Agent Managing Bounties for 10 videos - 1000 USD

Miracles promo videos - 450 USD

Guild administration costs - 2000 USD

Thank you for Full Value Dan - 200 USD

Gleam.io - contest and subscription - 500 + 100 USD

TOTAL: 10’000 USD

Target wallet : starsguild.near

Wallet owner: Edgars Zunda

Past month contests went really well. So we will concentrate to continue those with NEAR projects that are listed.


  • We will make sure that #NEAR is in each video for greater SMM boost.
  • In description showed links to NEAR homepage, forum and social media channels.
  • Ask youtubers to give a shoutout to NEAR Forum or NEAR niche social media channels (if there are such) to squeeze most for visual, audio and engagement for viewers to join NEAR community.

@marketingdao-council if you got any recommendations, views that youtubers or NEAR projects should be changed or any other remarks, please let us know. Maybe i kept proposal again too laconic, so if any explanations needed, can describe certain points longer.

Got few HUGE youtubers in mind to give for upcoming months promo for NEAR. For some we will ask to make proposals by themselves, we will give assistance in leading trough processes and content creation. Maybe each month covering one huge youtuber cositing 2-3k USD from guild budget.


@Zhunda Very grateful for your support and help. It is invaluable for early-stage projects. We would love to discuss our project with each of the bloggers and give them as much fascinating and helpful information as possible.


Thanks Infinity, will try to get the most from gaming yotubers for Amber :sunglasses:

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Dear @marketingdao-council week ago Full Value Dan created a gorgeous review about NEAR and Aurora. Had long conversation with him about getting info about NEAR related topics, this is how it ended.

Video recieved great amount of feedback. Just want to donate to Dan 200 USD in NEAR for his effort, so added sum up to proposal. Hope it’s fine.

With other cool youtubers we are still in contacts, they want to create review about NEAR so ill share those vids on upcoming reports. If they are fine and good for NEAR reputation, a small portions of donations i might ask in future for their efforts.


hi @Zhunda

Appologies for the delay in processing your proposal

flagging @marketingdao-council to review ASAP

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Good morning, Edgar. I’m happy to support your proposal.

Please note that WAKA and Crypto Games received grants from Marketing DAO.


Hi @Zhunda – thanks for the proposal and I echo what cryptocredit said, sorry about the delay here in replying.

Do you have any metrics or details that you can share in this thread that demonstrate how the Stars Guild marketing initiatives via YouTube collabs is leading to more adoption of NEAR, active wallets, new devs to the ecosystem?

I think we are in a climate at the moment where we need to be able to very clearly tie MarketingDAO funding to increased adoption of NEAR through specific KPIs. Anything you can share to support that would be really helpful. Thanks!


Hi @Zhunda
Please respond to @so608’s questions about metrics/KPIs when you get a moment.

Thanks Dacha.
Nice, so Waka can roll on their own. Changed their project to Zomland Game as another interesting concept.
Nice to hear that it went all well with Crypto Games, changed him to Crypto Life,
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMJyzCeLC6yxiqoBBHQVhQg average youtuber, views are higher, asks bit more, tho certain % on his subs should become gamers. If cool, can remain him on spot.

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No worries for delays.

July months “call to action” was for youtubers to advertise NEAR forum in whole as a place where they can join communities, create own guilds and was all about “place to make money online” with their talents. We puted just links in description with 10-20 sec screenview of forum youtubers engaing them to join forum. How many joined, how many new devs came or wallets were creaed. Idk to be honest. I didn’t see a way how this can be mesured since no ref links can be created for such purpose. On Aurora had a proposal to make a givaway worth 500 USD, rules would be simple - Leave your CV on created post (or intro about past works), skills you would like to share with community or projects that you work on. Ask them to leave Aurora wallet in the end and get 5 USD sent to your wallet just for a post. @marketingdao-council if you think that kind of contest would be interesting, can make such on NEAR by October, would be fun to see and measure users flow.

And as for August, most concetration was on advertising NEAR CON, some vids are still created, so they will mention to find link in description to have a record on NEAR youtube channel. Tho, also no chance to make a ref link for that.

Maybe another thing about Devs that i didn’t mention. I know they are the main generator in adoption of web 3.0, tho when looking trough youtube for specific niche related accounts that are educating coding or tech part about blockchain, there are only few reputable channels in this sector. Great one is Corentin Eat The Blocks, tho 10k for educational video leading to our chosen pitch is a huge number. Anyhow, will take a look on Modash.io, maybe something new will show up for reasonable budget.

