[Approved] Near Musical fest x KM28 July 2022

This will be my first official event here on NxM and i take this upon myself to make this event a memorable one.

Km 28 is a popular lounge, hotel and event center located in lekki area of lagos, some month back i had one amazing performance there at Km28 with my crew and it was really amazing.

so after that I approached the manager and told him about NxM and how impactful it will be to collaborate with us and throw a big event inviting some popular faces, he loved the idea and gave me a thumbs up and ever since we’ve been planning and working closely on how to come about this great idea of mine, the manager himself is inviting two confirmed A list artist for this event. Everything is already in place, We’ve been planning this event for about 3 months now and i strongly believe this event will bring about positive remarks and energy in and out of this community. As you all know Am Wizprince an afro beat singer, vocalist and song writer surrounded by music minded creatives.

Nxm Musical fest is gonna be an open door event in the city of lagos, We gonna be having some popular artist, alongside the upcoming ones performing on that day, top notch performances, Dj freestyles, near awareness and so much more, massive broadcast and promotional hype will be carried on before the show, i got friends working at some various radio station I’ll have them announce this show before the event day so as to create massive awareness.


  • This event will promote the use of web3 technology,

  • expand the near community as lot of audiences will create new wallet to purchase ticket. (Promote the use of the wallet)

  • Awareness about NearHub, Mintbase, and other opportunities around NFTs

  • And also this event will bring about good relationship between our community and km 28 at large for future event purposes, contact has also been made with some big artist Already and their availability is rest assured.


  • Capacity to receive over 100 audiences and more

  • Tickets to this event will be sold as NFT (Any audience purchasing tickets must use his or her Near Wallet / Credit Card

  • 12 performing artist in total
    One among the performers from this community is @larkim

  • Date is on the 29th of July 2022

  • Venue: KM28 Auditorium


  • We’ll have the tickets :tickets: to this event minted as NFT so audiences can purchase it using their near wallet / credit card,

  • During our sponsored ads and promotions, A generated Neardrop link will be attached through which audiences can create a near wallet and purchase the ticket themselves.

This link will be loaded with gas fees for initial transactions. (ie Simply follow the link and then click “CLAIM WITH NEW ACCOUNT”)

  • A crew have been organized by me already to enable smooth running of all the necessary amenities and coordination of this event.

After a successful meeting with the crew members the event date have been agreed upon to hold on the 29th of July 2022


When guest arrive at the event there will be a QR code at the entrance to scan all purchased tickets.

Total Requested Amount

993$ in NEAR




Here is the breakdown of the estimated budget:

Km28 offered their event hall to us for free, so we aren’t paying a dime to rent an event hall.

  • Electricals, light, decorations, smoke and projector , QR device for ticket confirmation — 153$ In near

  • Wallet activation for Audiences (gas fee) 0.1 each (11 Near) — 45$ in near

  • Promotion and Online Ads with link proof on (instagram, Facebook, and twitter 30$ each ) — 90$ In near

  • Near Banner, flier’s, artworks and painting for confirmation —

  • Banner 1.8m 50$

  • Fliers 100 copies 20$

  • Artworks ( Artwork confirmation for all artists) 50$ in near, Total is 120$ in Near

  • MC ( master of this ceremony) 50$

  • DJ ( Everything relating to sound) 70$

  • Near quality T-shirts and face cap for crew members and some major performers ( the t-shirt and caps will be mandatory for them to put on. (12 pieces and caps 10$ each ) — 120$ in near

  • Video coverage and photo works to be minted as NFT ( highlighting all artist performances and behind the scenes) — Camera men 80$ In near

  • Artist booking and reservations ( we have gotten in touch with artist like sey byth already, ( he’s a popular singer here in lagos Nigeria, with the help of km28 he’s presence is guaranteed. So he’s hospitality and other artist big artist performing will cost ( including hotel reservations and all)

  • 50$ each for the two Top singers (Hospitality)

  • 45$ for all other performing artist - (Hospitality) Total of 145$ in near

  • Payment of ushers and utility workers — 75$ In near.

  • (4 ushers and one VIP guest attendee 15$ each in total of 75$ in near)

  • Security (3 bouncers) 15$ each total of 45$ in near

With no doubts our community stands to gain a massive publicity from this particular event, one of the factor that promote good music is publicity and as a member of this community it’s upon us to bring beneficial ideas like this to promote our community.

After a successful event which is assured, km28 will hopefully love to partner with us anytime the need arises and that’s my aim here because km28 on the other hand is a music label on it own, event planners and all, a collaboration with such a big establishment is a plus to our community.

On the other hand, I’ve been working with a popular music producer (Blazebeat) for a while now And from my end personally after this event, I’ll be recording an addictive afro beat song (fully mixed and mastered) to be minted as NFT also.

