[Approved] NEAR Hub Social Media Coordinator - September-October-November-December 2022

Project Name: NEAR Hub

DAO address: nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near

DAO Council members:




Hello @marketingdao-council,

NEAR Hub has been growing and to properly affirm our place as NEAR’s Metaverse, we need your assistance!

Firstly, a bit of background:

NEAR Hub was founded in 2021 and has since partnered with over 25 NEAR-based projects for custom build metaverse experiences and home to over 80 NEAR community events.

Now, NEAR Hub is poised to become NEAR’s go-to metaverse, connecting everyone in the ecosystem through experiences such as community gatherings to NFT galleries, and all while attracting aspiring students to film enthusiasts and first time users curious about web3. Current features include: token-gated experiences, NEAR wallet login, virtual phone, avatar generator, built-in 3D experience builder, and all with VR and mobile compatibility.

However, we have developed a key problem:

While NEAR Hub has been growing and developing exciting new features, we have reached a block when it comes to managing our social channels and awareness-raising. Meaning, we find ourselves not reaching our full user and engagement potential throughout the NEAR ecosystem.

Since there is no in-team capacity at present to take on this responsibility we have sought to hire a Social Media Coordinator. We are looking for funding for this individual for the next three months. We are working to have more solid core funding for staffing following December.

The responsibilities for this Social Media Coordinator would be:

  • Content creation and scheduling for upcoming projects, partnership/build/feature announcements, and events
  • Content creation and scheduling for evergreen socials content related to NEAR Hub features, builds, mission & values, and the founders & team
  • Social media strategy:
    • developing a main focus areas for each social media platform and voice (Twitter, Instagram, Forum, Telegram)
    • target market articulation for each social platform & specific campaigns
    • giveaways and contesting creation and hosting
    • preferred hashtag usage and posting schedule
  • Taking lead on graphics creation to accompany social posts
  • Creating bios for the founders and team

Metrics for this individual:

The targets for this Social Media Coordinator, will be the following:

  • 300% increase in NEAR Hub Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram followers/group members
  • 200% increase in weekly engagement (likes, replies/comments, retweet/reshare/quote tweets) on NEAR Hub Twitter and Instagram posts
  • Increase in weekly posting across all socials resulting in min. 4 times/week posting schedule
  • Weekly social media activity reports presented to leadership
  • Monthly Forum posts detailing new development features, partnerships, and events

Reporting structure:

The new Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for posting a monthly report here on the Forum for the next three months to showcase their progress on their metrics achievement.

Budget/Financial Ask:

We’ve already identified a candidate for this role and are in the process of onboarding them.

In order to retain them for September, October, November, and December, we are requesting from the Marketing DAO a total of USD 4,000 to be paid in USN (USD $1,000/month at 20-30 hours/week) to nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near. This rate has been chosen to be competitive and to also match local wage expectations for the individual.

Please let us know if any elaboration is required on any part of this proposal and if there are any questions/concerns! Looking forward to sharing more succinctly and regularly about everything NEAR Hub is up to soon.


Good morning, does it related to Near Hub ? I see you’re a council in the DAO.

This has absolutely nothing to do with ADAM 4 Artists request. I’m sure many members of Near are in multiple DAOs. My affiliation as a board member with NearHub is based purely on my marketing expertise.

Our ADAM 4 Artists outstanding request is a standalone project based primarily on a desire to grow our client base and bring them onto Web3 via Near. We discussed having our Marketing manager help with their discord. But the carve-out in our request for that still goes to cover her time spent on other activities related exclusively to driving clients onto Near through our own marketing efforts.

So no… we are ABSOLUTELY NOT double-dipping. They are their own platform and we (ADAM) are not part of their plans on this request.

Allow me to say this. I understand that all funding requests may not have netted the results desired by MarkeingDAO, however ADAM has not been given a chance to execute based on our request, yet it feels as though we are being unduly targeted based on the above. Please understand that we are a business and we take what we do EXTREMELY seriously. More important than any funding we seek is our reputation. We have delivered on every single partnership within Near since we have joined the protocol.