We had some contests with past project creators, ill drop them a message to see what are results, give me a day. Wallets were opened there with accounts to get prizes, so it’s not a campaign to open wallets, more like side result. Will drop some screens of preformance.

What you see should be september month Call to Action besides giveaways with contests?

Hey @marketingdao-council here is data from past project contest results.
World of Abyss - small youtubers didn’t bring much new game players, Procent did the most just with 3k views on video. Other youtubers were already inside NEAR community, so for their fans looked like making reviews to almost same audiance.
In total givaway https://gleam.io/jnWq3/world-of-the-abyss-giveaway-quest is sharing inner game drops like inner coins and some NEAR coins. As non player looking from aside game review gives the first boost, so if im into i would join the game and then fill the tasks, so that’s for a certain group of people made. Givaway tasks are well written, so Ilya told that atleast 150 new gamers were brought, tho, besides our youtubers they used also own SM channels to advertise. Result is average, they were hoping to get way more new players. Tho, videos will remain and people scrolling youtube or looking keywords like “wota game review” will be more trusted to game, and thats another task that Stars Guild hangs on in long term. Don’t want to drop all the secrets, as for them with SG they tested influencer content creation and will move on to next type of advertising to see if it will be more effective. I do understand them and support by 100% that they need to test out also new markets.

Spin.fi - waiting for big youtubers to post their videos as same as Raiz farms.

Multiverse Fighters - we went for the numbers of views asking to create reviews to general crypto audiance, not so close to crypto gaming. And yeah, as Alex said, contest didn’t went well, jsut already known users with wallet id’s joined it.

Maybe prizes should be mentioned in form too, not only in video and it’s description. Here were played out armour and similar parts as NFTs.
IMHO, looking at past results i see that cash prizes convert better as a good sample with BlueBit we had with 40k of submissions, yes, most of them are one time bounty hunters, still, if even 10% remain not selling coins but at least staking them, it’s a win.

What can be done from our side to increase these numbers:

  • Concentrate more on niche youtubers.
  • Ask projects to share some NEAR coins for givaways.
  • As for NEAR community some bounty would be cool to persude new people to join NEAR gang.

As from Stars Guild there are 2 marketing campaigns i would like to update and test out.

  1. As mentioned in previous post to create a flow of “working talents” let them have 5 USD in NEAR for leaving details about themselves, fields of interest and make it as “welcome” post scrapping info how they can make money on NEAR.
  2. As WOTA did, use gleam.io to sign them up for certain micro tasks - subscribe to NEAR channels, register on forum, drop an article to get extra points, create a NEAR wallet etc.

In both of these as @Klint mentioned results can be measured.

Let me know if you like first or second one, i would try both of them by current proposal and October proposal to see which preforms better and then update and get the most on a way.

Team, if you agree, ill make small changes to current proposal and looking forward in trying something different. ))

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Hey @zhunda – I like both of your current ideas for new experiments. They are trackable with KPIs and also novel, interesting approaches to bringing new people into the ecosystem. Possible to update the proposal with those as activities/initiatives for the next funding round – but keeping funding to what you already have here?

Lets do it on this round!
Have updated with Glem.io subscription and 500 USD in NEAR as bounty for people to make tasks for NEAR.

Now budget looks like this:
Youtubers - 5750 USD
Agent Managing Bounties for 10 videos - 1000 USD
Miracles promo videos - 450 USD
Guild administration costs - 2000 USD
Thank you for Full Value Dan - 200 USD
Gleam.io - contest and subscription - 500 + 100 USD
TOTAL: 10’000 USD

Have removed Crypton from list, he still owns us one video, said that will finish up by October.

For October we can go with forum post contest to gather new talents.

And another idea @Pug dropped me about creation of a quizz with questionaries with some good impact. So can try it for November.

After can reevaluate all contests that were made, stick to most preforming one and stay on it.

Thankd for being patient and willing to review and adapt.

I am willing to support for another month.

Let’s keep reviewing the strategy.

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Also willing to support. Now moving to Approved

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Agree – thanks for being receptive to the feedback and updating the proposal. I am willing to support for another month. That said, I want to be transparent that the support this month is not a guarantee we can continue to fund at the same level on an ongoing basis without some additional evidence via KPIs of results for the ecosystem. Nothing personal, but a big focus of the MarketingDAO initiatives post NEARCON right now is to make the line between funding and results clearer than ever.

Feel free to reach out directly to the DAO council members discuss further.

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Thank you @marketingdao-council
Always into measuring the success of whole campaigns!

In a week or two will create proposal for october with strategy to bring new talents on NEAR. Just will think trough how to process campaign without spaming out forum from new user side.