I remain a loyal member of this community and ready to give my all for the good interest of our community so therefore any miscellaneous expenses that may arise will be gladly sorted out by me.

I’m gladly open to answer further questions and observations,

Saying a big thank you to the council members @Monish016 @Paul @nullzero @vandal @zeitwarp @Grace @williamx and the entire ecosystem for giving me this opportunity to explore my innovative ideas.




Hey @wizprince1
We’re happy to approve your proposal!

Before we will move forward, could you please deliver to us and to NxM Social Media Team your promotional materials for the event?

Once you will do it, please feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

cc @bonepolice @rhymetaylor @Monish016 @williamx


Wow…Thank you :blush::blush: @Paul @Monish016 @williamx @Sleezy_Moss

I’ll make you all proud of this.

This Ad will be officially sponsored on Instagram, and Facebook, targeting mostly that particular event location (so it can be feasible for audiences to attend)

I’ll have a popular infulencer like (Irunnia) here in Lagos, tweet about this event,


Afterwards I’ll be running a (SpacePromotion) where listeners Retweet’s contents massively. I’ll have listeners on the space RT the show cover art in large numbers.

KM28 will also promote this in their own way

Aside that my friends helping out to announce on Their radio fm.

It’s definitely gonna be a massive PR.


Near Music Fest Reports NxM

Greetings to all the council members, and the entire ecosystem at large…

Approved Project: Near Musical Fest x KM28
Amount: 993$ in Near

Date: 29th july 2022
Venue: KM28

Near Music Fest was a great success and huge achievements for all of us

During this event planning, (tickets minting and wallet creation ) I noticed a lot of people have no idea about cryptocurrency but however i was able to induct them properly by providing a tutorial video to guide them through the process, which amounted to a great success…

I was able to activate a total of 100 new near wallet, using my personal generated neardrop link…
Here are some proofs :point_down:

Sponsored ads

My Social media promotion was a massive one, with my music promotional ideas i was able to promote my event to the desired goal… we got several messages and engagements from the promo tools, with the help of our NxM social media support our aim was fully achieved…

Here are some link proof…

However i also sponsored some WhatsApp TV promotion where we reached out to more than 8,000 viewers too.


I was able to sell a total of 50 minted tickets on mintbase,
Considering the fact this event is the first official NxM ticketing event… I’m proud to say it’s a massive sale for us, i was totally impressed with the promo strategy and sales we recoverd.

At the event entrance we made sure all tickets were properly checked before entry…


*100 new wallet created,

*50tickets sold on mint base,

*Km28 where fully impressed and vouched to work with NxM as soon as the need arises

*improved near awareness and mintbase awareness to the general Public and audiences

*Audiences where Enquiring on how to buy near coin and partner with us…

*Web3 technology awareness

I.e here are some positive impacts and feedbacks after the event


we had a total of 91 attendees,
53 attendees were legitimate for the show via ticket, after some hours of performance and activities we also allowed other audiences to join in at the regular spot.

Among the audiences is K-igwe a popular known businessman in that area, he was impressed and also had a perfect time coming to our event…

(Link video and pictures )


This event majorly lasted for 5hr - 30min (8pm - 1:30am)
And normal dj freestyle went on till 3am


All highlighted performances and photoworks of the event have been minted in the NxM store
( links )

I have also minted the mp3 song i promised to dedicate to the NxM community with 10% additional split revenue and Forever Royalties allocated to NxM

Here is the link :point_down:

we had total of 12 performances

Sexy masquerade (Dancer)
Tiger ( singer )
Davidnice ( Singer ) NxM
BaddermanNero ( BMG Records )
Tinny ( Hypman and singer) BMG records
Sey byth ( Singer )
Blazebeat ( Singer and Producer)
DJ CharleyCharles ( Dj freestyler ) NxM
Tory ( singer)
Kennythetalker ( spokenword artist )
WizPrince ( my performance)
Akwabaa ( singer )

This is a great success for the NxM community, having more events like this in our community is our utmost desires, i remain a loyal member of NxM community once again saying a big thank you to all the council members for their support and guidance throughout the processes.

@Monish016 @Paul @bonepolice @williamx @vandal @rhymetaylor




Impressive Show and report, @wizprince1!

Well done.

Could you please give access to view the files?

Great stuff again.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


@AugustKinge Access granted :blush::blush:

Thank you :blush:

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Thank you @wizprince1



Nice one there. This is very impressive i must say.

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Thank you brother :blush: :pray:t6::pray:t6: @Romanus

@williamx @Paul @rhymetaylor @Monish016

Some rented equipments and some services renderd need to be paid for as soon as possible…


Pay out requested waiting for your approvals

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Hi @wizprince1, saw some more pictures on TG, great event so far, I wish I was there ahah!!


Wow, Thanks for your support @williamx

I wish you were here too :blush::blush:

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