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Ok, thank you. Yes, sure, I am a council in Community DAO as well.

Share your social networks to get acquainted with your work. You indicate the percentage ratio, could you indicate the amount not as a percentage, but with real facts? How many social networks will the new employee oversee?
Thx :blush:


hi, i would like you to share your iNSTAGRAM, twitter and telegram profile too @pathfinder

Hi @Dacha and @Plufix,

Hope your days are treating you well.

@plufix thank you for bringing that to my attention.

As you can see we can really use help on that front.

The correct invite link is discord.gg/nearhub would be great to have you join our journey.

@Dacha I completely agree with you that the past discord growth was less than ideal.

To date NEAR Hub has not directly requested marketing funding.

Initially when NEAR Hub launched the Flying Rhino was handling our social media. They were handling Twitter and Facebook primarily. This was due to our discord server not being used other than for internal communications and at the time having just a couple handfuls of people. We brought in some help to help us grow the server as well as building in proper security, and to connect bots, one to link discord to NEAR Hub mirroring the conversation in both chats, a RPG game on the server and community space for projects on NEAR Hub and some for prize registration and distribution.

The team we brought on was a team of 4 people (1 discord developer, 1 writing and editing post letters and client summaries, 2 for moderation) that all shared $500 per week, we had a 3 month agreement for.

March turned out to be the last month Flying Rhino costs were covered by NF for us and we had previously committed our marketing budget to discord. Which left us having a good discord server without a proper mechanism to guide new people to it.

NEAR Hub has been an on ramp for many projects and new users to the NEAR ecosystem. We have attended conventions to represent NEAR (San Diego NFT CON, NFT Expoverse LA, and super excited for NEARCON), As well as hosting live 360 video MMA sporting and concert events with I Feel Virtual, ANIMAZE Anime Film Festival will be hosting a virtual component coming soon to NEAR Hub. We have built classrooms for the NEAR Certified Creators classes that are focused to help onboard new people to web3.

NEAR Hub has been a home to community meetings, Virtual offices, a free white board app for the community to use and collaborate on draw.nearhub.online, Private peer to peer communications, currently free for the community to use at talk.nearhub.online, to our AI text to image generator we have been leaving on testnet for people to create their imaginations genft.nearhub.club. New updated model will hopefully be live to test out at NEARCON. Little sneak peak of some of the images the new model will create:

This one was the ai picturing NEARCON

Now that we have all the parts in place we need to let the world know everything we have been building. We could use some marketing assistance. The past was not as fruitful as we would have liked to get people to our discord. However we went from 1700 to over 6000 registered users on NEAR Hub (March - now).

The Social media coordinator we are planning to bring on previously has worked for me in the past as a manager at my old night club. He’s a very organised, self motivated professional and was great at the logistics of our social media as well as client relations.

@stalking Thank you for noticing that.

Twitter stats: @NEARHub_online

Followers: 2150 aim to push it above 7000 followers

profile visits little over 8000 profile views currently will get that up 3-4x

Facebook: NEAR Hub Online

Is currently sitting under 100 likes/followers with regular content I am sure we can get that above the % quoted above.

Instagram has not been launched yet, very confident in the 300% increase here :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the information and great job. Near HUB is one of the pivotal projects in our Ecosystem. Happy to support.


Thank you for the detailed answer and your time. Your statistics and goals for the future are impressive. I hope you will attract many new people to the Near ecosystem.
Thx :blush:


Hi @jefedeoro

As stated previously, NearHub appears to have the makings of a strong project.

I think you guys might have better luck with either direct outreach for getting projects onboarded and then running influencer marketing and User Generated Content (UGC) around the most popular use-case.

Hit me up at Nearcon I’ll sit with you guys for an hour and to help out.

It’s an interesting project, there is a need, and the deliverables are there. You have my support.


Thanks for the detailed proposal and explanations. I really enjoy learning more about NEARHUB, seeing it evolve over time and being able to support it.

I support this proposal. Moving it to approved; you can proceed with the AstroDAO Poll. After AstroDAO poll has passed, you can submit a form for payout to the NEAR Foundation